Weaving the brocade handbag | carry the tea table with you, only this beautiful storage bag is needed

Tea is part of many friends’ lives. Whether it is a trip to the victory day, a visit to relatives, or a discussion between the same way, if you can bring a few basic cups with you, you can always enjoy Jiayu.

Most of the tea vessels are fragmented. When you go out, a storage package with powerful storage function, small and convenient, beautiful and exquisite storage package can add a lot of convenience to you.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

What I want to bring today is the two brocades to collect the tea people’s bag.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

Representative of China Silk weaving Technology: brocade

The brocade is the color latitude and weft line dyed in color, and the fabrics that are weaved out of the pattern through the flowering and weaving craftsmanship have the saying of “inch brocade”.

As early as the Yin and Shang dynasties, China had silk fabrics, and the brocades had appeared in the fabrics of the Zhou Dynasty. This historic fabric has a gorgeous appearance, complex structure, and superb craftsmanship. It is a representative of the level of Chinese silk fabric technology.

After thousands of years of endless technological iteration and historical precipitation, the brocade is not only a simple fabric, but also a category of Chinese arts and crafts treasures.

Exquisite craftsmanship

These two storage packages are made of traditional brocade craftsmanship. The weaving workers are fine, the texture is soft, and the pattern is elegant.

As a tea -man bag, while having an elegant appearance, it must also have good practicality.

The internal expansion of these two storage packages is filled with cotton wool to achieve the effect of shock -proof decompression. Layers of protection, more at ease with mixed products.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

The storage package is moderate, easy to carry, the internal placement space is large, the space utilization rate is high, and the storage utensils are more than a blade.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

There are multiple plaids in the bag, and the tea vessels are attributed to their positions, which can reduce the collision between the appliances and make the appearance more neat and neat.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

Lifting beam wide bag, comfortable grip, firmly connected to the bag body.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

The plate buckle design is convenient for opening and closing, elegant and simple.

织锦手提收纳包 | 将茶席随身携带,只需要这一个美美的收纳包

Yunhe Sakura Multi -choice

There are two kinds of colors to choose from in this storage package: Mihuang Cloud Crane and Blue Gray Sakura.

The color selected by the two storage packages is very elegant and soft, combined with the brocade itself, the light and shiny light, while versatile, presents a low -key sense of low -key.

The rice yellow cloud crane models, warm yellow brocade, weaving complicated auspicious clouds and white cranes. Under different light, the flowing pearls are more beautiful.

The blue -gray cherry blossoms use the color of the low -key green gray, which is dotted with a blooming five -petal cherry blossoms.

In terms of use, in addition to the packaging and storage of tea sets, it can be used as a portable bag to store all kinds of portable items. Living and carrying everyday, practical and beautiful.

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