What exactly is the coloring leather?

First of all, the skin rubbing is dermis, not artificial leather. Most of the high -quality cowhide is used to make coloring skin. The reason why it is called “scratching skin” is because it uses a special process, you can understand this craft called “scratching color”. In fact, it is a coating of another color on the basis of natural cortex, and the color of the color is unevenly effectively effectively.

Because of this special craft, the leather surface has a distinctive sense of layering and three -dimensional sense, which looks higher. At the same time, because of the gradual and harmonious colors, it has a slightly nostalgic retro style. In short, the coloring skin is unique in the visual effect.


The uneven color rubbing effect is hand -made by technicians, and the coloring effect of each pair of shoes will not be exactly the same. The time -consuming and labor -intensive scratching and effort must come from the hands of experienced technicians. Therefore, the price of good coloring skin is more expensive.

Skin skin is mostly used for formal shoes. Because the rubbing skin has bright leather, delicate leather patterns, and a strong craft texture, a kind of elegant business style is upgraded instantly, highlighting the rigor and calmness of men.

There are many advantages in rubbing skin, but you need to maintain carefully. It is recommended to keep dry and try to avoid wearing in rainy and snowy days. If you encounter rain and snow, you should immediately dry it with a dry cloth, rub the colorless shoe oil, and dry it in a dry place.

If you do not use a water -based cleaner, you should first wipe the stains with a dry cloth or brush, and then use a sponge or dry cloth to apply a thin layer of leather nourishing cream on the upper. Still use a dry cloth and repeatedly wipe and polish.

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