What does the Italian noble table look like? Andrea Fanfani dining table pure European blood

Andrea Fanfani

It is the Italian high -end furniture brand, which inherits the most primitive and pure classic skills of Florence, combines tradition with modern elements, and gives new value. Different from other home brands, every piece of furniture owned by Andrea Fanfani is handmade by craftsmen, which not only reflects the superb skills of the craftsman, but also makes people admire the spirit of craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at Hehe Sheju.

The exquisite craftsmanship and design of Andrea Fanfani furniture are important reasons for the Andrea Fanfani brand in the high -luxury home brand market. In this issue, the editor of Hehe She introduced the table of Andrea Fanfani brand.

意大利贵族餐桌长什么样?Andrea Fanfani餐桌纯正欧式血统

Andrea Fanfani 6003/T table

This dining table is rich and luxurious, and is one of the must -have for luxury classic houses. Its table legs are made of solid wood. The uniqueness of solid wood makes the entire table more precious. At the top of the dining table is to choose a polished marble surface to select precious wood, integrate into the Italian style, combined with superb skills, and show strong Italian style. This is the quality charm of Andrea Fanfani.

Although Andrea Fanfani6003/T table does not look like the standard supporting facilities of the luxury dining table, its shape is small and delicate, and each metal parts flashes dazzling luster, showing the gorgeousness of the European nobles. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of art and crafts on earth, noble but not charming. Eating on this table, you can have a royal nobility -like enjoyment, feel the treatment of the aristocracy, and experience the life of the aristocracy. There is also an exclusive food cart in the dining table, which can put wine, snacks, dishes, etc. at home to enjoy five -star hotel -like services, making dining more ritual.

意大利贵族餐桌长什么样?Andrea Fanfani餐桌纯正欧式血统

External exquisite reveals internal temperament. The luxurious Andrea Fanfani is not only the far -leader of modern furniture brands, but it is more praised for the inheritance of Florence’s ancient skills. The classic is forever, not only the skill, but also the spirit of craftsmen.

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