Double eleven down jackets, you are accompanied by you, embrace the warm winter

The journey in 2021 is under the end of October, and the scrolls of winter are gradually opened. At this moment, everything will be slow and quiet, and the beauty related to warmth is more precious. A cup of hot tea in the afternoon, the hot dinner on the table after getting out of get off work, and the warm down jacket in the wardrobe, all of which are the beauty of our hearts this season.

We need such a down jacket, warm, soft, and practical. It can bring endless comfort in this cold winter. It is like wearing it into a fluffy cloud, or buried in a warm embrace. Real warmth. In order to give you a goodness to you in winter, the red bean men’s clothing will open the double eleven down jacket.


Warm and stylish, vibrant and winter -colorful light down


Who says that it can only be black or white in winter? Winter wearing is more simple and simple, but it is not static. The reason why the colorful light down is well received so far, not only is it lightweight, warm and stylish, but also rich in color and changing style.

Compared with the thickness of ordinary down jackets, this light down is special in light, light, fluffy, light and soft, and at the same time take into account lightness and temperature. The fabric adopts three -defense technology technology, silver ions thermal reflection technology, and upgrades the locking technology to effectively lock the body’s calories.

Long -term warmth, no fear of cold winter -Great Wall joint skiing series

The Great Wall series of down jackets jointly launched by the Red Bean Men’s Clothing and the Great Wall Research Institute, around outdoor scenarios, centered on the cold and protection as the core, use high -density fabrics, goose down filling and outdoor element design details, which has a sense of design and warmth.

On this basis, the winter Olympics ski competition is inspired by the design point of snow mountains and skiing silhouettes, and the ski theme series of ski themes continues the powerful cold protection of the Great Wall series. At the same time, technology upgrades are upgraded. , 3D thermal reflex material, let us easily switch outdoor mode, say goodbye to cold, without fear of severe winter.


Permanently wearing versatile, comfortable winter -business leisure series

In this down jacket festival, we carefully selected down jackets of different styles, various functions, and different styles, suitable for daily home or outdoor sports; if you want to choose a down jacket wearing a formal occasion, the business leisure series may be more suitable you. The business leisure series of down jackets are mostly slim -fitting models. The fabrics are very well -written, and the color is low -key and more textured. It can cope with the daily commuting needs of autumn and winter. It also provides more practical inspiration for different occasions for business and leisure.

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