Near the end of the year, Bishengyuan reserves the performance of the overall security?

The Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) is nearly the end of the year, and Bishengyuan sells assets. On November 29th, Bishengyuan announced, sold in several houses in Shanghai Putuo District and the land use rights in Shanghai Putuo District with 56 million yuan. The net owned by the sale will be used as the company’s main development and operational funds.

This is not Bishengyuan sells its real estate for the first time, and the previous sale is also close to the end of the year. This will lead to the industry’s conjecture for the company’s performance.

Selling a real estate is not the first time

On November 29th, Bishengyuan Announcement, the company indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries have set an intent agreement with the buyer, selling 8 houses located in Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China (building area of ​​1819.42 square meters) and housing The net amount of land use and the amount of sales have been approximately 49.63 million yuan.

Bi Shengyuan believes that the sale is mainly for the Group to honor the value of the target and provide a good opportunity to provide a good opportunity for the sale of non-core assets and enhance the operating funds.

This is not Bishengyuan sells its real estate for the first time. As early as December 2019, Bishengyuan and indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries Beijing Augal and Zhengjia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengjia) signed a framework agreement, Beijing Austustel will sell Beijing Shenhui Biyuan Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Shen Huiyuan) All equity, all parties agreed to advance according to the price of 463 million yuan.

Shen Huiyuan has an asset that includes a state-owned industrial land in Beijing Fangshan District and the assets that have been built and ready to complete construction. Jiasi agreed to pay a deposit equivalent to 0.926 billion yuan to the designated account of Beijing Austumur within ten working days after meeting a number of conditions or for its written exemption. According to the framework agreement, Zheng Jia has an exclusive right to raise his purchase rights in the validity period of the framework agreement.

At that time, the person in charge of Bishengyuan said to the Beijing News reporter, the sale aims to combat and dispose of non-main assets to better develop the core business.

In addition, in December 2018, Bishengyuan sold its subsidiaries and office buildings with 100% equity in Beijing Changsheng Business Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Changsheng Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Equity. According to the information disclosure of Bishengyuan, it is used to supplement the company’s daily operational funds to expand existing business and increase market delivery; approximately 150 million yuan for repayment loans; Divide a dividend or potential investment to shareholders.

Coincidentally, the assets sold several times are approaching at the end of the year.

Performance “Mountain Cars” Bishengyuan Adjustment Layout

Bishengyuan sells its real estate several times, and is considered to be in performance by the industry. Taking the sale as an example in December 2019, Bishengyuan encountered the worst year since its launch, lost 93.472 million yuan. At the time of accepting the Beijing News, the person in charge was reported that the company made a major adjustment in 2018 for its product line, R & D production and sales management, with “short-pain treatment, long-term pain”, for its 2019 and more Far in the future is ready.

Product line and other factors have always been an important factor affecting the performance of Bishengyuan.

Founded in 2000, Bishengyuan, with two product lines of Changrun tea and slimming tea, achieving more than 4 billion yuan. In 2007 – 2011, Bishengyuan’s advertising fee has also soared from 49.1 million to 3.43 billion yuan, and the growth rate is nearly 6 times in five years. However, this model has a good look, in 2016, the new regulations of health food supervision have been introduced, and the health food name must not contain related texts.

He is affected by this, the Basino main product “slimming tea” is discontinued, and the name “Changjing Tea” is changed, but the sales decline has become an indisputable fact, then the company’s performance has also begun to go down the slope, and it is a loss in 2016. 68714 million yuan, compared to net profit from 92.291 million yuan in 2015, the phase is more than 160 million yuan.

Subsequently, Bishengyuan has begun a series of adjustment actions, and the product range has also increased weight loss and other drugs. At the strategic level, the e-commerce platform will be exposed to the development focus, and in the traditional weight loss and weight management, the intestine will improve the all-industrial chain layout. In 2017, Bishengyuan has purchased nearly 138 billion yuan to acquire 51% of the 31% of Zhongshan Wan Han, Zhongshan Wanyuan, and a new product line.

Since 2019, Bishengyuan performance began to pick up, in 2019, in 2020, the company owned by the company’s shareholders’ profits of 162 million yuan, 45.479 million yuan. In the first half of this year, Bishengyuan realized a shareholder profit of the mother’s shareholders 264.29 million yuan, almost half of last year’s performance.


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