Tea Horse Family settled in Mengdian Pu’er direct supply of superior brand nuggets and micro -merchants

The most leading Micro -Business Platform Micro -League in China has recently announced a strategic cooperation with the well -known Pu’er tea brand Tea Horse Family. The latter will officially settle in the micro -business platform of Micro -Business Platform Mengdian and SDP distribution systems to fully develop the field of micro -business.

The Chama family entered the e -commerce field in 2011. Within four years, it has 19 shops on e -commerce platforms such as Tmall, Suning, and Jingdong. Tea direct supply of superior brands, becoming a rising star in the Pu’er tea brand.

At the same time as the platform has achieved good results, the tea horse family began to attach importance to the development of mobile e -commerce, regarding WeChat as one of the important strategies and layouts of the channels, and selected Micro League as a strategic partner to open up the social distribution system SDP and settled in the settlement system. The Mengdian platform opened a flagship store and was determined to seize the opportunity in the industry.

茶马世家入驻萌店 普洱直供优势品牌掘金微商

Xu Wei, manager of the planning department of the Chama Family Market Planning Center, said that the resources of the PC side channels are becoming scarce and more expensive, and the mobile channel channel has not yet reached the saturation stage, and it contains high -quality and precise traffic, which still has a broad space. Through the support of the Micro -League platform, the Chama family will create a new position for customer CRM management, expand brand promotion, and open up new channels for mobile marketing.

In order to distinguish between other online channels and improve the product competitiveness of mobile terminals, Xu Wei revealed that the tea -horse family will launch special supply sources for Weishang in Mengdian and Micro -League. It is distinguished from other channels and gradually launched on the micro -alliance platform.

According to the Micro -League, Mengdian uses tens of millions of users as the main distribution, expands the coverage of the target group, and further pushes the Pu’er transaction amount of the tea horse family. At the same time, Micro -League SDP realizes online and offline interoperability by decentralizing traffic aggregation, and ultimately helps the tea -horse family depression fans to build a dense distribution network.

According to the data, since the launch of Mengdian in March this year, the number of platforms has opened more than 10 million, and the monthly transaction volume exceeds 100 million yuan. There are more than 10,000 merchants in the B -side, and the total number of SKUs of Mengdian exceeds 3 million. It is expected that the platform transaction volume will exceed 2 billion in 2015.

Author: ArticleManager