Following a girl who loves to drive through the Golden Triangle and crossing Zhong Laotai, self -driving is a bit cool this time

This time my self -driving plan is to start from Xishuangbanna, cross the neighboring state Laos, and finally arrive in Chiang Mai, Thailand … walk a new self -driving route full of challenges. Three kingdoms and six cities, 892 kilometers throughout the journey, will pass through the mysterious golden triangle in the middle, does it sound very exciting? bring it on! Together with us, the south of the love cloud, chorus with mud and flower fragrance, talks with civilization and rain forests, and explore endlessly! let’s go……

The first stop Xishuangna


On the first day, first we flew from Beijing to Xishuangbanna. Many things are like travel. When you make a decision and take the first step, the most difficult part has been completed, and the rest is left to the travel itself!


Xishuangbanna is one of the best place names in China. The ancient dwarfs are “Mengbalana”, which means “ideal and magical soil”. So where is Xishuangbanna worth visiting?

Popular scenic spots, for example, Xishuangbanna’s botanical gardens, wild elephant valleys, rain forest valley and other places are famous, and many people recommend it. However, I want to recommend you a special special -Starlight Night Market.

I always like the night market, never miss it! This is definitely the most firework place in a city.


Starlight Night Market, you can feel its dreams. And there are food and snacks everywhere. If you are brave enough, you can try this, as shown in the figure … Anyway, I have no blessing.


Xishuangbanna, the beautiful market is beautiful. Slowly approaching, began to hear the noisy voice, mixed with the breath of Yunnan.

Accommodation recommendation: Xishuangbanna Wanli Boutique Theme Inn


It is very close to the Xingguang Night Market. Within about 300 meters, the scenery is beautiful. There is a swimming pool on the second floor, which is very clean.

The room is quite satisfactory, and the bath water is very good. Breakfast is also okay, especially for rice noodles. The scenery of the restaurant on the second floor is very good. In the afternoon, the sun will be blocked, which is particularly good, so that you don’t have to be tanned. So happy! Intersection


Day 2: Man Listening Park

The Scenic Area of ​​Xishuangbanna Pickups, which is the oldest park with more than 1,300 years of history. It was once the royal garden of the king. It is said that when the concubine of the king came to the park, the beautiful scenery of the park attracted the soul of the princess. “Soul Garden”.


When you enter the park, you will be born with a feeling of returning to nature. He deeply feels the clever combination of natural and artificially. All the scenery is pleasing to the eye and refreshed, so it is a good place to relax.

At night, the Listening Park is full of joy. First of all, watching a literary performance of “Lancang River · Mekong Night”.


This visual feast brings together the cultural characteristics of China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. To show us a multicultural Xishuangbanna. After the performance, you can also go to the river lamp to make a wish or attend the bonfire dance.


Day 3: Music Port Customs Clearance


The door of the motherland is so solemn, do you feel respectful?


Today we are going to enter Laos via Mushu Port. After that, I am an illiterate, so I can invite a local Laos in the local area. Of course, I can only go down with a smile.


Here are some tips for self -driving to Laos:

If Chinese vehicles leave the country, it is necessary to hold a valid driving certificate, driving license, and vehicle registration certificate (green).

Processing at the Pusheng Port:


(1) After the vehicle reaches the joint inspection building of the Moan Port, the vehicle is parked to the nearby parking lot. The owner takes the personal valid entry and exit certificate and vehicle driving license and driving license. From the joint inspection building, enter the right side of the transportation license to apply for a vehicle driving permit. 6 yuan per car for home cars.

(2) Go to the Customs Exit Customs Check Card to check the licenses set up at the China Customs. Owners need to provide a vehicle driving license.


(3) After applying for the above documents, the owner of the car host has an effective entry and exit certificate to the armed police inspection point to apply for the armed police inspection card, and sign the endorsement and seal on the personal valid entry and exit documents. The accompanying personnel can clear the exit after checking the seal with an individual’s effective entry and exit certificate. After completing the above procedures, the owner returned to the car to pass the inspection point of the Rugao Port. Here the armed police inspectors need to check the personnel and vehicle documents handled by the inspection. After the customs personnel check the vehicle, they must stamp on the customs vehicle inspection card.

About Mushu Port

The country’s country is very mighty. Personnel need to apply for a Laos visa. It is best to apply for a visa before departure, which will save a lot of things. Otherwise, although Laos can be visited, it will delay time and fill in the form, which is a bit troublesome. But in general, as long as the procedures are complete, it is still smooth.

After the customs clearance, we officially entered Laos, a country that is very mysterious with me. The previous impression of Laos was a poor country, probably the point where the people couldn’t eat. But after going, I found that the consumption level was not high and the conditions were a bit poor, but it had not yet reached the point of imagination.


The people there are very simple and live a simple life. You see that their lives seem to be very difficult, but they are actually satisfied. The lifestyle of the original ecology, the mentality of contentment. So do n’t use your view of happiness to judge others. They have food and drink. Men in Laos can marry N daughters. It’s very happy! Along the way, the most beautiful smile in this world was harvested.


Laos first stop: Langnan Tower

Remind you, once you enter Laos, it is obvious that the road becomes very difficult to go. There are muddy mud roads and highways with cannonball pits, sometimes bumps to take off. Look, our cars have become like this. So it is best to open a hard -core SUV, which is more at ease.


And today we are going to reach Louang Namtha in Laos, which is a province in northern Laos and the capital Langan Tower. The southwest of the province is connected to the province, the southeast is adjacent to the Udimsisse province, the northwest borders Myanmar, and the northeast is intersecting with Yunnan Province, China.

I ate a local special hot pot in the evening ~ Laos Hot Pot, which tastes good.


Of course, it is recommended to taste the best beer (Laos beer) in Asia by the American “Time” magazine. The taste is light and delicious, but in my heart, I still think our own Qingdao beer is delicious.


Accommodation recommendation: Pou Villa.


It is a mountain hotel located on the half mountainside of Nanta City. The environment is really good.

There are small balconies in each room, and the towels are clean and soft. The breakfast is delicious and the fruit is very sweet. You can take a picture of the hotel. I think it’s a better local hotel! I like the room pattern very much, Wi-Fi is very powerful. Mainly, it is very bad to enter the Laos signal.

Remind everyone that the network speed is very slow in the roaming of all phone cards in Laos. And there is often no service in mountainous areas. Therefore, you can buy a local phone card, which is still easy to use, but it must not be good in China.


Day 4: Laos, a country without haze


Today we are going to continue to rush, the rain is sunny, turn around the mountain road, and meet a beautiful one! I can’t shoot its beauty.

Before noon, we arrived at NAM HA Park: NAM HA Country Reserve in Nanta Province was rated as the “Top Ten” best ecological tourist attractions in Asia. The NAM HA country reserves are covered by dense forests. There are many ethnic minorities in the protected area, and many animals and plants are home.

This is the sacred place of the hikers. When walking through the virgin forest, it is possible to encounter Asian tigers and big black bears, so you must follow the guide. At night, you can follow the villages of the indigenous people at night. Is it very interesting? And I took a picture.

The trip to Laos is more like walking deep in my soul, and I have gained a lot. The sky in Laos is so jealous that the people in Laos are so simple that people can let go of all the alert. We will go to Thailand tomorrow, so look forward to it!

Hotel recommendation:

Living in a hotel that is particularly close to the mouth at night ~ The M Bokeo Hotei

how to say! It’s just a better location, but the facilities are older. Breakfast is coffee 蛋️ egg fried rice, what kind of match is this. Okay.

Opposite is a port, which is really close to the hotel.


Day 5: I never thought about it in my life, I actually passed by the Golden Triangle

Today we will leave Laos and enter Thailand. After looking at the map, God, I am in the “Golden Triangle” area.

I was scared that my hair stood up. But just passing by, it is still very safe.

Popularize a knowledge point: Laos will be exposed to the port (Houay XAI) to connect with Chiang Khong (Chiang Khong) in Thailand (Chiang Khong)

Entering Thailand, I felt a lot easier. The first is to go through the visa procedures, the vehicle entry procedures, which is very convenient and fast. The Thai police officers who cleared the level smiled and felt very friendly. It won’t be as nervous as when it is in Laos. Is it very intimate?

The first thing to enter Thailand: learn a temporary driver’s license

Driving from Laos to Thailand, there is a very interesting situation: you need to drive the right side and switch to the left to drive. The local vehicles are all right rudder models. In addition, we also need to apply for a local Thai driver’s license. This is a new bill for Thailand for the Chinese people from 2018-2019. All Chinese tourists from self-driving to Thailand must pass the assessment of a temporary driver’s license to drive in Thailand. Otherwise it is illegal act.


Many friends are very concerned about the procedures, fees, and driving licenses for driving in Thailand, so I will answer them one by one.

Regarding entry:

(1) procedures: Foreign vehicles enter the country, and need to apply for entry permit for 10 working days in advance through Thailand Travel Agency to apply for entry permits at the Office of the Land Transport Department at the border government.


(2) Fee: The vehicle enters the country for the purpose of tourism, pays 500 baht each time, and the other purpose pays 2,000 baht each time. In addition, each car will be labeled with a license label. The car label fee is 500 baht per one and the motorcycle is 200 baht.

Regarding temporary driver’s license procedures: On the day of foreign vehicles entering the country, foreign drivers holding foreign driver’s licenses will be led by travel agencies with agglomeration procedures for the agency. about. (But don’t worry, the whole process is simple)

Thailand’s first stop: Qing Lai White Temple

The white temple of Qing Lai, this is a fairyland that is not like the world. The Lingguang Temple (commonly known as the White Temple) of Qinglai is unique with its pure white.

In the sun, this white temple is in the blue sky, shining dazzling light, like a beautiful art work. There are countless lenses inlaid on the outer wall of the White Temple, and the dazzling silver light is reflected in the sun.


Dress: Do not wear short skirts, shorts, or suspenders. You need to take off your shoes before entering the hall.


The temple can only take the appearance, and the photography is prohibited from taking pictures in the temple

After entering the temple, they are all one -way roads, and they are prohibited to retrograde! Don’t go back, especially Naiheqiao.

I danced a “Beauty Walk” in the white temple in Qinglai, Thailand. Maybe I was the first woman to pick Chinese dance here.

Kurai Recommended Accommodation: Wly -Venn Apartment Hotel

It’s great with two points

1. Good location, two minutes when you go out, it is the night market.

2. Breakfast is delicious


The disadvantage is that the towel is a bit hard. I like others very much.

Day 6: Chiang Mai in the breeze of Qingfeng


The development of Chiang Mai is second only to the capital Bangkok. Chiang Mai’s natural environment is beautiful and the climate is cool. It is a famous summer resort.

Chiang Mai, a rose in northern Thailand. Someone came to Chiang Mai, but just walked in the horse, punch in at the net red shop, and hurried away. Some people are eager to realize a wish for the grand water lanterns. Someone came for Huaiming Deng Lijun and eager to understand this small town full of “joy and music”. But in fact, Chiang Mai feels that it is a city that is very suitable for life. Only when you live here can you truly appreciate Chiang Mai’s comfort.


I never thought that I would play with the baby in Chiang Mai and the Elephant Baby, and passed the splashing water festival.

From the beginning, I was afraid of this big guy, to the end I like to touch him, kiss, and shake hands. One afternoon in the elephant camp, I started to know this big guy again. In fact, they are gentle. I think people and animals should get along in harmony and wait.


In the evening, you must go to the top picture of Chiang Mai to see the whole picture of Chiang Mai. It is really beautiful and beautiful. After going down the mountain, you must visit Chiang Mai’s night market, which is very interesting. There are many crafts, snacks, which are very interesting.


I bought a super stylish vegetable basket bag and spent 50 yuan!

Recommended by Chiang Mai Hotel: Wintree City Resort

The room is spacious and bright. The hotel does not provide disposable supplies and is very environmentally friendly, so we must bring it yourself. Breakfast is okay. TV can receive a few Chinese programs. There are many drinks in the room, but only mineral water is free. There is no shortcoming except for the night market! However, there are many double cars at the entrance of the hotel, which can be left at any time, and it is convenient to travel. The pool is clean and beautiful.


At this point, our self -driving three kingdoms are over. The scenery you see along the way, the people you meet are all destined to be beautiful. Looking forward to driving farther place next time.


Where will we go to self -driving next time? Look forward to it

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