The most horrible one in the ghost blowing lamp, the super “hard core” drama, there is no bad review on the entire network?

Sir did not expect any drama to be urged so anxious.

Since last summer, it has been urged to the present.

Fans almost thought it was going to be missing.

“Yunnan Worm Valley”

Super high expectations are not unreasonable.



Before the glory.

“Longling Mats” relies on accurate casting and solid restoration of the original work to fill the fans’ goodwill, Douban score 8.2.

This is also the highest score since the film and television adaptation of “Ghost Blowing Lantern”.



Stabilize the iron triangle.


Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, and Jiang Chao, dare not say that everyone is the best candidate, but their combination atmosphere is the best.

And because the copyright of “Ghost Blowing Lantern” was scattered, the previous protagonist had just set up a Taiwan team, and immediately dispersed again.

This time, the three -person group came out of the original class, and finally could be in the play.

at last,

It is “Yunnan Worm Valley” itself.

In the original book, the highest voice.

What is the effect now?

SIR finished the first seven episodes for the first time

No white wait.

I only hate this team and did not shoot the first few.


Even if “Yunnan Worm Valley” is not your favorite one in “Ghost Blowing Lantern”.

Also admit that this is

Most people


In this book, the author combines the witch culture in the southwestern region and exerts the thriller elements and imagination to the extreme.


SIR excerpts several paragraphs.

Your product, carefully.

Description of “dead drift”:

…… Plant these crickets or slaves in the uterus to “quote”. When they produce, they first break the female slaves to break their limbs and hold back. The burning hot pine fat, or the boiling tree gum, was poured alive on the female slave, and together with the “egg” behind her, made a transparent “amber”. After the cooling, the surface is covered with spells, which is equivalent to the fear, sadness, hatred, and curse when the female slaves die.

The plot without watching:

… Suddenly listening to a slight sound under his feet, he was busy lowering the wolf’s eyes, and saw that the fat man was facing me, lying in the dry corpse of the corner of the ancient tomb, what the light of the flashlight was unknowingly. I didn’t dare to start to alarm him, and stomped around him to the front, only to find out that the original

The fat man is holding a wax corpse in a slap …

I raised my legs and stopped his two arms, gone out his strength, pinched his big face with his left hand, opened his mouth, and immediately made a gloomy laugh in his mouth.

Not only the traditional songs such as dumplings, monsters, and underground agencies in the entire series, but also new elements such as witchcraft, tadpoles, drifts, prehistoric creatures.

Fans of “Yunnan Worm Valley” have always had two concerns:

Can you shoot it?

Can you broadcast it?

After a few episodes, Sir was basically relieved.

The strange atmosphere of the gloomy atmosphere has been reserved, and the restoration of the original work is also accurate.

The preliminary scenes of the premature venues such as the seasons such as the dragon landscape cave, the bee bee, the people, the ghost signal, the carving, and the blood coffin have all appeared.

Especially for the presentation of the figurines, the presentation of the insects does not reduce the texture because of the scale.


In the later scene, according to the trailer, many of them are directly based on the original:

The man’s hand five fingers are slender, and the fairness does not have a little blood, it is a woman’s hand, but the power is strange … In the pain of the drama, it is too late to look up and look at the opposite murals …

From the murals, it was cold and stretched out another hand, like a cold iron tong, holding my neck, and the feeling of suffocation made the eyes darker.

Even, the evil plot of the fat man in the play has strengthened.

In the original book, the fat man was only in the tongue coating, and his behavior was weird.

But in the play, it is obviously deeper and heavier.

Looking at his eyes, the maggots also showed the aggressiveness of mania.

These are placed in one piece, even the director Fei Zhenxiang said frankly in the interview:

This will definitely be the most scary of these (ghost blowing lights).

No wonder it is called “hard core” and “next meal drama”.

Is there a matter of whether the plot is restored?

But a drama makes people continue to watch, and even let the audience who have not seen the original work enter the pit. The test is still the story itself.


In the original book, a large number of adventures were completed by the three people, and a large number of characters were shaped, which also came from the psychological activities of Hu Bayi under the first -person perspective.

But what should I do?


You can’t get into Hu Bayi’s mind, and psychological activities must be expressed in externalization scenes.

For example, each time the book says how scary the adventure is, in fact, the number of three people is not injured. In order to let the audience truly enter the atmosphere of tension and thriller, it is necessary to “add drama” appropriately.

In “Nuqing Xiangxi”, it is the ringling group of Chen Yulou, and is a soldier under the western Hunan warlord.

In “Longling Mats”, the village Bada in Gulan County boldly and his men.


The danger and casualties encountered in the play, the visual impact of the audience, is an important reason for this team to grasp the preferences of the audience.

To “Yunnan Worm Valley”, the villagers who joined the Dragon Village.


They regard the Worm Valley as the ban on their clans and chase behind the three groups, which increases the sense of urgency of the task.

Don’t think that they are just difficult tools.

This newly added branch line is still painted and colorful, and it also brings the plot direction that makes the original fans unexpected variables.



Speaking of adventure and fantasy themes.

The first thing you think of is to see what big scenes and action scenes.

But SIR wants to say that the best quality is the details.

There are no detailed details.

There will be no lifelike world.


At the beginning of “Nu Qing Xiangxi” and “Longling Mats”, as soon as they appeared, they rely on the thriller style and excellent era texture.

Whether it is the second aunt who came out of the original.

It is still the perfect restoration of the texture of the 1980s.


They are the main reasons for the series of stories.

And to “Yunnan Worm Valley”, further.

As soon as the opening is the opening.

The yelling outside the window, the bottles and cans on the window, pickled pepper, sauerkraut, sugar garlic, and the prepared hand -cut mutton.

The steam of the pushing soup pot directly filled the breath of life.

And the leisure of this meat master spoke, and the proper Fan Er of the state -owned meat shop in the 1980s did not run.


As for the casting, Pan Yueming’s Hu Bayi Sir will not say it.

This time I talked about the fat man Wang Kaixuan.

In the room that was also arranged in the same as “Longling Mats”, the fat man prepared for the expedition.

The first piece of equipment is,

Red pants



Don’t laugh, this is actually the habit of fat.

Don’t forget that in the “Longling Mats”, before the expedition, there is also this scene, and even appeared many times during the journey:

Someone may ask, why do fat people like red pants?

Another detail actually gives the answer:

The fat man who picked up the red pants sang the popular song at the time.

Dear little sister

Please don’t cry

where is your home

I want to take you back


This is the popular song “Little Girl under the street lights” in 1987.


The fat man was born in 1951.

The red pants correspond to the year of this life.

But outside of this year.


Don’t look at Wang Kaixuan in the novel to take the quotes every day, but in the play, he is also willing to believe that “Zhahong” can avoid evil.

Especially for this kind of work he is engaged in.


The credibility of the characters depends on these details.

These can also be seen on the lines.

Whether it was the “Garrison Death Team” broadcast in 1980, the protagonist of the sci -fi work “People from the Atlantic Ocean”, which was introduced in the same year, Mike Harris, was all fashion in the eyes of young people in the 1980s.

“I’m like Garrison’s death team”

“Still Mike Harris”

There is also a detail, Mike Harris’s shape, is exactly the source of young people in the 1980s to wear toad mirrors.

Yes, toad mirror.

Remember when the first member of the novel Hu Bayi and Wang Kaixuan met, Wang Kaixuan was dressed up?

At this time a guest came in from the outside, he wore one

The big toad mirror imitation of the United States

I saw that he was dressed in dresses at the time very fashionable, so I looked at it twice.


A few years ago, the fat man found a job after returning to the city. After more than a year, he became a leader because he was fighting with the leader.

From our side to the north, the tape of popular songs.

Wearing a fashionable big toad mirror, what about work? Pirate pirated music tape.

String up.

Seeing no, good works can often give a unified texture from various angles, especially the characterization of characters.

Where is this detail?

In the first episode of the three -person handman, he cheered for the upcoming journey, and Hu Fat Yang was very excited. The fat man suddenly hummed the song, and Hu Bayi also attached to it.

But Shirley Yang was stunned.

Because this song is the Italian folk song “Good Goodbye”, from the former Yugoslavic classic movie “Bridge”, which was widely played in China in the 1970s, expressed a heroic spirit that depends on death.

Shirley Yang, who has lived abroad since childhood, has no common experience.

The same texture, in addition to Beijing, also Yunnan.

On the way to Dragon Mountain, the dress and accent of the fellows of the peers directly let the barrage come out to admit relatives.

There are even some “off -market tricks” that surprise Sir.

For example, narration.

Many people say that many people say they are familiar with the narration of “Yunnan Worm Valley”.

Because this time I invited, it was the teacher Ai Baoliang, who was broadcasting the novel of “Ghost Blowing Lantern”, can be regarded as the IP of “Ghost Blowing Lantern”.

It is worth mentioning that.

“Yunnan Worm Valley” may also be a journey of love between Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang.

As for the scene in the first episode, this heart and love are scolded, not to mention being too tired.

In this point, “Yunnan Worm Valley” is a bit interesting.


Many people may ask a question.

Due to copyright issues, various versions of the adaptation of “Ghost Blowing Lantern” appeared.


But now, why only this team has made the series circle?


Just talk about a small segment.

As early as in 2018, when the “Nu Qing Qing Xiangxi” was filmed, in the group performance of Xiangshan Film and Television City, Zhejiang, there was a smooth saying:

Xiangshan Studios two pits, twelve hours of ghosts blowing lights.

What does that mean?

For group performances, making these two plays means that taking the same money, they have to do the hardest work. The locals use to remind everyone to see these crews around.


How hard is it?


… I haven’t shot it at normal time! There are still many mass actors who have strikes. Ning Ke can personal money to pay the crew money. As long as he let him go, it will be able to go straight to the average speed of four people a day. I am busy filming at the scene. Send all kinds of scrapped actors to the hospital!

How much work does this take to take a person who wants to escape, shoot shock, take abandonment, and even take it to the hospital?

But it turns out that this kind of suffering can really make good works.


In “Longling Mats”, the actors are even more fighting.

Da Jinya almost happened at the shooting site.

Jiang Chao, who plays the fat man, is even more severe.

I remember Jiang Chao’s most moved me. He was afraid of height, three meters, five meters fainted, and seven meters of life. It was not the size of the boldness. This is the physiological reaction. Overcoming the fear of high, this is a real actor …

Fei Zhenxiang, director of “Yunnan Worm Valley” this time, revealed that 90%of the duration in the play has special effects, and the production investment and difficulty are super high.

Although there are more special effects lens, the actor is suffering at all.

Pan Yueming clearly stated in the interview that physical strength is the biggest problem.

The stunts of the “Yunnan Worm Valley” may reach more than 95%. Although they have not made specific statistics, they are hanging Weiya almost all day, and then climb at high altitude every day. pain.


Because they want to shoot in real scenes, they will go deep into the place where people are inaccessible.

Sometimes I patted it, “I often kill a wild pig from the forest.”

Of course, the scene of the real shot is good -looking.

But I didn’t expect this time,

In addition to stunning, it is also unexpectedly sighing.

On February 14 this year, a heartache came:

Located in Lincang, Yunnan, Weng Dingzhai, known as “China’s last primitive tribe”, was burned by a fire.


And here, the location of the covering Longzhai.

The “Yunnan Worm Valley”, which was shot here last year, just recorded the original appearance here.


In addition to the plot, there is another meaning of nostalgia, so that we can think of the beauty of Weng Dingzhai.

At this time, everyone discovered.


Should not just look at “Ghost Blowing Lantern” as a treasure.


Its magic, why not take the audience to the north and south of the river, to explore the mysterious nature, and to linked the lost history.

When a drama is hot, there will be hot search, there will be applause and discussion.

Then the audience will go to the next hot drama, the next hot search.

But Sir always believes that a drama should not have watched it before.

It has to leave at least something.

Its true, enthusiastic, and sincerity will eventually be induced by the human being seen outside the screen.


Just don’t want to make IP adaptation as a hammer of consumer feelings.


Slowly shoot.

Shooting it seriously.

We really want to wait.


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