After wearing a sweater for so many years, have you really chosen right?

Whenever the weather turns cold, we should turn out the wool sweater that is inseparable from every autumn and winter.


It is believed that no matter the 70s, the post -80s, or the post -90s, the sweater is an eternal classic, and the one that cannot be missing in the wardrobe. It is simple, simple, natural, and durable. It is a warm and concrete, and it also runs through our childhood memories of warmth. The sweater is extremely appropriate as an inside, and when it is close to the body, it condenses the lasting temperature that makes people feel at ease.

The sweater of the woolen sweater was carefully selected for us when I was young. When I grew up, I began to learn to choose the right wool sweater before I found that a seemingly simple wool sweater also contains a lot of knowledge. Essence Wool content and thickness, whether it is easy to get the ball and shrink, and how to distinguish the quality of a wool sweater, becoming a problem in front of it. Take the red bean men’s all -wool sweater as an example to take you to understand what characteristics of a good wool sweater should have. Let us trace back and step on the warm journey of wool sweater together.

Wool content 100%


The wool fabric determines the quality of a wool sweater, and the quality of the wool fabrics is generally calculated in the number. The higher the number of wool, the thinner the fiber, and the softer and delicate. At the same time, wool content is greater than 95%, so that it can be called pure wool. Red bean men’s all -wool sweater is made of 100%wool. The wool fiber is particularly detailed. The diameter is below 19.5 microns. The best wool diameter can reach less than 11.7 microns. It is a boutique in wool varieties.

Soft and delicate body

In the impression of most people, wool is generally more skinny, so although the wool sweater is strong, many people resist it. If the quality wool is used, the fiber is usually thicker, and the touch is naturally uncomfortable. The semi -essential woven wool selected by the red bean men’s clothing sweater is softer and delicate, and the cloth surface is smooth and less. Rough discomfort.


Not easy to shrink

Facing the cold season, the warm and served wool sweater is a magic weapon for many people. However, the sweater is very delicate when washing, and it will shrink if it is not careful. A good sweater is likely to turn into a slap size. The pre -shrinkage treatment is added to the process side, which can solve the problem of shrinkage to a certain extent. After the pre -shrinkable all -wool sweater, the fabric is tight when washed in the jacket, it is not easy to relax, and it is not easy to deform. In addition, remind everyone that even if the sweater is only worn once, wash it, dry it, and then collect it to avoid mold and insects!

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