Drink white tea in the office, choose glass or elegant cup?

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Summer is hot, and the summer heat rises, which is tireless.

At this time, learn a few tricks to cool down the summer, which can relieve your body and mind.

Bai Juyi wrote the poem of the first clear summer, and mentioned the peace of mind, and he was born from the quiet.

“Why do you bother the summer? Living in the hospital. There is no long object in front of you, and there is a breeze under the window.

The heat dissipation is quiet, Liangsheng is the room. At this time, it is difficult to protect yourself. “

Of course, in the busy modern life, the heart is really quiet and cold, difficult!

Especially in the office, the warm afternoon is very infectious.

How can I solve their sleep and adjust their working status under the drowsiness of the room?

At this time, it is a good way to make a cup of fragrant tea.


Compared with the idle home status, the office is limited to the place of tea in the office.

For the work of the work of affairs, there is no too much time to complete the steps of making tea with a bowl.

What’s more, in the office, the slow -paced kung fu tea bubble method is not only eye -catching, but also abrupt.

The glass and elegant cups are dominated by the simple and fast tea method, which is more suitable for drinking tea.

Then, the office drinks white tea. In the choice of tea sets, glass and elegant cups, can it be better?


The elegant cup is made of white tea, which is easy to use and has a lot of limitation!

In modern life, the elegant cup is regarded as the easiest tea appliance.

Among the variety of elegant cups, the most basic structure is composed of the same set of cups.

Including the elegant cups of the inner biliary, filter and fair cup, can automatically achieve tea separation when making tea.

The elegant cup of the bomb -type valve control the switch can be dripped without leakage when the soup is sealed.

Press the switch, open the valve, let the tea soup be filtered automatically, slowly out of the soup, and fall into the public cup.

The elegant cup style is simple and generous, the operation is simple and fast, and the advantages are prominent.

However, brewing white tea with elegant cups is equally obvious.


1. The inner space of the elegant cup is limited, and the white tea is brewed. The amount of tea should be less.

Seemingly constructing a common elegant cup, which is truly used to make tea, is a small inner tendon.


Compared with the public cup, there are very few inner capacity.


Of course, when the elegant cup is made of tea, the space that determines the proportion of tea lies in the inner tendon.

If you set too much tea in the inner cup, the tea soup made is easy to be bitter and astringent.

The elegant cup with limited space for tea is not a good stage for white tea to show flavor!

2. The inner orchestra of the elegant cup is inconvenient to clean, and it is easy to hide dirt!

The elegant cup comes with the inner cup of the filter, which is inconvenient to dismantle.

In the process of using, it is easy to accumulate tea stains and tea stains, becoming a place for hidden dirt.

The elegant cup inner lime, which is difficult to completely clean, will interfere with the pure flavor of white tea when brewing white tea.


3. The elegant cup of tea separation, the speed of the soup is too slow!

It seems that the elegant cup can achieve automatic tea separation and avoid contact with water for a long time. It is a good helper for making tea.

However, the elegant cup of conventional bulletin -type valve control switches on the market can be separated by tea water, but the tea soup is too slow to drain the tea, and it is easy to make the tea bitter.

The soup of the elegant cup is like a inverted hourglass, which is slow.

In the process of Juanjuan’s fine soup, the white tea in the inner cup is easy to make.

In addition, the organic structure of the elegant cup can easily cause the loss of tea, which is not convenient to smell the fragrance of white tea.

Drinking white tea refreshing in the office, the rich and fresh aroma in the new white tea is a full highlight.

The elegant cup is made of tea, and a lack of a smart tea fragrance, the fun of drinking tea is lost a lot!



White tea with glass, simple and fast, easy to watch!

The pure and transparent glass, in the office, has a high penetration rate. Whether it is used for making tea or drinking water, it is very convenient.

For the fresh white tea with fresh and fragrant fragrance, it is a good choice with a glass.

First of all, the glass is more concise and generous.

The transparent glass of the transparent body can facilitate the change of white tea in the cup when it is used to make white tea.

Whether it is from the top or from the side, you can enjoy the white tea in the water in the water for easy viewing.


In addition to office leisure, watching the tea in the cup quietly, loading and flying, flying and flying, can relieve the body and mind, relieve the pressure of the eyes and brains.

The transparent glass can also be convenient to observe the changes in the soup color.

Inject boiling water and make tea. When the tea soup is slightly warmer, the soup color is suitable, you can taste comfortably.

Secondly, the glass is made of tea, and the operation is simple.

The steps of tea, the steps are simple.

After cleaning the inside and outside of the glass, wash it with hot water.

At this time, the prepared white tea is put into it.

Generally speaking, a 200ml capacity glass can be paired with 1-1.5 grams of white tea dry tea. The amount of tea should not be too much.


After the tea is finished, inject boiling water, and wait for the tea temperature to get a glass of clear tea with a glass of soup.

Finally, the glass made of high boron material is non -toxic and harmless, high temperature resistant, smooth and delicate in texture, and does not absorb tea aroma.

The glass of tea in the glass is pure and rich in white tea. Due to the large opening, the delicious tea fragrance can be continuously reflected.


The flowing cup of white tea will press all the light tea in the cup, affecting the release of the tea fragrance.

It can be seen that the glass of white tea has many benefits.

Choose a good -looking glass and choose a fresh white tea. Even in the office environment, you can feel the petty tendency of drinking tea in a stranded tea fragrance!


Drink white tea, elegant cups and glass of office occasions.

After the above comparison.


Brewing white tea and using glass brewing, which is more practical than elegant cup foam.

In the afternoon of the summer, he was sleepy, and in the office, he made a glass of fragrant white tea in his spare time.

The fragrant and moist tea soup is clear and clear, and the fragrance is moving.

The beautiful white tea stalk leaf, stretch the posture lightly in the cup.

Watching tea dance quietly can soothe fatigue, and under the baptism of graceful fragrance, the whole person’s mood seems to be more beautiful.

Breeding white tea, from the tea dance alone, the glass and the elegant cup PK, the pure glass has taken the lead!

In the office environment, white tea, in the selection of tea sets, preferred glass, and elegant cups.

However, whether it is a elegant cup and a glass brewing, if you want a cup of delicious white tea and tea soup, you must pay more attention to the details.

1. Before making tea, the tea set should be cleaned thoroughly.

Generally speaking, the bottom of the cup of straight glass, and the inner bilots of elegant cups are the easiest to ignore.

Clean the appliances and understand the beauty of tea!

2. Publlerate white tea, the amount of tea should be less or less.


Whether it is a glass bubble or a flowing cup, the amount of tea should not be large.

The soup of the elegant cup is slow. When making tea, it is not advisable to put more tea leaves.

For the glass of tea, because the tea needs to be in contact with water for a long time, the amount of tea should not be too much.

Too much tea, the taste of tea is easy to soak, which affects the soup.

3. So make white tea, use boiling water!

In white tea, good tea is not afraid of boiling water. If you want to make a better taste, you need to use boiling water.

White tea in office occasions is often easy to be ignored, lies in the water temperature of tea.

With a generous white tea, if it is not brewed with a high -temperature boiling water, the internal tea aroma and tea flavor is difficult to fully release.

However, in most office tea rooms, the temperature in the water dispenser is difficult to achieve boiling.

At this time, if it is to make a better flavor of white tea, whether the glass is soaked or elegant cups, you must wait for the water to boil before making tea!


Gao Shu’s autumn sounds are early, and the promenade is slightly summer.


Do not need to drink in Heshuo.

In the ancient poems, Mei Yaochen likes to avoid the summer during the summer heat.

In the summer, the flowers and trees are lush in the Zen room, and the corridor is deep.

Drinking tea and drinking, I forgot to go home. Sweet!

Summer is here, looking for a cool place, visiting a heart is particularly comfortable.

In the office, you can drink a cup of white tea!

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