An Yixuan’s “style” charm is very attractive, penetrate the light black lace skirt, and it looks too embarrassing

The dresses and clothing are indispensable in formal occasions. Its style design is very wide, short small skirts, long dress skirts, and tail dresses have played a vital role. The charm of Ford is very Ford, and it can also show unlimited excitement in wearing.


For celebrities, the skirt is a nirvana that shows personal charm in various occasions

According to the style of the dresses, the dignified, decent, and advanced charm of the styles will stand out among the crowd and further show the beauty and image of personal charm and image. Choose a suitable dress to match. point.

An Yixuan’s “style” charm is very attractive, penetrate the light black lace skirt, and looks too embarrassing. An Yixuan’s “big back” hairstyle is too beautiful. Wearing high dresses is even more powerful. I have to say that An Yixuan puts the dressed skirt and wore through the light -transmitted black lace skirt. The texture of the fabric is thin but not cheap at all. Increasing, the sense of styling can be said to be very rich.

And every time An Yixuan’s appearance is equivalent, wearing gift skirts can make people look bright, so if you are interested, you may wish to look down. Maybe you will have different gains and surprises.

An Yixuan’s dress analysis analysis


The importance of the occasion can be well distinguished according to the length of the dress. Generally speaking, the more long the dresses can explain the solemn charm of the occasion. Among them, the tail -style dress dress has a certain commendation. The design sense of the tail can hide the personal lines of personal figures in its length design, which helps to achieve the imperfect and fat sense of hidden figure lines.

Mesh fabric


And under the effect of the tail design, it is easy to show the exquisiteness of the shape, and there is

Enhance gorgeousness

The role. At the same time, the tail -style dresses are all

Most of the styles of mesh fabrics

, You can follow the light texture of the fabric and good breathability

Create a superposition design


The effect can be very good


Show fluffy sensation

It shows a very light effect, and it is also very attractive to wear.


Generally speaking,

The design sense of lace element on dresses and clothing is extremely frequent

The lace element is embellished and modified in a large area of ​​design, showing a light transmittance and translucent effect, which faintly shows the state of the skin.

Looks sexy and sultry

And even if the fat woman chooses to wear, it can show their own charm and further create a personal style.

Black lace element

It can be seen that black lace elements can be said to be a sexy and charm element design. However, the style of dress that wants to choose is more attractive, so for

The modification and addition of high -grade pattern design are also a good choice


The pattern design feels the charm of color collision in color. It is very eye -catching in terms of visual effects. At the same time, the satin fabric is modified. It is very gorgeous and wonderful to improve the visual attractive effect.


Recommended style

Bald blue wrap skirt

Depending on the color brightness, different image charm can be created. in,

The higher the color of the brightness, the more prominent the visual effect is

And the lower the color of color brightness, the more simple and fashionable. For example, the blue -wrapped ritual skirt is a kind of high color brightness. Under the effect of color richness, you can adjust your personal skin color to a certain amount.

Easily presents a fair and translucent image


It can be said to be very attractive.

If it is a woman with superior lines, choosing a dress with chest -wrapped skirts and clothing can highlight the beautiful characteristics of shoulder and neck and arms. Therefore, the perfect figure of the individual can also be displayed well, and under the effect of a strong color sense, it can also better set off the personal skin color state.

Under the effect of large -scale naked skin, further achieve the role of enhanced visual attractiveness

, Fine charm.

Black puff skirt

Puffy skirt can also be said to be an indispensable style in the dresses

And choosing a short puff skirt to wear is more suitable. The short puff skirt creates a certain waist design. At the same time, it is presented in a fluffy version in the skirt.

Highlight the body ratio

The role, and it can also use its fluffy texture

Enhance the sense of playfulness and cuteness

Therefore, in the formal occasion, it can also fully show the small and tender state of wearing, which can be said to be very fashionable and wonderful.

Then, the clothing about the dress of the dresses is introduced here. Please remember to pay attention after reading it!

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