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Jiuqu Hongmei is referred to as “Jiuqu Hong”, which is another traditional fist product in Xihu District and a treasure in black tea.

black tea

Jiuqu Hongmei Tea is produced in Shuangpu Town, Xihu District.

G20指定用茶 九曲红梅特级精装 龙泉青瓷茶叶罐——弥善说茶

Daxu Mountain

G20指定用茶 九曲红梅特级精装 龙泉青瓷茶叶罐——弥善说茶

Jiuqu Hongmei tea has been produced for nearly 200 years, and became famous more than a hundred years ago. As early as 1886, he won the Gold Award of the Panama World Expo, but it was inferior to West Lake Longjing Tea.

G20指定用茶 九曲红梅特级精装 龙泉青瓷茶叶罐——弥善说茶

Black tea soup

G20指定用茶 九曲红梅特级精装 龙泉青瓷茶叶罐——弥善说茶

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