Every day, how many errors have been lost every day?

Hi to explode summer, the scalp and hair will have some unpleasant small troubles. After all, compared to the skin, the scalp is more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays. It is the second thin skin of the human body. 6 times, 12 times faster than your body, and be a master of summer hair care with Bazaar.


Don’t underestimate the importance of hair, it can improve a person’s overall temperament.


In terms of hair quality, you can see a healthy state of life.

It can also reflect the exquisiteness of a person from the inside out.

Since hair is very important for the overall image, how should we care about it? My sister invited a professional beauty hair care teacher to help you answer them one by one.


Summer scalp loves oil!

Because the scalp also has sebaceous glands, as soon as the weather is hot, the scalp sebaceous gland secretes more vigorously, so you can easily feel that the scalp loves oil. At this time, you can replace the refreshing care products. The shampoo that can massage the particles with a scalp can also help promote the old waste horny of the scalp to fall off and improve the scalp out of oil. For example, Green Deya soothing and cleaning washing, containing narrow -leaf pine oligal chrysanthemum essence, can soothe the scalp and itching, it is simply a “mint drink” in the summer scalp. The scalp of Green Deya soothing and clean oil is also what I like very much. Deeply cleaning the hair follicles, purifying the scalp, the cool feeling seems to cool the scalp.


Very depressed that bangs are always wet to fluffy

Is it because you always sweat? So cause bangs to always be wet? You can prepare a dry hair spray, such as Batiste and German silk. You can prepare a dry hair spray in the office or home. Remember to use dry hair spray, grab the hair to shake off the excess powder, and finally grab the roots of the hair. If you are oily hair, you can change the habit of washing your hair at night to wash your hair in the morning.


How to sunscreen in summer scalp?


It is true that the environment has a great impact on our scalp and hair quality! For example, water quality and ultraviolet rays are caused by poor hair quality. The scalp and hair are exposed to ultraviolet rays and are easy to dry. Japanese Yoshita has done experiments and distributed its head under ultraviolet light. It is found that ultraviolet rays can change the shape of the capsule protein, so that the hair inside the hair to form empty holes, and the hair is lost.

In fact, instead of giving the scalp sunscreen, it is better to give our heads for sunscreen. It is the best physical sunscreen for wearing a sun hat and a parasol. In terms of hair sunscreen spray, like Paul Mitchell, and Green Deya all have special sunscreen spray, and the sunscreen spray of Birou, RAFRA, and Chengye is the whole body in publicity, including the hair!



What should I do if my scalp is sweaty?

Isn’t this to wash your hair frequently? If you go out in the morning to wash your hair and sweat for your hair in the evening, you must change it to the type of refreshing oil formula! Recommended Shiseido professional hairdressing, care for Daofang atmospheric scalp care clean -seater cleaning series washing series, green bottle.

This series of shampoo 0 silicone oil formula, do not worry about blocking the hair follicles, contains natural mint leaf extracts, so that the hair is light and refreshing, and the odor is removed. Just 12 hours, say goodbye to the problem of scalp, sticky roots, and smelling of the scalp. And life, stay up late! Diet should have less oil and less sugar list. Of course, you can have a fragrant spray with you, and add some scent to your hair at any time.


Do I need to wash my hair every day in summer?

Keeping the scalp’s hair is the foundation, just like daily facial care. The first thing we do is makeup removal and cleaning. It is recommended to clean the hair once in 1 to 2 days, and judge the cleaning frequency according to the scalp oil. Worrying about shampooing, are you worried that your hair is dropped when washing? If you do not drag your hair when you wash your hair, then you do not eliminate your hair, but just let the hair that is about to fall away to leave the scalp. The relationship between the hair and the hair washing hair is not very related, but if the hair is too dirty, it is easier to lose the hair.

How can I make my hair soft and not greasy?

For the sofa, don’t trust the faults to soften casually. The essential cause of the sofa is damaged by the small skin of hair (this is likely to be natural). What is Mao Xiaopi? You don’t need to care, simply, the outermost layer of hair! The more complete the small skin, the smoother the hair is naturally. The sofa is the severely damaged hair quality of the small skin, and the hair is thick but cannot lock the water inside the hair. The characteristics of the sofa are: thick, hard, and large amount of hair, but rough, dry, light and unconvinced. How to deal with the sofa? Daily use of laundry -free hair oil, as well as wash -free conditioner, such as the densely repaired night essence milk of water.


Why can’t dandruff just get rid of it?

Dedication repeatedly appears, which is likely to be the cause of microorganisms. Especially if the inferior hair care products are used, or in the environment with severe air pollution, microorganisms will be more likely to invade the scalp. At this time, the scalp will find ways to metabolize these foreign bodies by themselves, so there are many dandruff. Some people have increased scalp oil due to greasy diet or changes in stress or hormone levels, which will give microorganism more “nutrition”. If you have dandruff and the scalp is really itchy, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of music, but it is not recommended to use it for a long time. If you only have dandruff, you can try to expose the salicylic acid shampoo, and the L’Oreal tea tree plant extracts to remove crumbs.

Hey, the color of the hair just dyed in the sun will be discolored


I know hair dyeing for haircuts. The hair stylist will first give your hair with hydrogen peroxide, which is the role of oxidation. The ultraviolet rays are also the principle of oxidation, making the hair easily fade. In fact, not only hair, even if you put skin care products and packaging boxes in the sun, it will deteriorate and change color quickly as soon as possible. Then after the analysis, we know what to do, that is, to do the sun protection! Wear hats, umbrellas, and there are. In the hairdressing shop, you can add waxing to enhance lock coloring after hair dyeing. You may be easy to fade at home. In terms of washing, the shampoo and conditioner of the luxurious and soft series are recommended.

The scalp is easy to itch, but the more itchy is


The scalp itchy can go to the dermatology department of the hospital to check the condition of the hair follicles. It is often because microorganisms invade, so it is easy to itch the scalp. Of course, you can go to the pharmacy to buy Cai Lao shampoo test, otherwise it can stop itching, otherwise you will go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Summer seems to be easier to lose hair than autumn and winter


The growth of the hair is cyclical, the hair is growing, the recession, and the rest period, and then the hair will fall off. The growth period of hair is about 2 to 6 years. I didn’t expect such a long time, right! The hair decline period is 2 to 3 weeks, and the rest period is 2 to 3 months. According to the growth period of hair, you can calculate 10%of the hair in the rest period, and the hair of the rest period is easy to fall off. You may just comb your hair and these hair will fall naturally. In fact, if you observe the animals, you know that cats and dogs will change hair in spring and summer, so even if people are prone to hair loss in summer, new hair will grow out this season!

How to protect the hair from being damaged when using the styling products?


After using the styling products, you must wash your hair after returning home that day! Because of the styling products, it is easy to make the hair greasy and adsorb more dust, so you must wash your hair on the same day. Volkswagen washing products can consider Piaorou’s pure oil and refreshing micrometer cleaning. It is a 0 silicon oil formula, which can reduce the chance of blocking the scalp hair follicles. Moreover, the MICELLAR technology inside allows nano -clean molecules to have only one 3 % diameter of the hair follicles, which can deeply clean the scalp. How strong is this cleaning ability? Some netizens commented that when I washing my hair, I removed the light makeup by the way! However, makeup removal still needs to be completely removed with special products.


The hair tail is particularly loved, what should I do?


When the hair is damaged and dry, not only has no elasticity, but also no gloss. It feels rusty, and the end of the hair will definitely split and break! How to do it? The fastest is to cut off the barber shop. It is useless to keep the dry hair. It is recommended to cut off the split part, rearrate the hair again, and do not perm or dye your hair for the time being. Daily hair care needs to be paid to moisturizing the hair, using moisturizing hair care products, and also free -wash essential oils or hair care milk can also be used at any time.

The last thing to remind is that everyone usually blows their hair, mainly blowing the scalp, and the overall hair blows seven points. do you know? The hair temperature of the hair dryer is too high, and it is very easy to damage the hair when the hair is tall too fast! Those with financial abilities can consider starting with a negative ion hair dryer. Recently, the Fulp’s small golden tube hair dryer has been planted. There is a Sense IQ technology, that is, the air outlet can induced the hair temperature. Real -time adjustment of the hair dryer temperature is really smart!

Don’t share your scalp SPA

Bar sister tells you




Supermodel grabbing the mystery of C position

As soon as it arrived in summer, the hair was soft and greasy? The way to get rid of this troubles is to go to the salon of French luxury brand Balmain to do SPA. If the hair is sticky and soft, the hairdresser in the SPA will wash your hair, apply 3 to 5 drops of your own night deep repair essence oil on the scalp, massage softly and wrap your hair for 5 to 10 minutes with a hot towel for 5 to 10 minutes Let the essential essence of Agan fruit extract the scalp and hair, and then wash normally, the hair will become fluffy and three -dimensional.

If your hair is severely damaged due to the destruction of all kinds of summer, the hairdresser will add 3 drops of night deep repair essence oil to the vitality repair hair mask after washing and drying your hair. After staying for 5-15 minutes Essence Then apply moisturizing haircuts, stay for 5-15 minutes, and let the gump oil extraction essence, silk protein ingredients, composite vitamin B, etc. help the hair to restore strong, smooth and gloss

Go to Bulgari Hotel

Private enjoy 5 -step scalp SPA

The two Baogeli hotels in Beijing and Shanghai have a beautiful spa center. Both Baozhuo Salon can provide women with private and professional scalp SPA care services. Akin, the artistic director of Baodo Salon, led the team to do professional scalp detection for the guests, creating a healing pentagram for scalp problems: scalp purification -hair bath cleaning -wake -up hair follicle -scalp tightness — tight scalp tightness -scalp tight To hydrate. Within 60 minutes, hairdressers with different products and massage techniques are soothing stress, relaxing the body and mind, and in -depth cleaning, helping the scalp oil control, anti -sensitivity, and preventing hair loss. After making a complete set of scalp SPA, guests will find that the phenomenon of scalp oil and hair dryness has greatly improved, and even the facial skin becomes firm.

Parisa Poetry

Personal customized scalp wake -up plan


The scalp is unhealthy, and the fluffy and shiny hair is the wood. The first scalp FUSIO Scrub care of Paris Ka Shi can wake up the scalp and body and mind, bringing the aroma -rejuvenating experience. The most special part of this scalp SPA is that the scalp detection is made of the top of the head, the left and right sides, and the back pillow bone.


After finishing, the hairdresser will choose one of the two scalp cleaning creams and the three scalp essence oil according to the scalp characteristics and preferences of the guests. Stir. Apply the product directly on the scalp, and start the deep cleaning of the scalp and hair. After that, the SPA nursingmaster will make you relaxing and massage for you, and check whether the scalp is healthy again. In the end, before blowing the hair, you will also apply the sacred solution for you, making the hair comfortable and brilliant.

Hairlodes income pocket


Look at the recommendation of Sister Bar!

To talk about the scalp, this scalp matte is good. It can solve the problem of dandruff that you worry about every day, and let the hair get rid of the troubles of itchy dandruff and oil. Use twice a week, and it can also replace washing, which is very convenient. L’Oreal’s tea tree plant extracts and dedue for 1 minute scalp deeper cleaning gel contains tea tree oil and apricot massage particles. It can gently remove the old keratin and deeply purify the scalp environment. It is very suitable for this hot season in summer. Moreover, in the face of such affordable prices, hurry up and get in the bag!

Secondly, solving the problem of sweating from hair hair also has secrets, so that you no longer have to worry about the odor of hair. After the hair of Chanel is sprayed, it can make the fragrant fragrance and elegant, so that the hair is water. While shining, leave the same fragrance as a perfume as CHANEL N ° 5. CHANEL N ° 5 Rose and Jasmine’s delicate and harmonious fragrance sprayed on the ends of the hair, allowing you to exude the charm of your unstoppable women.

Dior’s fragrant spray is also a must -have in summer. It not only allows the hair to emit a charming floral fragrance, but also the effects of Bao Showa from external pressure and restoration of the fresh and gloss of hair.


For various reasons, such as the scalp sensitive caused by haze or hotness, France’s green Deya does not need to be washed to a soothing repair essence to be effective and timely soothing fragile scalp, avoid sensitive itching and restore the vitality of hair follicles.


After watching the whole strategy of hair care, are you eager to try? Then act!


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