At home, you can also send baby to baby.

With the rapid growth of the baby, many parents have a haircut problem like Xiaobian. It has become a factor that had to overcome in a life. When the child falls, some children are accompanied by a black hair, they can only say that modern people are too understandable. Nutrition is matched. Especially the baby born in the summer, every time you drink is full of sweat, plus daily metabolism can be cleared to the baby and Bao Ma will reducing a lot of burden. Basic 20, the baby’s hair is long, every time you send a store fee, it is still laborious, and the baby who has a hair dye in the store to adults, the air, which has the chemical ingredients, is really bad for that small babies. How do you give your baby a haircut? Xiaobian is doing this at home:


First, first prepare the haircut, choose the hairdresser for ultra-quiet baby, check if the power is sufficient, whether the matching gear is correct, then give the baby waterproof cloth, minimize the cut hair to the body.

Second, it is best to get the weather is better, when the light is strong, when the baby is asleep, the baby is avoided, and the other person hugs the baby to match the hair, start the haircut, let the hairdressing handle slightly touch the baby’s head Ministry, let the baby adapt to the vibration of the hairdresser.

Third, learn the hairdresser, along the direction of the baby’s head, reverse shaving with a hairdresser, first learn the light head, let the baby get used to adapt to the hairculator, as for the hairstyle can be used to assist in individuality through some pattern props Shape.

Fourth, after shaving, apply some talcum powder to the head, there is no shaving position, and finally make your baby shampoo and bathe.


A shake baby has been in kindergarten, and a simple haircut is a few years of hairdressing experience. Bar!

Grand Baby Rulerator, using a 130-degree angle design without hair, no card is sent to the baby haircut and safer, intimate thickened blade investment is more safe and durable, ceramic to head design makes the haircut easier.

Super quiet baby charge hair cutler

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Patent German Sakurane can never clip the baby’s haircut and safer, high-grade waterproof and mute production, and let the baby go to the water, so that the baby is asleep.

Super Silent Waterproof Baby Rulerator


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Panasonic smart haircut is suitable for adult children’s use, round blade and hair comb design, with a safe distance between the blade and the skin, so that you can use more safe and secure, adjustable combinary comb. Adjust the length.

Charging children’s hairculator


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Fei Ke charging system professional-grade smart power display, its body self-tuning design

Baby mute electric generner


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This is a US Babycare infant hammer, and its ceramic blade is closely fitted with stainless steel blades, and the mutual grinding angle design makes it unkno to the hair and is safer and effective.

Super quiet waterproof rechargeable household baby electric push shear

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Pentium children’s hairculator, whose stickers and face angles are R-type blunt angles design, and they do not need to worry about safety issues at the same time.

Charging baby mute shaver

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