List of the list of key construction projects in Hebei Province in 2022

Hebei News Network, January 4 (Li Bo) It was learned from the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission that in order to fully implement the spirit of the development of the project to promote the development of the project, vigorously implement the project’s strategy, and play a key role in investing in effective investment. With the approval of the Hebei Provincial Government, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the “List of the Provincial Key Construction Project in 2022 in Hebei Province”.

It is reported that in 2022, Hebei Province ’s key construction projects arranged a total of 695 items, with a total investment of 1.12 trillion yuan. It is expected to complete the investment of more than 250 billion yuan in the year covers strategic emerging industries, industrial chains to improve, digital infrastructure and applications, modern service industries, and modern service industries. Major infrastructure and other project types. Among these key construction projects, there are 356 new projects, with a total investment of 409.11 billion yuan; 243 renewal projects, with a total investment of 523.46 billion yuan; 96 projects were completed, with a total investment of 185.14 billion yuan.

From the perspective of project types, the “List of the Provincial Key Construction Project in 2022” issued this time includes 337 strategic emerging industrial projects, with a total investment of 303.66 billion yuan, mainly including information intelligence, biomedical health, high -end equipment manufacturing, new new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, new equipment manufacturing, and new equipment. Energy and new energy vehicles, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection projects. The industrial chain has been increasing for 126 projects, with a total investment of 301.74 billion yuan, mainly including projects in the fields of steel petrochemical, food, agricultural industrialization, and light industry. There are 32 digital infrastructure and application projects, with a total investment of 5115 billion yuan, mainly including big data centers, digital infrastructure, digital empowerment and other fields. There are 128 modern service industry projects, with a total investment of 144.13 billion yuan, mainly including projects in the fields of incubation industrial facilities, business logistics, and sports tourism. There are 37 major infrastructure projects, with a total investment of 26207 billion yuan, mainly including projects such as energy, transportation, and water conservancy. There are 35 shortcomings of Minsheng, with a total investment of 54.96 billion yuan, mainly including new urbanization, medical, education, and pension projects.

According to the relevant staff of the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial key construction projects in 2022 adhere to the improvement of project quality and improve project efficiency, and present the characteristics of “three increases, deeper, and expanding”, that is, the number of new projects has increased. The number of industrial projects, the increase in new war projects, the in -depth promotion of cooperative development projects, and the expansion of the project coverage. The role of industrial level, technological level, cluster effect, and radiation has continued to improve, which has an important demonstration role in accelerating green transformation, optimizing the industrial structure, and promoting high -quality development in Hebei Province.

New construction projects have increased. Since 2021, the provincial key preliminary reserves have been strengthened, and “approval” is implemented. 684 projects have been included in the provincial key preliminary management, which has effectively promoted the progress of the project’s preliminary work. The newly started projects increased by 104 items, the most in the past 5 years.

Industrial projects have increased. There were 623 industrial projects, accounting for 89.6%of all projects, an increase of 51 and 6 percentage points from 2021. Six project technology reaches the world’s advanced level, and 18 project products fill the domestic gap.

New category projects have increased. A total of 337 strategic emerging industrial projects, accounting for 48.5%of all projects, an increase of 58 items from 2021, an increase of 8.1 percentage points, and a number of high -end high -tech projects are about to start construction.

Coordinated development projects have been further promoted. A total of 112 items, a total investment of 191.96 billion yuan. Among them, Beijing’s industry transferred 63 items, with a total investment of 95.65 billion yuan; Tianjin Industrial Transfer, with a total investment of 11.97 billion yuan.

The project covers the area expanded. In 2022, the key construction projects in Hebei Province covered 159 counties (cities, districts), with a coverage rate of 97%, 10 counties and districts than in 2021. The coverage rate increased by 7 percentage points.

According to reports, the selection of the project adheres to the planning and guidance, leading the national and provincial “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” development plan, connecting with land and space planning and related special planning, highlighting forward -looking and strategic, focusing on key tasks and major projects Essence Adhering to quality priority, targeting high -quality development, highlighting the advanced nature and integrity of projects, priority arrangement of strategic emerging industrial projects, building chain extension chain replenishment chain projects, products and technology filling blank projects at home and abroad and major livelihood projects. Adhere to the effectiveness of the efficiency, comprehensively evaluate the investment intensity of the project, the average taxation of the mu, the new employment, the level of energy consumption, and the total amount of emissions, and continuously improve the efficiency, effect, and efficiency of key projects. Adhere to the demonstration of demonstration, give full play to the role of key project construction in the cultivation of new kinetic energy, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, optimizing regional layout, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood, and strive to form a strong atmosphere of Hebei province’s projects and promoting investment.

Attachment: List of key construction projects in the provincial key construction in Hebei Province (totaling 695 items)

1. New projects (356 items)

(1) Strategic emerging industry (194 items)

1 Special Instrument Manufacturing Project of China Xintong Institute (Baoding High -tech Zone)

2 Hebei Eagle Eye Machine Vision Smart Equipment Industrialization Base (Tangshan High -tech Zone)

3 Project Project of Hebei Shengyuan Core Kito Photoelectric Chip Detection and Key Equipment R & D and Production Base Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

4 Gu’an Hanqi electronic component module and smart electronic equipment production project (Gu’an County)

5 Xinji Jiya Electronics New LCD Device Project (Xinji City)

6 Hebei window glass ultra -thin electronic glass production line second phase and R & D center project (Yongqing County)


8 Ling Ding Technology High -end Integrated Circuit Packing Load Smart Manufacturing Base Production Line Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

9 Hebei Chuanglian Communication Equipment and radar antenna industry construction project (Luquan District)

10 Hebei Puxing Electronics Removal Project (Luquan District)

11 Hebei Zeyou Electric 1 million sets of HPLC communication module production base (Manchong District)

12 Baoding Chengcheng Ultrasonic Technology Ultrasonic 5G Signal Communication New Material and Electronic Sensor Project (Qingyuan District)

13 Baoding Oriental Plastic Industry 1 million sets of automotive electrical appliances and 8 million sets of communication base station battery accessories project (Shunping County)

14 Langfang Huayaji Bihiji biological in vitro diagnostic reagent, supporting instrument production base and technology research and development center project (Langfang Economic Development Zone)

15 Stone Medicine Group MRNA vaccine industrialization project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

16 Stone Medicine Group Intelligent Manufacturing Lighthouse Factory Construction Project (Qiancheng District)

17 Baoding Jianyingjia’s external diagnostic reagent project (Anguo City)

18 National Science and Cell Pinerous Pharmaceutical R & D Service Center Project (Gu’an County)

19 Shijiazhuang Ken Pharmaceutical New Carehin National Series New Pharmaceutical Industrialization Project (Shenze County)

20 Hebei Longhai Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Project (Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone)

21 Hebei Runshi Pharmaceuticals 2800 tons of raw materials and intermediates, 4.7 billion tablets/granules (Zhao County)

22 Hebei Samsha Pharmaceutical Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrialization Project (Zhao County)

23 Hebei Wuluo Pharmaceutical New Comprehensive Preparation Production Project (Jingxian)

24 Hebei Bianzheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Production Improvement Project (Neiqiu County)

25 An Guo Hongren Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicine Drinking Slicit, Health Food and Chinese Medicine Formula Penalty Production Line Construction Project (Anguo City)

26 Kangtai Medical (Qinhuangdao) Kangtai Industrial Park Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

27 Hengshui Wiyi Daoze Electronic Technology annual output of 220,000 smart health companionship project (Wuyi County)

28 Hebei Oaks Pharmaceutical Packaging New Material Industrial Park Project (Zhengding County)

29 Industrialization Project of Hebei Cross Kang Medical Science and Technology Rehabilitation Assistant Equipment (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

30 Hebei Ziwei Mountain Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Out of 2 million new blood irrigation device projects (Li County)

31 Xianghe Zhonglian Health Boyun Rongzhong Smart Medical Industry Base Project (Xianghe County)

32 Qinhuangdao Daen Pharmaceutical Lulong County Green Intelligence Drug Production Workshop Project (Lu Long County)

33 Hebei Pagoda Medical Devices New Medical Materials Production Emergency Reserve Center 1st Phase I (Dingzhou City)

34 Darun Technology Park Beidaihe New District Health Guard and Micro -Nano Sensing Industrial Park (Beidaihe New District)

35 Cangzhou Yongkang Disposal use of medical device research and development and production base project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

36 Hebei Lvheng Chemical Industry Pesticide Preparation Project (Haixing County)

37 Hebei Mengshikang Veterinary drug GMP preparation and standardized hybrid feed additive production line construction project (Neiqiu County)

38 Shenzhen Youbang North Headquarters and Artificial Intelligence Industry Project (Jingzheng County)

39 Tangshan New Yade Emergency Pipeline high -end ripple compensator and pipeline safety testing robot manufacturing project (Lunan District)

40 Gaobeidian Eurasian Plastic annual output of 5,000 industrial robot projects (Gaobeidian City)

41 Baoding Xuanyun High Performance Turbine Jet Engine Construction Project (Baoding High -tech Zone)

42 Langfang Xinxin Huaxin Intelligent Drone North China Manufacturing Industrial Park Project (Langfang Linkong Economic Zone)

43 Zhongke Energy Storage 100MW Advanced Compressed Energy Storage System Equipment Manufacturing Project (Zhangjiakou Economic Development Zone)

44 Cangzhou Magnesium Magnesium Laser Technology High -speed Laser Molition Intelligent Manufacturing Project (Cangzhou Economic Development Zone)

45 Gaobeidian Jingshi Kaitai Lidar Sensor R & D and Production Base Project (Gaobeidian City)

46 Hebei Dongfeng Shijing annual output 500 set of microwave disposal equipment projects (Guangzong County)

47 Hebei Zhongsheng Energy and Equipment Manufacturing Project (Risao County)

48 Tangshan City Shanyue Heavy Industry annual output of 500 units (sets) digital mining equipment (Zunhua City)

49 Hebei Tianyu Star Machinery Equipment 1,600 new tower crane expansion project (Wuqiang County)

50 Tangshan Hongqiang Machinery Construction Automobile Starter Vehicle Manufacturing Project (Kaiping District)

51 Tangshan sincerely build a new rail vehicle metal structure Precision manufacturing and lightweight project (Fengrun District)

52 Hebei Sunrise Metal Processing and Lightweight Wheel Project (Caofeidian District)

53 Hebei Sanyu Full Automatic Testing Mechanism Building Project (Cangzhou Economic Development Zone)

54 Hebei Pangyuan Wen’an Engineering Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Reboning Project (Wen’an County)

55 Hebei Fuhao Machinery Machinery 1,500 units (sets) Intelligent Super Precision Machinery Transmission Equipment Project (Sanhe City)

56 Hebei High -speed Railway Metro, Rail Transit High -end Equipment Manufacturing Project (Fuxing Zone)

57 Shijiazhuang Youzhi Smart Manufacturing MG Smart Factory Project (Jingyu Mining Area)

58 Hebei Yichen Industrial Railway, locomotive and vehicle accessories manufacturing and construction project (Qiancheng District)

59 Qinhuangdao Daka Xinglong Lightweight Automobile Character Construction Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

60 Hebei Dafeng Automobile exhaust system parts processing production project (Qingxian)

61 Huai’an Sungjia Auto Wheel Manufacturing Project (Huai’an County)

62 Manufacturing projects such as Hebei Dongzhong filter assembly, car filter and other manufacturing projects (Qinghe County)

63 Hebei Yuanda Intelligent Manufacturing Laqiao and Special Vehicle Production Project (Yuanshi County)

64 Hebei Xinrui Integrated Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing and Expansion Project (Taocheng District)

65 Hebei Hailina annual output of 10 million sets of filter projects (Linxi County)

66 Tangshan Aisin Gear 8 -speed automatic transmission (AT) and supporting parts expansion project (Fengrun District)

67 Hebei Sanye Fluid Technology New Energy Vehicle Intelligent Air Conditioning Compressor Refrigeration System and Component Project (Hengshui High -tech Zone)

68 Tangshan Xinhongda Machinery Equipment Fully Automatic Smart Powder Packaging Equipment Production Base Project (Lunan District)

69 Hebei Qingcheng New Machinery Integration Industrial Park Construction Project (Lincheng County)

70 Qinhuangdao Tianqin Equipment Industrial Park (military -civilian integration industrial base) project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

71 Hebei Tianze Newly Created Reinforcement Mine Machine Manufacturing and Digital Intelligence Intelligent Industrial Project (Julu County)

72 Hebei cast armor transportation facilities annual output of 100,000 kilometers of municipal · highway new type anti -collision isolation facilities production line project (Cangxian)

73 Sanhe Tongfei Refrigeration Intelligent Fluid Control Equipment Project (Sanhe City)

74 Hebei Greenpu Large -scale Building 3D Printing Machinery Manufacturing Project (Wei County)

75 Hebei Huasheng Hangs Downsay’s annual production of 50,000 precision component projects (Hejian City)

76 Xingtai Hao Chuang Airlines Parts and Sports and Sports and Small Product Parts Production Project (Pingxiang County)

77 Hebei Zhongyi Haoran AI Intelligent Equipment R & D and Manufacturing Base Construction Project (Lunan District)

78 Lindman high -end saw film project (Lubei District)

79 Hebei Most Power Grid Smart Power Equipment and Electric Equipment R & D Center Project (Kaiping District)

80 Hebei Zhengqing Electric Power 5G transmission and distribution line fault indicator project (Renqiu City)

81 Hebei Electric Power Intelligent Electrical Equipment Production and Relocation and Upgrade Project (Fei Township)

82 Cangzhou Xindelda produces car brake hose, train brake pad manufacturing project (Nanpi County)

83 Hebei Ruishengfa Precision Parts Manufacturing Project (Qingxian)

84 Dongguang Lifei’s packaging machinery 100 sets of full servo HD printing production line project (Dongguang County)

85 Hebei Haikanghua annual output of 30,000 units (sets) intelligent equipment R & D and production base project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

86 Kuancheng Xinhua Pressure Low Temperature Heat Bottle Construction Project (Kuancheng County)

87 Hebei Zhong’an Zhongcheng Intelligent Building Construction Protection Equipment Manufacturing Base Project (Lincheng County)

88 Yidra (Hebei) Intelligent Equipment Design Technology R & D and Equipment Manufacturing and Application Exhibition Project (Xingtai Economic Development Zone)

89 Hebei Yunda Renewable Energy Zero -Carbon High -end Equipment Comprehensive Industrial Park Project (Hebei New District)

90 Hebei Hong Ruixiangtong Petrochemical Equipment and LNG series of product production projects (Huanghua City)

91 Nuo Bao Equipment Manufacturing (Longhua) China -Europe Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park Project (Longhua County)

92 Hebei Huayun Shun Tong Special Transportation Equipment Intelligent Removal and Upgrade Project (Quyang County)

93 Botou City Huilong Rail Motor Brake System Intelligent Industrialization Base Project (Putou City)

94 Hebei Chanyu Aerospace Military Industry Power Production Project (Botou City)

95 Hebei Saigao Potter Precision Intelligent Measurement Manufacturing Lizhou Industrialization Project (Puzhou)

96 Sol (Cangzhou) intelligent technology automatic shelf, special equipment and paper plastic product manufacturing project (Dongguang County)

97 Yonghong Baoding Found Machinery 500 units (sets) Intelligent equipment assembly manufacturing project (Manchong District)

98 Hebei Zhengju Electric Equipment R & D and Production Project (Guangping County)

99 Hebei Shengchen annual production 5GW component intelligent production line project (Tangxian)

100 Suzhou Shengcheng photovoltaic equipment northern production base (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

101 Hebei Ji Gao Electric Power Each year 294,500 digital high -voltage road breakers and power material production line (Gaobeidian City)

102 Xingtai Qiangsong annual output of 5000 sets of smart column upper circuit breakers and other product projects (Weixian)

103 Hebei Zhongxing Hui’an Fire Emergency Product Production Project (Jize County)

104 Cangzhou Kuntai New Gas Equipment Manufacturing Project (Canal District)

105 Hebei Langtai and Jiajia Fire Science and Technology Equipment Manufacturing Project (Wen’an County)

106 Tangshan Yuantong’s production expansion and independent production inspection and repair vehicle air -conditioning controller, internal and external door door system project (Fengrun District)

107 Jingyi Environmental Protection Equipment New Filter Filter and Accessories Production Project (Jingxian)

108 Cangzhou Xintianfang Environmental Protection Complete Online Filter Project (Cangzhou Economic Development Zone)

109 Hebei Sipson Environmental Protection Technology annual output of 1200 sets of environmental protection, energy -saving equipment construction project (Xingtang County)

110 Hebei Huaqiang Technology Energy -saving Magnetic Suspension Unit and Environmental Supporting Equipment Project (Zaoqiang County)

111 Hebei Shenke high -end fixedware and equipment manufacturing project (Yongnian District)

112 Handan Zhengfa high -end special fastener intelligent manufacturing project (Cheng’an County)

113 Hebei Zhongxing Luxing Anti Slice Nippot and supporting bolt production project (Wei County)

114 Zhangbei Giant Energy Based on the Comprehensive Energy Application Demonstration of Energy Storage System of 100 MW -compressed Energy Storage System, 300MW Wind Power Project (Zhangbei County)

115 Guyuan Hengdian Mingbo New Energy 240MW Wind Power Project (Guyuan County)

116 Shangyi Tianrun New Energy Nanxunyu Town 100MW Training Wind Electric Farm Project (Shangyi County)

117 Datang Fengning Dahe West Phase II Wind Power Field (Fengning County)

118 Chengde Daruan New Energy Outside Glutter Scenery Complement Phase 65.8MW Wind Field (Fengning County)

119 Fengning Xinlong Yuer Mountain 60MW Wind Power Farm Project (Fengning County)

120 Hebei Huadian Wei County Yang family 100,000 kilowatt wind power project (Wei County)

121 Datang Xuanhua Village 100,000 kilowatt wind field project (Xuanhua District)

122 Guyuan Jingyuan 60MW Wind Power Project (Guyuan County)

123 Zhangbei Heng Electric Mingmingtai “Yuanhe Dutch Integration” carbon neutralization and demonstration Zhangbei 500,000 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation project (Zhangbei County)

124 Wei County Guangchen New Energy 300MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project (Wei County)

125 Hebei Hongmeng New Energy Kangbao County Plan 160MW Photovoltaic Project (Kangbao County)

126 Hebei Hongmeng Xinneng Kangbao County No. 2 Plan 100mW Photovoltaic Project (Kangbao County)

127 Zhangbei Hengfeng 500MW Kaoqi Internet Project (Zhangbei County)

128 Zhangjiakou City Traffic Investment Shell New Energy Green Hydrogen Energy Integrated Demonstration Base Project (Zhangjiakou Bridge East District)

129 Tangshan Futian Laisa New Energy Vehicle Project (Caofeidian District)

130 Hebei Xinfu Gaoqiang Light Light Lightsmaking New Energy Special Vehicle Industry Base Project (Hebei New District)

131 Hebei Zhongyixin New Energy Technology annual output of 1,500 new energy sanitation vehicle project (Yuanshi County)

132 Hebei Yantaik Electric Electric Vehicle Vehicle Power Project (Magnetic County)

133 Hebei Wenfeng New Materials Aluminum and New Material Production Project (Caofeidian District)

134 Hebei Yingli Liteng Metal Injection Project (Pingshan County)

135 Tangshan Ganxiong’s annual production of 3.1 million tons of new metal material project (Guye District)

136 Hebei Tuochen Emerging Material Technology Innovation Center Project (Xinglong County)

137 China Science and Technology Cinda Polymer New Material Pipeline R & D and Construction Production Project (Cangxian)

138 Hebei Guangfeng New Metal Materials Refining Processing Project (Fengnan District)

139 Tangshan Sanyou Silicon Industry EM 200,000 tons of organic silicon expansion project (Caofeidian District)

140 Cangzhou Chengzhi Yonghua New Display Material Project (Bohai New District)

141 Shijiazhuang Welcome Energy Conservation Technology LOW-E glass, hollow tempered glass project (Xingtang County)

142 Cangzhou Puriel Oriental Organic Boron Series and Electronic Materials Intermediate Project (Bohai New Area)

143 Hebei Liya annual output of 80,000 tons of new environmental protection packaging products project (Suning County)

144 Fengze Intelligent Equipment Polymer Waterproof Rolls, Large -tonnage Branches, Macroblatable Extension Device Production Project (Hengshui High -tech Zone)

145 Hebei Davaixing Packaging Technology annual output of 3 billion packs of sterile composite packaging materials project (Fucheng County)

146 New Material Project of Hebei Aojia Rubber and Plastic Elasticity Project (Lutai Economic Development Zone)

147 Hebei Jicheng’s annual output of 320,000 tons of chloride titanium pink powder project (Caofeidian District)

148 Hebei Jinsui annual output of 100,000 tons of road marking coatings, 200,000 -ton road marking reflective material (Fengnan District)

149 Hebei Puheng Oco’s science and technology development annual output of 30,000 tons of common polyester series product project (Qian’an City)

150 Haopu Technology’s annual output of 6,000 tons, average of phenyl -tetraonic acid twohydride and other product projects (Ningjin County)

151 Cangzhou Donghong annual output of 38,000 tons of high -resistance nylon film project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

152 Suggaining Steel Xinqian Qian’an Electromagnetic Materials High Performance Well Silicon Steel Project (Qian’an City)

153 Hebei Jicheng New Materials 2 Phase II 50,000 tons/year Carbon Material Project (Caofeidian District)

154 Chengde Jianlong Vanadium Titanium Hi -Tech Baseball Production Line Project (Eagle Shouzi Mining Area)

155 Hebei Hongzheng New Aviation Aluminum Alloy Material Production Project (Cangzhou Economic Development Zone)

156 Cangzhou Four -Star Production 30,000 tons of neutral borosilicon glass tube and vaccine bottle project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

157 Qinhuangdao Micro Crystal Technology 3,000 tons of infrared optical material construction project (Lu Long County)

158 Zhongqinglong New Materials Longma Headquarters Base New Material Industrialization Project (Lizhou)

159 Baoding Weisai’s new material 50,000 cubic meters of renewable and high -performance light -quality structural core material processing and new material research and development center construction project (Baoding High -tech Zone)

160 Hebei Lane New Material R & D Center and Warehouse (Yutian County)

161 Hebei Jiangming Technology Construction an annual output of 30,000 tons of all biodegradation modified materials and the research and development and industrialization project of 10,000 tons of all biodegradable products (Xinji City)

162 Hebei Jintian annual output of 1 million tons of environmental packaging new materials project (Bai Xiang County)

163 Baoding Ningxin Metal Follow High -temperature Environmental Filter Product Construction Project (Tang County)

164 North China Aluminum New Energy Battery Foil Project (Puzhou)

165 Qinhuangdao North Glass Solar Energy Equipment of Photovoltaic Battery Packaging Material Project (Lu Long County)

166 Hebei High -end Special Lithium Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Project (Cheng’an County)

167 Tangshan Hengkun New Energy Materials 50,000 tons of environmentally friendly iron phosphate project (Qianxi County)

168 Shijiazhuang Shangtai Technology North Soviet Headquarters Project (Wuji County)

169 Tangshan Dongri New Energy Energy Production 50,000 tons of high -end lithium -ion battery negative material project (Lesting County)

170 Handan Jinyu Cement Cement Kiln Cooperative disposal of the solid waste production line relocation project (Fengfeng mining area)

In 171 days, Zhiyuan green prefabricated intelligent manufacturing project (magnetic County)

172 CICC installation and matching building PC components and prefabricated assembly components Smart Green Construction Project (Dacheng County)

173 Beijing Yiyi Mount Mount Mount Mustener Construction Component Production Project (Caofeidian District)

174 Hebei Building City Building Materials Automation PC Prefabricated and thermal insulation structure Integrated production line project (Puzhou)

175 Qinhuangdao Aohua Glass Different Land relocated the new energy -saving glass production line project (Changli County)

176 Shijiazhuang Jiamei Building Technology Jiamei Door Wall Wall Construction Project (Xinle City)

177 Hebei Yulin annual output of 80,000 tons of environmentally friendly water -based coatings and annual output of 20,000 tons of water -based lotion production project (Daming County)

178 Qu Zhou Hengji New Building Material Project (Qu Zhou County)

179 Production Base Project (Lincheng County)

180 R & D and production projects (Yanthan County)

181 Xuanhua Metallurgical Environmental Protection Equipment Industrial Dustrs and Supporting Equipment Projects (Wanquan District)

182 Zaoqiangdong and integrated sewage treatment equipment project (Zaoqiang County)

183 Dingxin boiler annual output of 500 high -efficiency energy -saving new environmental protection boiler project (Dongguang County)

184 Cangzhou Miste’s Environmental Protection Annual Production 200 Units (sets) Tonor Treatment Environmental Equipment Project (Dongguang County)

185 Hebei Jinxi New Materials Reuse Industrial Project (Qianxi County)

186 Hebei Leheng annual output 50 sets of MVR and related energy -saving and environmental protection product construction projects (Da Fang County)

187 Hengshui Hongde Environmental Protection Equipment 100 Mits of Wet Stroke Dust Dust Ceremony Construction Project (Old City County)

188 Xingtai Jinyu Carbon Neutralization Park (Phase II) 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide capture purification project (Lincheng County)

189 Hebei Anfeng Heavy Industry Low -temperature absorption heat pump project (Nanhe District)

190 Wuyi Rural Environmental Remediation (Utilization of Resources of Human and Animal Human Pollution and Agricultural Waste Resources) Project (Wuyi County)

191 Qian’an Jinyu Shougang Steel Environmental Protection Technology Solid Waste Resources Comprehensive Utilization Project (Qian’an City)

192 Bohai Hongzheng Hengshui Cleaning Technology 300,000 tons/annual industrial waste salt comprehensive utilization project (Hengshui High -tech Zone)

193 Huaxinyuan Plasma Catalytic Burning Equipment and Smart Home Manufacturing Project (Julu County)

194 Hebei Yongsheng New Energy Create a new solar heat collecting pipe production project (Xianxian)

(2) The current industrial chain is increasing (57 items)

195 Headian Ledting Iron and Steel Base Project Second Phase Project (Lesting County)

196 Hebei Xin Peng Nan 2.51 million tons of annual coking capacity integration and reduction project (Fengfeng Mining Area)

197 Hengu Pu Xing Automobile Board Project (Lesting County)

198 Hebei Yongyang Special Steel China Metallurgical Spare Steel Manufacturing Project (Yongnian District)

199 Chengde Jianlong Create No. 4 Big Round Black Casting Project (Eagle Shouzi Mining Area)

200 Hebei Huayang Intelligent Double -sided Buried Arc Welding Steel Pipe Technology Reconstruction Project (Mengcun County)

201 Tangshan Lida Building Branch Protection Industry Base Project (Puzhou)

202 Tangshan Port’s steel production capacity reduction replacement and equipment improvement project (Zunhua City)

203 Changlitian Innovation 1450mm Cold Rolling Project (Changli County)

204 Hebei Rongxin Iron and Steel Production Power reduction replacement and transformation and upgrading project (Qian’an City)

205 High -end Special Steel Intelligent Processing Project (Jingzheng County)

206 Hebei Xinsen Coke Production Energy Integration Project (Xixian)

207 Hebei Jinding’s annual output of 1.2 million tons of H -shaped steel production line project (Wu’an City)

208 Tangshan Donghai Iron and Steel Group’s iron refining reduction replacement and transformation and upgrading project (Lizhou)

209 Handeo Huafeng Energy Hansteel Old District Coking Relocation Project (Xixian)

210 Handan Jintai New Materials and Supporting Projects (Cheng’an County)

211 Hebei Xinjin Wanli High -end Home Appliance Board Project (Wu’an City)

212 Cangzhou Jinchangxing 1 million cubic meters of oil depot construction and the relocation project of the ethanol gasoline distribution center (Bohai New District)

213 Hebei Weiyuan Biochemical Overput 5,000 tons of cinport ammonium construction project (Shijiazhuang Circular Chemical Park)

214 Jinmailang Convenient Food Industry Energy Expansion Project (Longyao County)

215 Feng Kitchen (Bazhou) Food Central Kitchen Food Project (Bazhou City)

216 COFCO Noodle Industry (Qinhuangdao) expands 480,000 tons/year wheat processing project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

217 Hebei Hanxue Food R & D and Processing Project (Hanshan District)

218 Jinmai Lang high -end biological drink and drinking water production project (Longyao County)

219 Qinhuangdao Zhongshu Agricultural Science and Technology Park Sweet Potato Comprehensive Processing Project (Lu Long County)

220 Huamen Food (Hebei) Food Production Base Project (Dingxing County)

221 Tongfu Dingxing Health Food Tongfu Green Food Industrial Park Project (Dingxing County)

222 Handan Zhonghao Daily Processing 50 tons of polyidamine peanut protein powder and 50 tons of cold -squeezed edible oil project (Guangping County)

223 Guangxin Oil Corn Eybolic Deep Machining Technology Reconstruction and Promotion Project (Funing District)

224 Hebei Yuxing’s annual output of 160,000 tons of chimotol project (Ningjin County)

225 Baoding Yuxiangfang Confiscy Production Base Construction Project (Wangdu County)

226 China Agricultural University Crop Molecular Breeding Innovation Center (Lizhou City)

227 Yijiajiali annual output of 120,000 tons of SPC (plant protein) and 240,000 tons of puffed product processing (Phase I) project (Higang District)

228 Hebei Huihui Biological Yimen High -end Medicinal Pharmaceutical Deep Processing Project (Zanhuang County)

229 Hua Trade Rio (Qinhuangdao) New production line project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

230 Hebei Xiangsheng Poultry Green Food Industry Chain Project (Qu Zhou County)

231 Baoding Fengfeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

232 Tangshan Xuyang New Materials 300,000 tons/year nylon 66 and supporting engineering project (Caofeidian District)

233 Cangzhou Pearl Clothing and Clothing Processing (Phase II) Project (Cangxian)

234 Hebei Taozhi Wing Smart Construction Center Project (Qiu County)

235 St. Olympic International Intelligent Manufacturing Home North Headquarters 540,000 Office Furniture Project (Shenzhou City)

236 Hebei Pound aluminum alloy template technology annual production of photovoltaic support, all -aluminum body, aluminum template 50,000 tons project (Anping County)

237 Xingtai Gaoma annual output of 4 million high -end bicycles and 2 million sets of smart toy projects (Pingxiang County)

238 Handan Jinzhang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Home Appliance Supporting Product Construction Project (Handan Economic Development Zone)

239 Hebei Plastic Plastic Pipe and Pipe Product Production Project (Suning County)

240 Xingtai Songmin Smart Electric toy Production Project (Pingxiang County)

241 Craftsman Art (Hebei) Automobile Precision Mold and Steel Structure Products (Fucheng County)

242 Hebei Jinpeng New Energy Technology Smart Home Production Project (Pingquan City)

243 days Yue Doors and Window R & F Home Intelligence Factory Project (Lutai Development Zone)

244 Xilinmen newly built 440,000 sets of soft furniture projects (Xianghe County)

245 Xingtai Zongxin annual production of 10 million units of high -end smart accessories, 1 million sets of children’s supplies (Guangzong County)

246 Hebei Lanting Spring New Elite for 120 million high -end spring intelligent manufacturing projects (Fengrun District)

247 Langfang East Plastics annual output of 160,000 tons of new pipeline and accessories project (Wen’an County)

248 Hebei Drums high -end mountain car and children’s car production project (Qu Zhou County)

249 Handan Beilu Smart Children’s Toy Production Project (Qu Zhou County)

250 Hebei Shuangkang Smart seat project (Jizhou District)

251 Wuqiao County Emergency Industrial Park supporting infrastructure construction project (Wuqiao County)

(3) Digital infrastructure and application (16 items)

252 China Unicom (Huailai) Big Data Innovation Industrial Park Project

253 Xianghe Cloud Reserve Digital Economy Industry Base Data Center Project (Xianghe County)

254 Cangzhou Digital Technology Digital Economy North China Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

255 Gu’an Julong’s new generation cloud computing and artificial intelligence industrial park project (Gu’an County)

256 Chengde Yunlian Technology New Chengde Yunlian Big Data Industrial Park Project (Chengde County)

257 Zhongshi Hongyuan Di Bo (Langfang) Yunlian Data Intelligent Industry Center Project (Anji District)

258 Huailai Heying Zhixin Financial Data Technology Industrial Park Project (Huailai County)

259 Huailai Heying Caixin Financial Data Technology Industrial Park Project (Huailai County)

260 Huai Lai Yingming Xinxin Financial Data Technology Industrial Park Project (Huailai County)

261 China Nuclear Power Engineering R & D Center Advanced Nuclear Power Technology R & D project (Anji District)

262 Hebei National Testing Airlines Materials and Structural Parts Environment and Reliability Evaluation Platform Project (Da Fang County)

263 Great Wall Motor Pneumatic Acoustics Wind Touring Laboratory Construction Project (Lianchi District)

264 Hebei Tao Hanqing River Cashmere Industrial Internet Platform and Douyin Base Project (Qinghe County)

265 Hebei 10:00 very cultural animation research and innovation headquarters base project (Langfang Economic Development Zone)

266 Qinhuangdao Hongxing Products Supply and Marketing Integrated Intelligent Management and Control System Project (Changli County)

267 CITIC Daka Aluminum Wheel 5G + Industrial Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Construction Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

(4) Modern service industry (52 items)

268 Yongqing Jinfu Technology Zhongnan Hi -Tech · Yongqing Chuangzhiyun Valley Project (Yongqing County)

269 ​​Junzhou Jun and the Science and Technology Industry and Yungu · Lazhou International Information Port Project (Lizhou)

270 Dongyu Technology Incubation Park Project (Xingdong New District)

271 Xinzhong City (Xingtai) Intelligent Technology Manufacturing Project (Xingdong New District)

272 Langzhou Huangs Information Technology New Factory Project (Puzhou City)

273 Cangdong Science and Technology Innovation Center (Phase I) Construction Project) (Cangxian)

274 Dongjiu (Langfang) High -end Manufacturing Industrial Park Project (Langfang Economic Development Zone)

275 Chengde Patek Real Estate Jicheng Industrial Park Project (Chengde High -tech Zone)

276 Liandong U Gu Chengde High -tech Manufacturing Park (Chengde High -tech Zone)

277 Langfang Hengfeng Hanyu Valley Center Project (Anji District)

278 Yanshuo (Tangshan) Science and Technology Garden Yanshuo Innovation City Phase II project (Hangu Management Zone)

279 Sanhe Dongyi Yinhe No. 2 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base Project (Sanhe City)

280 Guangyi Science and Technology Park (Chengde High -tech Zone)

281 Shijiazhuang Shenzhen Comprehensive Logistics Port Shenzhen International · Zhengding Smart Port Project (Zhengding County)

282 Anguo Digital Traditional Chinese Medicine Capital Chinese Medicine Public Service Platform Chinese Medicinal Strategic Reserve Storage and Comprehensive Supporting Construction Projects (Anguo City)

283 Lishui Shou Hengshui International Flower Trade Port Construction Project (Lishui County)

284 Hebei Pancang Qinghe Cashmere Flexible Supply Chain Express Base Project (Qinghe County)

285 New Nonglihe Central Plains International Agricultural Exhibition and Trade Center Project (Fuxing District)

286 Cangzhou Shuohao Yunda River Logistics Center Project (Hejian City)

287 Gaobeidian Zhuangzhuo Warehouse Logistics International Green Energy -saving Building Materials Exhibition and Trading Center Construction Project (Gaobeidian City)

288 Hebei Airlines Beijing Daxing International Airport Operation Base (Phase I) Project (Langfang Linkong Economic Zone)

289 Xining (Langfang) Ximaizhi Internet Aviation Supply Chain Project (Langfang Linkong Economic Zone)

290 Langfang Xinggang National Medicine Science and Technology City · Pharmaceutical Supply Chain CSO Center Project (Langfang Linkong Economic Zone)

291 Hebei Pu Xintong Dama Xu Shui Smart Supply Chain Settlement Center Project (Xu Shui District)

292 Puzhou citizen Shang people’s livelihood e -commerce E -commerce E -commerce Modern Supply Chain Financial Innovation Demonstration Base Project (Puzhou)

293 Hebei Xinfaidi Food Processing Industrial Park Two Project (Gaobeidian City)

294 Sanhe Xingyi Galaxy No. 2 Supply Chain Base Project (Sanhe City)

295 Langfang Huaxin Infinite Airlines Asia -Pacific Aviation Material Guarantee Center Project (Langfang Linkong Economic Zone)

296 Bazhou City Smart Building Decoration North China Supply Chain Base Project (Bazhou City)

297 Beijing Xinfa Yanthan Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market and Cold Chain Logistics Park Project Second Phase I project (Yanthan County)

298 Langfang Chuantai China Smart Backbone Network (Langfang · Gu’an) Phase II project (Gu’an County)

299 China Storage Grain Qinhuangdao directly under Kuhaiang Grain Reserve Base Project (Haigang District)

300 Central Reserve Grain Tangshan directly affiliated with Ku Grain Warehousing and Logistics Project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

301 Yicheng (Langfang) Yu Qi North China Headquarters and R & D Business Logistics Center (Guangyang District)

302 Zunhua China Agricultural Agricultural Approval · Zunhua Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market Project (Zunhua City)

303 Guangzong County Xingshun Logistics Park Construction Project first phase of the project (Guangzong County)

304 Hebei Huayuan Pharmaceutical Modern Logistics Park Project (Magnetic County)

305 Qinhuangdao Jihang Comprehensive Intelligent Storage and Logistics Project (Haigang District)

306 Hebei Runwo Smart Logistics (Xingtai) Industrial Park Project (Nanhe District)

307 JD Langfang Gu’an Intelligent Industrial Park 1st Phase (Gu’an County)

308 Tangshan Shuangwanghe Internet Science and Technology Industrial Park Project (Qian’an City)

309 Cangzhou Central Urban District Grand Canal Cultural Strategic Ecological Repair and General Navigation (Bohai Road-Haihe Road) project (Cangzhou Xinhua District)

310 Cangzhou Grand Canal Cultural Belt Park Project (Park Construction Project) (Canal District)

311 Hengshui Lake Ecological and Cultural Infrastructure Improvement Project (Hengshui Binhu New Area)

312 Langzhou Zhongneng International Circuit Cultural Sports Brigade Comprehensive Industrial City Project (Puzhou)

313 Jingxian County Mianman River Wetland Comprehensive Economy Belt Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone Project (Jingxian County)

314 Zunhua Mountain Village Nostalgia Memory Features Cultural Tourism Project (Zunhua City)

315 Chengde Mu Blue Valley Ecological Tourism Holiday Project (Chengde County)

316 Chengde Dingsheng Mongolian Cultural Exchange Center Project (Shuangzhang District)

317 Beijing Tianrun Yuankunhai Ocean Health City Phase I (Beidaihe New District)

318 Lishui Shouheng International Flower Capital Construction Project (Lishui County)

319 Wuqiao Canal Cultural Exhibition Hall (Wuqiao County)

(5) Infrastructure (18 items)

320 Hebei Kunlun Energy Yongqing-Baoding natural gas gas transmission pipeline project (cross-region)

321 Datang International Tangshan Steal River Power Plant Capacity Equipment Project (Kaiping District)

322 Beijing Rail Transit Line 22 (Pinggu Line) Hebei Section Project (Sanhe City)

323 Handong Railway Energy Expansion Reconstruction Project (Bohai New Area)

324 New Construction Zhangtang Railway Tour Missile Tuzhuang to Zunhua Nanlian Line Project (Zunhua City)

325 Shahe Xintong Railway Logistics Project (Shahe City)

326 Qingyin Expressway Shijiazhuang to Jijinjin section reconstruction and expansion project (cross -region)

327 Qinhuangdao to Tangshan Expressway Qinhuangdao Section (Qinhuangdao City)

328 Cangzhou Port Affairs Group Huanghua Port Comprehensive Port District No. 9 No. 10 General Plash Project (Bohai New District)

329 Tangshan Port Caofeidian Port District Huaneng Coal Terminal 6 Palan Project (Caofeidian District)

330 Beiyun River Langfang Section Tong Airlines Project (Xianghe County)

331 Tangshan Zhanye Transportation Materials Long -distance Transfer Comprehensive Pipe Corridor Project (Caofeidian District)

332 Tangshan Harbor Corridor Transportation Pipe Pipeline Corridor Project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

333 Dingzhou Tanghe Basin Ecological Governance Project (Dingzhou City)

334 Dingzhou Tanghe Ecological Water System Project (Dingzhou City)

335 Comprehensive Management of River Water Department of Baoding Prefecture (Phase II) -The comprehensive improvement project of Huanghuigou ecological facilities (Baoding City)

336 Baoding Da Water System Construction Project-Comprehensive Governance Project of Infrastructure and Ecological Environment (Baoding City)

337 The Maoling Dine Reservoir Engineering Project (Xixian)

(6) Minsheng supplement shortcomings (19 items)

338 Hebei North College Affiliated Hospital First Phase Phase II project (Zhangjiakou City Economic Development Zone)

339 Inpatient Building Project (Lianchi District)

340 Pediatric Medical Center of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University (Zhengding County)

341 Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital Hebei Provincial Neuroscular Medical Center (Yuhua District)

342 Qi Zhishan Hospital and proton and heavy ion tumor treatment center project (Zhangjiakou Bridge East District)

343 Hebei Yanda Lupei Hospital (Sanhe City)

344 Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hebei) Traditional Chinese Medicine Heritage Innovation Innovation Center (Chang’an District)

345 Fuxing Hospital of Hebei Engineering University Affiliated Hospital (Phase 1 Engineering) Project (Fuxing District)

346 Medical Area Construction Project of the Eastern New Hospital of Handan First Hospital (Handan Economic Development Zone)

347 Baoding No. 1 Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Lianchi District)

348 Baoding Children’s Hospital Capital Medical University Beijing Children’s Hospital Baoding Hospital (Lianchi District)

349 Tangshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital relocation project (Lubei District)

350 Xinji City First Hospital relocation project (Phase I) (Xinji City)

351 Wuji County Hospital relocation project (Wuji County)

352 New Campus 1 Project of Hebei Geological University (Licheng District)

353 Shijiazhuang Zerui Education Technology Shijiazhuang Vocational College (New Campus) Project (Gaoyi County)

354 Shijiazhuang Economic Vocational College Lingshou Campus Project (Lingshou County)

355 Xingtai asked Health and Nature City Project (Xindu District)

356 Xinji City Pension Service Center (Parent Paradise) Project (Xinji City)

2. Continuous construction project (243 items)

(1) Strategic emerging industry (99 items)

1 Shijiazhuang Haikang WeiTV Technology Co., Ltd. Haikangwei Shijiazhuang Technology Park Project (Luquan District)

2 Construction Project of Hebei Porcelain Consumer Ceramic Ceramics Product Production Line and Product R & D Center (Luquan District)

3 Hebei Tongguang High -quality Carbide Single Single Ling and Excellent Piection Industrialization Project (Qiyuan County)

4 Hengshui Yiling Pharmaceutical Modern Chinese Medicine Industrialization Project (Old City County)

5 Beijing Chunlida Medical Equipment and Biomass Material Incubation Park Project (Weixian)

6 Hebei Huahe Biological Likangyuan Biotechnology Hebei Industrial Park (Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone)

7 Atomic Gaoke North China Pharmaceutical Molecular targeted diagnosis and treatment drug R & D and production base project (Lizhou)

8 Hebei Jinqi Medical Devices High -value Medical Consumption, Equipment, Biomass Materials, Surgical Devices and other medical equipment such as 400,000 sets of projects (Xinji City)

9 New Preparation and Biomedical Industrial Park Project (Qiancheng District)

10 Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceuticals 35 -ton heparin series raw and pharmaceutical product project (Zhengding County)

11 Stone Medicine Group Reorganization Protein High -tech Medical Industry Park Project No. 2 (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

12 Hebei Changming Biopharmaceutical R & D and Production Platform Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

13 Shijiazhuang Puli Pharmaceuticals annual output of 200 million pieces, 500 million water needles and 10 billion pills of medicinal capsules (Zhao County)

14 Shijiazhuang Pengtai Real Estate Biomedical Industrial Park Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

15 Changguo Biomedical Technology Hebei 6 million disposable blood irrigation device project (Weixian)

16 Hebei Xiangyang Beidaihe Fumei Health Science and Technology Park Project (Beidaihe New District)

17 Shijiazhuang Girui Pharmaceutical New Pharmaceutical R & D and overall relocation construction project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

18 Hebei Jingjin -Hebei Huachuang Biological Gene Testing Center and Pharmaceutical Headquarters Base Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

19 Qinhuangdao Dongyi Medical Zhongguancun Life Garden Changli GMP Standardized Factory Project (Changli County)

20 Hebei Yiran Biotechnology Microbial Live Bacterial Preparation Two Phase (Zhengding County)

21 Hebei Wanliu Pharmaceutical Expand Modern Chinese Medicine Digital Workshop, Comprehensive Preparation Workshop (Phase II) and R & D Science and Technology Center Project (Cangzhou Economic Development Zone)

22 Hebei Hanhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. annual output of 350,000 sets of pumps, valves and precision parts (Xingtai Economic Development Zone)

23 China Electronics Electronic Science and Technology Park (Lishui Electronics Industrial Park) Construction Project (Lishui County)

24 Gree (Wu’an) Precision Equipment Manufacturing Project (Wu’an City)

25 Hebei Xingxing Casting Tube and Precision Casting Project (Wu’an City)

26 China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Langzhou Marine Equipment Science and Technology Industrial Park Business Complex Construction Project (Lizhou City)

27 Handan Dingzheng Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park Project (Cheng’an County)

28 Xingtai Zhongli annual output of 4 million light wedge brake projects (Xinhe County)

29 Yibang Smart Equipment Manufacturing and High -intensity Precision Parts Production Project (Cheng’an County)

30 Olympic Star High -end Pharmaceutical Process System Industrialization Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

31 Hebei Youzheng Hydraulic Flint Technology New high -end glue pipe and corrosion -resistant sealing production project (Jingxian)

32 Shahe City Fujian Metropolis Fascine 500,000 tons of high -end precision machinery, high -end fastener research and development and industrialization project (Shahe City)

33 Tianjin Jingbo Cartes Crown Crotterization Digital Manufacturing and Five -axis CNC Machine Tool Production Project (Putou City)

34 R & D and production project (Gu’an County)

35 Xingtai Nuo Bao Industrial Park Project (Xingdong New District)

36 Harbin Power GM Gas Gas Different Phase I Phase I Phase 1 Factory Reconstruction Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

37 Hebei Dingchuang Environmental Protection Engineering New High -speed Railway New Metal Sound (Wind) barrier, railway high life embedded parts, new railway tunnel new protective door project (Xinji City)

38 Shijiazhuang Huayan AVIC Electrical Test Intelligent Transportation (Shijiazhuang) Industrial Park Project (Luancheng District)

39 Hebei Rui Aerospace Military Aircraft weight loss project (Xianxian)

40 Beijing Steel Research Gao Na Lazhou Aerospace Engine Materials Manufacturing Workshop Construction Project (Puzhou)

41 Zhangjiakou Sanxin Tong Da Dao Diabi Diamond Diamond Diamond Supplement Production Intelligent Manufacturing and Relocation Project (Wanquan District)

42 Zhonggongsheng Shengjun Transportation Heavy Industry Manufacturing Base (Raoyang County)

43 Hebei Nuo Bao Equipment Manufacturing and 3D Equipment Integrated Manufacturing Project (Funing District)

440,000 Feng Ding -Dip -Dillar Galvation Metal Deep Processing Project (Fengnan District)

45 China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries Puzhou Marine Equipment Science and Technology Industrial Park New Energy Technology Industry Construction Project (Lizhou)

46 China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Langzhou Marine Equipment Science and Technology Industrial Park Great Wall Information Technology Industrial Base Construction Project (Lizhou)

47 China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries Lizhou Marine Equipment Science and Technology Industrial Park Service Center (Lizhou City)

48 China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries Puzhou Marine Equipment Science and Technology Industrial Park China Power Research Center Construction Project (Lizhou City)

49 Tangshan Baichuan Urban Rail Transit Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Equipment Manufacturing Base (Tangshan High -tech Zone)

50 Hengongliu Sports Core component manufacturing project (Cheng’an County)

51 Yaolun Machinery Parts Production Base (Lunan District)

52 Dana Sustainable Laboratory Intelligent Manufacturing Industrialization Base (Xu Shui District)

53 Nandi Xingye Automobile Parts Production Project (Nanpi County)

54 Cangzhou Jingtai annual processing 5000 slurry pump project (Dongguang County)

55 China Germany Huasheng annual output 80 smart Chinese medicine extraction equipment projects (Renqiu City)

56 Renqiwei Intelligent Technology R & D and Manufacturing Project (Renqiu City)

57 Heyuan Ziyue 3D Printing Building Intelligent Construction and Promotion and Production Application Project (Xiahua Park)

58 Hebei Golden Five -Star Special High -end Fastener Production Project (Fei Township)

59 Shangyi pumping water storage power station (Shangyi County)

60 Hebei Fengning Pumping Power Power Station (Fengning County)

61 Hebei Funing pumping water storage power station construction project (Funing District)

62 Baoding Yixian pumping water storage power station (Yi County)

63 Tangshan Guoxuan Hi -Tech “5G” New Energy Industry Base (Lubei District)

64 Zhongke New Century Energy Zhongke Lithium Power New Energy (Dingxing County)

65 Boliti (Xingtai) Intelligent battery production equipment (Xingtai Economic Development Zone)

66 Hebei Jinli New Energy produced 400 million square meters of high -end lithium battery diaphragm and composite coating diaphragm industrialization project (Yongnian District)

67 Hebei Komai Rubber New Material Project (Bohai New Area)

68 Hebei Longfengshan Tieji New Material Quality Improvement Project (Wu’an City)

69 New Materials (Hebei) Co., Ltd. New Environmental Protection Material Project (Yuanshi County)

70 Baoding Oriental Yuhong Building Material Production Base Project (Xu Shui District)

71 Seventy -18 Electronic New Material Production Project (Fat Township)

72 Hebei stacking an annual output of 700,000 sets of polyburrinotide engineering plastic vehicle decoration items (Weixian)

73 Tangshan Kangda Chemical 30,000 tons/year adhesive and upstream and downstream new material project (Fengnan District)

74 Hebei Bofeng New Energy Graphene series product production base construction project (Qiancheng District)

75 Hebei Jinshixin Out of 30 million square meters LOW-E glass project (Shahe City)

76 Deylin Ste Sensory Hiqi Remarks Electromagnetic Shield Special Paper Production Line Project (Qian’an City)

77 Wangdu Weisai’s annual output of 120,000 cubic meters of high -performance light structure core material project (Wangdu County)

78 Advanced Manufacturing Project of Hebei Yueyang Polymer Materials (Qian’an City)

79 Cangzhou Beautiful Special Polymer Na Micro powder project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

80 Qinhuangdao Hongzheng New Building Materials Science and Technology Pathmaking Base Project (Funing District)

81 Zhongwu Hangzhou Xiaoxiao new prefabricated building and heavy equipment manufacturing project (Caofeidian District)

82 Hebei Yinzhou Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Reinforcement Industrial Park (Hejian City)

83 New Energy -saving ultra -thin rock board project (Lu Long County)

84 Hebei Koyi Residential Equipment Equipment Pretending Building Interior Production Project (Jizhou District)

85 Jinghuan Shunping County Circular Economy Green Industry Project (North District) (North District) (Shunping County)

86 Shijiazhuang Xingquan Management Co., Ltd. annual output of 250,000 tons of environmental protection water pipeline project (Yuanshi County)

87 Hebei Xinrui waste catalyst production high -purity metal salt project (Wen’an County)

88 Cangxing Technology New prefabricated prefabricated housing project (Cangxian)

89 The first phase of Huarong Environmental Protection Industrial Park (Anping County)

90 Hebei Xinyou Youjian Prefabricated Architectural Technology Excellent Construction Industrial Park Project (Funing District)

91 Astonor Technology North China Comprehensive Manufacturing Base (Shijiazhuang Chemical Park)

92 Xingtai City Weifeng Waste Resources Reuse Project (Renze District)

93 Hebei Liangshan Energy and Environmental Advanced Environmental Protection Equipment Industrial Park Project (Julu County)

94 Pingping Yuantong Building Materials Co., Ltd. Prefabricated Building Production Project (Pingping County)

95 Hebei Cheng Casting and Expansion of the Environmental Protection Industrialization Project (Haixing County)

96 Chengdesen Xishi Wood Industry Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Ecological Board Industrial Park (Piece County)

97 Hebei Dongli Electric 10,000 high -efficiency energy -saving motor projects (Dongguang County)

98 Cangzhou Lida Environmental Protection annual output 800 sets of environmental protection equipment production base project (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

99 Qinhuangdao Chengyu Environmental Protection Technology Funing Production Base Project (Funing District)

(2) Improvement of the industrial chain (42 items)

100 Handan Iron and Steel Old District Returning City Integration Project (Xixian)

101 Tangshan Guotang Iron and Steel Relocation Environmental Protection Upgrade Project (Lesting County)

102 Steel Gangnan Macheng Iron Mine Election Project (Liannan County)

103 Hebei Tang Yin Iron and Steel Returning the Relocation Project (Caofeidian District)

104 Sinosteel Group Xingtai Machinery Roll Relocation Industry Upgrade Project (Xingtai Economic Development Zone)

105 Hengshui and Heping Aluminum High Performance Aluminum Alloy profile and deep processing (Wuqiang County)

106 Tangshan Youfa New Construction Equipment Production Base Project (Fengnan District)

107 Hebei Real Estate Steel Steel and Steel Entry Processing and Product Upgrade (Pingshan County)

108 Hebei Xinwu’an Transformation and Upgrade Project (Wu’an City)

109 Hebei Jingyu Equipment Manufacturing Park Project (Qiu County)

110 Mid -Pu Cold Rolling Belt Steel Production Project (Wei County)

111 Hebei Kaiyi’s annual output of 3 million tons of heavy intersection asphalt relocation project (Bohai New District)

112 Cangzhou Dahua annual output 200,000 tons of bisphenol A project (Bohai New District)

113 Xinbao Tangshan produced 40,000 tons of polyzhenylene project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

114 Hengshui Jinshang High -end Lubrication Intelligent Relief Project (Wuyi County)

115 Yili Kerry Langfang Central Kitchen Project (Langfang Economic Development Zone)

116 Daoxiangcun Xianghe Food Production Project (Xianghe County)

117 days of Mairan Noodle Real Estate Daily Machining 2,000 tons project (Daming County)

118 Hebei Ruilong Biological Natural Food Additives and Natural Fragrant Fast R & D and Production Base Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

119 Hebei Taixing Hefeng Food Co., Ltd. Bai Yu chicken slaughter cooked food deep processing project (Yi County)

120 Langfang Aoyue Ming Central Kitchen Food Project (Bazhou City)

121 Bazhou Yihai Seasoning Food Project (Bazhou City)

122 Hebei Qianxi Crane Food Foods annual output of 100,000 tons of noodle product processing project (Nangong City)

123 Hebei Alcohol Oil House Advanced Nutrition Oil Project (Fuping County)

124 Hebei Haoyue Central Kitchen Food Project (Bazhou City)

125 Julu County Taeran Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Pioneer Demonstration Park (Julu County)

126 Changli County Jiacheng Industrial Group Modern Agricultural Demonstration Industrial Park (Changli County)

127 Qinhuangdao Rule Manor Travel Development Project Two (left and right Ecological Valley) Project (Lu Long County)

128 Yijiary (Qinhuangdao) fermented protein annual output of 150,000 tons of fermentation soybean meal project (Phase 1) (Higang District)

129 Hebei Mengbang Biological Own 50,000 -ton microbial bacteria and other production projects (Lincheng County)

130 Hebei Sky Tour Agriculture “Zhang Zigu” National Modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone (Xuanhua District)

131 Qinhuangdao Mizuki Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Piggy Polying Town Town Project (Funing District)

132 Hebei Qingzhu Nianjin Comb with 850 tons, high -end sweater and automotive supplies 4 million pieces (set) project (Weixian) project (Weixian)

133 Hengshui Bolonon’s annual output of 500,000 sets of civil furniture supporting facilities (Shenzhou)

134 Hebei Junyue Technology New Materials Bicycle (Children’s Car) Construction Project (Guangzong County)

135 Hebei Tengda Huitai 30,000 tons of plastic pipe production project (Suning County)

136 Yutai Textile Machinery and Clothing Design Base (Sanhe City)

137 Xingtai Hengjin Textile relocation and industrial upgrade project (Xingtai Economic Development Zone)

138 Hebei Sanhe Liushun produced 5 million children’s bicycle projects (Guangzong County)

139 Nanhe Changhong Glass Deep Processing Project (Nanhe District)

140 non -furnishing Tangshan high -end software furniture production project (Lutai Development Zone)

141 Hebei Wyl Bi Feed Biological Feed Production Project (Neiqiu County)

142 Qinhuangdao Juxin fire protection equipment supporting production project (Shanhaiguan District)

(3) Digital infrastructure and application (9 items)

143 Alibaba Zhangbei Cloud Computing Data Center Chahar Project (Zhangbei County)

144 Alibaba Zhangbei Cloud Computing Data Center Miao Beach North Project (Zhangbei County)

145 Xianghe Huahai Yungu Cloud Computing Data Center Project (Xianghe County)

146 Dr. Peng Langfang Cloud Computing Data Center Project (Anji District)

147 Langfang Yunchen Smart Industry Integration and Innovation Cloud Computing Data Center Project (Anji District)

148 Langfang China Television Science and Technology Park (Da Fang County)

149 Huailai Heying Dingxin Financial Data Technology Industrial Park Project (Huailai County)

150 Epun Cheng Data Global R & D Center (Sanhe City)

151 Xingtai Hongshan Fruit Alibaba Cloud Digital Pingxiang Innovation Industrial Park Project (Pingxiang County)

(4) Modern service industry (61 items)

152 Hebei Jinyue Zhongnan Hi -Tech · Baoding Qingyuan New Economic Industrial Park (Phase I) Project (Qingyuan District)

153 Shijiazhuang Pengtai, Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Cooperation Innovation Demonstration Park Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

154 Cangzhou High -tech Zone Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Fengtai Park (Cangzhou) Cooperative Demonstration Park (Cangzhou High -tech Zone)

155 Langfang Xinyi High -end Comprehensive Science and Technology Park (Langfang Economic Development Zone)

156 Baixiang Bochi Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Science and Technology Industrial Park (Bai Xiang County)

157 Hebei North Dahuajing, Tianjin, Hebei Clothing Equipment Cultural and Technology Creative Center (Zhengding County)

158 Shijiazhuang Pengtai Property Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park Project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

159 Hebei Boyida Technology Industrial Park (Luancheng District)

160 Qinhuangdao Xingdi Port Digital Economy Industrial Park Project (Haigang District)

161 Sanhe Jinshi Yanyan Innovation Innovation Zhigu Project (Sanhe City)

162 Hebei Rongbo Technology Shijiazhuang Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Lianchuang Smart Valley Project (Qiancheng District)

163 Langfang Yitian Hi -Tech Achievement Incubation Base (Yongqing County)

164 Wen’an people and Wei Smart Digital Research and Development Comprehensive Service Demonstration Project (Wen’an County)

165 Hebei Aolin Automobile Industrial Park (Da Fang County)

166 Xingtai Saitus New Generation Communication Technology Industrial Park (Xingdong New District)

167 Sanhe Keda Industrial Military Equipment Equipment Industrial Park (Sanhe City)

168 Hebei Guoding Xinxin Fascination Technology Service Center Project (Yongnian District)

169 Bank of Qinhuangdao Beidaihe New District Financial Center Project (Beidaihe New District)

170 Hebei Kim Kelly Hebei South International Logistics Port Project (Neiqiu County)

171 Langfang Chuanxiang Cainiao China Smart Backbone Network Project (Gu’an County)

172 Hebei Tianhuan Modern Smart Logistics Project (Wen’an County)

173 Huitong Jingxiong Beijing Second Business Park Industrial Park Cold Chain Professional Market Project (Gaobeidian City)

174 South District, China Metallurgical Sanhe Headquarters Base (Sanhe City)

175 Vipshop Operation Center (Fuxing District)

176 North District, Sanhe Headquarters Base (Sanhe City)

177 Handan Yun’an Express E -commerce Headquarters Project (Linzhang County)

178 Baoding Shouheng Agricultural Products Wholesale Market 1 Project (Qingyuan District)

179 Langfang Haize Tian Cold Chain Logistics Center Project (Yongqing County)

180 Xingtai New Cooperation Agricultural and Sideline Products Cold Chain Fresh Logistics Project (Renze District)

181 Hebei Zhibo Green Construction Industrial Base and Logistics Center (Bo Ye County)

182 Chengde Qiushuo Love Yuncang Town (Shuangzhang District)

183 Hengshui and Land Port Multi -Type Transport Base Project (Wuyi County)

184 Shanghai Yunda Hebei (Jinzhou) Express E -commerce Headquarters Base A Project A (Jinzhou City)

185 Shijiazhuang Central Business District Development Co., Ltd. Central Business District North District Underground Public Space Project (Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City)

186 Shijiazhuang Central Business District North District 30#Land Project (Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City)

187 Shijiazhuang City Central Business District, No. 31 Block project (Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City)

188 Shijiazhuang City Central Business District, No. 32 Block project (Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City)

189 Zhonglian Railway Transport Logistics (Jingyu) Multi -Type Transport Logistics Park II Project (Jingzheng County)

190 Beiguo Hi -Tech Industrial Park Project (Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone)

191 Xinle Cai Basket Cold Chain Logistics Project (Xinle City)

192 Langfang Huayuan E -commerce Industrial Park II project (Gu’an County)

193 Tangshan Yingang Modern Smart Logistics Project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

194 Fa’ao Xingtai Gree China Iron Flying Leopard Logistics Trading and Trade Logistics Industrial Park (Nanhe District)

195 National Medicine Le Rendang Logistics Center Phase III Project (Zhengding County)

196 Shijiazhuang Yuqing Cold Chain Logistics Storage Project (Qiancheng District)

197 Rongsheng Ancient Hot Spring Tourism Resort Project (Zunhua City)

198 Hebei Tang County Hemingshan Ecological Tourism Zone Project (Tang County)

199 Baoding Cultural Industry Development Group China Ancient Zoo (Baoding Natural Museum) project (Lianchi District)

200 Yongchang (Chengde) Weixiu International Resort (Shuangqiao District)

201 Overseas Chinese Town Langzhou Cultural Center Project (Puzhou)

202 Qinhuangdao Anya Holy Blue Good Hope Corner Project (Beidaihe New District)

203 Qinhuangdao Qili Yutian Yucian Town-Bohai Fishing Village Project (Beidaihe New District)

204 Qinhuangdao Hollywood Magic City Project (Beidaihe New District)

205 Xinyi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Zushan Scenic Area Promotion Project (Qinglong County)

206 China Great Wall Cultural Museum Project (Shanhaiguan District)

207 Xingtai Tianze Marine Cultural Science Popularization Base Project (Xingtai Economic Development Zone)

208 Qinhuangdao Blue Manor Kang Sports Holiday Leisure Tourism Project (Lu Long County)

209 Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan Great Wall Cultural Industrial Park Infrastructure (Phase I) Project (Shanhaiguan District)

210 Hometown Tourism Gengshui Pastoral Project (Qianxi County)

211 Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hebei Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum Project (Luquan District)

(5) Infrastructure (17 items)

212 Guodian Handan Handan Thermal Power retreat to the suburbs alternative project (Fat Township)

213 State Grid Hebei Electric Power (Shijiazhuang) dispatch center (Yuhua District)

214 Caofeidian Xintian Tangshan LNG project (Caofeidian District)

215 Tangshan LNG Outside Pipeline Project Cao Bao Duan (Caofeidian District)

216 Tangshan LNG external infusion pipeline project Ba Yong section (cross -region)

217 New Shi Hengcang Port Intercity Railway Henghuang Section Project (Cross -region)

218 The first phase of the intercity railway liaison line engineering Langfang east to the new airport section (Langfang City)

219 Tianjin to Beijing Daxing International Airport Link Line Project (Langfang City)

220 Qinhuangdao Hongxing Railway Special Line Project (Changli County)

221 Beijing to Qinhuangdao Expressway (G1N) Zunhua to Qinhuangdao Section Project (Qinhuangdao City)

222 The Circle Ring Expressway (G95) Chengde (Lijiaying) to Pinggu (Heijingjie) section (Xinglong County) from the capital region (G95)

223 Qinhuangdao (Beidaihe Airport) to Tangshan (Tangshan Dongwai Ring) highway Tangshan section (Tangshan City)

224 Hengshui Section Project of Hanggang Expressway (Hengshui City)

225 Zhangbei to Shangyi Expressway (Zhangjiakou City)

226 Cangzhou Huanghua Port Sattays Port Area Mine Pier 1 (Continued Construction) Project (Bohai New Area)

227 Cangzhou Zhongjie General Airport Reconstruction and Expansion Project (Bohai New Area)

228 Xingtai Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub (Xiangdu District)

(6) Minsheng supplement shortcomings (15 items)

229 Da Fang Demo District (Da Fang County) of the New Campus of Renmin University of China (Da Fang County)

230 New Campus of Hebei Public Security Police Vocational College and Provincial Public Security Police Training Base Construction Project (Luancheng District)

231 Xingtai College High -level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park (Xiangdu District) at home and abroad

232 New Campus (Phase I) Project (Phase I) Project (Lingshou County)

233 Zhongye Jixin Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital Branch (Langfang Economic Development Zone)

234 Qinhuangdao Taisheng Construction Development and Development Peking University Third Hospital Qinhuangdao Hospital Construction Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

235 The second phase of the Chongli Hospital of the Third Hospital of Peking University (Chongli District)

236 Hebei Medical University Fourth Hospital Medical Comprehensive Building (Main Building of Cancer Center in Hebei Province) project (Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone)

237 Project of Longquan District, Hebei Provincial People’s Hospital (Luquan District)

238 Qinhuangdao Third Hospital relocation project (Haigang District)

239 Hebei Medical University Second Hospital’s major epidemic prevention and control base project (Zhengding County)

240 Hospital of Hebei University’s Affiliated Hospital of Major Epidemia (Lianchi District)

241 Xinglong County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Easy Site New Project (Xinglong County)

242 House of Cardiovascular Hospital for Cardiovascular Hospital of Qinhuangdao Health City (Beidaihe New District)

243 Shijiazhuang City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shijiazhuang Qiaoshi District)

Third, completed and put into production projects (96 items)

(1) Strategic emerging industry (44 items)

1 Hebei Xiongfu Intelligent Terminal and LCD Display Touch Module Manufacturing Project (Cheng’an County)

2 Cangzhou Yunmu Apollo Autonomous Driving and Car Road Cooperation Project (Cangzhou Economic Development Zone)

3 Project of Hebei Shenke Electronic Science and Technology Park (Xinji City)

4 Hebei Qinshun Smart Show Terminal Manufacturing Project (Jize County)

5 Hebei Tianda Crystal Yang Semiconductor 28,000 silicon carbide chip project (Qinghe County)

6 China Agricultural University model Animal phenotype and genetic research major national science and technology infrastructure (Puzhou)

7 Hebei Brilliance Pharmaceutical Reform and Expansion Project (Huanghua City)

8 Handan Pharmaceutical Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park and Advanced Manufacturing Research Center for Chinese Medicine (Hanshan District)

9 Project (Phase II) Project (Phase II) Project (Phase 2)

10 Stone Medicine Group Akaba Sugar Green Factory Upgrade Technology Reconstruction Project (Luancheng District)

11 Cangzhou Laofu Automobile Parts Industrial Park (Xianxian)

12 Intelligent Production Project (Magnetic County)

13 Handan Kehua Hydrogen Energy Equipment Science and Technology Park Project (Handan Economic Development Zone)

14 Handan Fengchi Smart Transmission Product Manufacturing Base Project (Fengfeng Mining Area)

15 Sanhe Tongfei Precision Intelligent Temperature Control Equipment Project (Sanhe City)

16 Baoding Mingrui annual output of 50 million car stamping parts project (Xushui District)

17 Hebei Jihuahong De 250,000 sets to the equipment unit project (Cangxian)

18 CICC Heavy Industries Lizhou Marine Equipment Technology Industry Garden Optoelectronics Technology Industrial Base Construction Project (Lizhou)

19 Qinhuangdao Zeyun ship parts and steel structure processing and maintenance projects (Haigang District)

20 AFC Machinery Manufacturing (Tangshan) Biomass Material Technology Center Construction Project (Lota Economic Development Zone)

21 Baoding Revented Flow Headquarters and Production and R & D Base Project (Xu Shui District)

22 Shahe City Zhengkang Energy 4.8 million standard cubic meters/day high -efficiency clean gas project (Shahe City)

23 China Kode New Energy 5G Communication Energy Storage and Intelligent Revolution Equipment Manufacturing Project (Linzhang County)

24 Zhangbei Storage 100 MW compressed energy storage system comprehensive energy application demonstration first phase project (Zhangbei County)

25 Chongli Xintianfeng Energy Wind Pharmaceutical Hydrogen Project (Chongli District)

26 Tangshan East Yuhong Phase II project (Fengnan District)

27 Hebei Jizhong New Materials annual output of 200,000 tons of glass fiber Kiln Laus La La La La La La La La Line (Shahe City)

28 Kaisheng Jun Heng Medium Borzilic Silicia Pharmaceutical Glass Production Project (Wei County)

29 Xixian Jindongguang thermal thermal media new material production project (Xixian)

30 Hebei Yili rubber and plastic nano -filtration material project (Qinghe County)

31 Hebei Brother Road Detective High -end Road Lighting Line Coating Production Base Project (Fengnan District)

32 Hebei Dejin 800T/D One kiln Electronics and automobile high -quality floating glass production line project (Shahe City)

33 Hebei Dezida pigment pulp and granulation project (Jize County)

34 Hebei Dingsheng injection molding metal material industrialization and precision casting project (Feixiang District)

35 Langfang has a rare metal technology innovation platform project (Sanhe City)

36 Zhongye high -performance carbon new material project (Fengfeng mining area)

37 Hebei Ziwei annual production of 8,000 tons of over -the -ome, high -pure powder metallurgical materials and product project (Cangxian)

38 Qinhuangdao Beet Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. annual output of 100,000 tons of special chemical assistant project (Lu Long County)

39 Baoding Shunan Green Environmental Protection Conquting Construction Industry Project (Shunping County)

40 Hhuo Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Project (Xixian County)

41 Hebei Fuste’s new building insulation material, building coatings (Hejian City)

42 Hebei Wanda tires have an annual output of 15 million sets of ATV tires and ST special tire projects (Guangzong County)

43 Tangshan Shengang Sea Water Dilute Project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

44 Qinhuangdao Zhongyi Science and Technology Park Project (Qinhuangdao Economic Development Zone)

(2) Improvement of the industrial chain (27 items)

45 Tangshan Donggang annual output of 5 million tons of cold rolling project (Lizhou City)

46 Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Reconstruction Project (Tangshan City Harbor Economic Development Zone)

47 Hebei Iron and Steel Reorganization Relocation Project (Wu’an City)

48 Real Estate Group Steel Equipment Upgrade and Reconstruction Project (Pingshan County)

49 Tangshan City Tianshun Chemical Industry 2.48 million tons/annual steel coke integrated coking relocation project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

50 Steel Qian’an New Energy Vehicle Electric Iron and Steel Project (Qian’an City)

51 Chengde Jianlong’s annual output of 1 million tons of vanadium titanium high -department seamless tube equipment project (Eagle hand camp sub -mining area)

52 Hebei Yongyang Special Steel Industry Reorganization, Relocation Relocation, and Equipment Upgrade Project (Yongnian District)

53 Hebei Xinxing 1.94 million -ton coking project (Wu’an City)

54 Hebei Taihang Iron and Steel Coke Electricity Project (Wu’an City)

55 Shijiazhuang Hongtai Rubber First Branch First Create an annual output of 180,000 tons of carboxyl -pillar gel lathes (Xinji City)

56 Bohai Oriental Chemical Acrylate Integrated (Bohai New Area)

57 Hebei Weimeng Food Production and Processing Project (Qiu County)

58 Hebei Le Meng Biotechnology 10,000 tons of plant fiber production and construction project (Lincheng County)

59 Mailang Non -Fried Boiled Noodle Production Project (Longyao County)

60 Handan Junlebao annual output of 260,000 tons of liquid milk project (Daming County)

61 Hebei Baby Biotechnology 59,000 tons of fruit and vegetable powder and jujube beverage project (Xingtang County)

62 Hebei Zhonghongji Food Technology Industrial Park Project (Pingping County)

63 Qinhuangdao Qihao Biological 1 million -ton enzymatic protein project (Haigang District)

64 Handan Mei Electric and Integrated Product Project (Handan Economic Development Zone)

65 Shunping County Shenzhen Nuclear Shengji Circular Economy Green Industry Project South District Project (Shunping County)

66 Hebei Shengbang Xingtai New Material Production Project (Suning County)

67 Qinghe County has produced 5 million double -sided woolen coats and clothing projects (Qinghe County) for many years

68 Hebei Shubang Health Products Production Project (Miyao County)

69 Hebei Yiyi Health Materials and Disposable Sanitary Products Production Project (Bohai New Area)

70 Guangping Kai King’s annual output of 70,000 cubic meters of high -end voltage dense plate project (Guangping County)

71 Bono annual output of 54,000 tons of silk network project (Bo Ye County)

(3) Digital infrastructure and application (5 items)

72 Zhida Yunchuang Halo Yanjiao Cloud Computing Base (Sanhe City)

73 Jiaxu Fumei Cloud Computing and Big Data Industrial Park Project (Dingxing County)

74 Baidu (Hong Kong) Baidu Cloud Computing Center 1st Phase (Dingxing County)

75 Hengshui Big Data & VR Digital Town Phase I (Taocheng District)

76 Tangshan Port’s 5G -based container Smart Wharf Innovation Application Project (Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone)

(4) Modern service industry (17 items)

77 Hebei Shenbao Shenzhen Garden Venture Capital Center (Lianchi District)

78 Hebei Shenbao Shenzhen Garden Entrepreneurship Plaza (Lianchi District)

79 Wen’an Zhizhong Create Space Project (Wen’an County)

80 Handan Huayao City Project (Hanshan District)

81 Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone (Hebei) Phase I project (Langfang Ling Air Economic Zone)

82 Hebei Nongxing Smart Cold Chain Logistics Phase I (Gaobeidian City)

83 Baizhou Victoria Smart Smart Anping Industrial Park (Bazhou City)

84 Kaian Zhongchi Che Fufu North China Operation Center (Anji District)

85 Baizhou Kaiyue Automobile Sponsoring Intelligent Supply Chain North Region Headquarters (Bazhou City)

86 Hebei Rongpengjing Store Logistics Park Construction Project (Xixian)

87 Hebei Zhongtongji Warehouse Logistics Xianxian County Intelligent Technology E -commerce Industrial Park Project (Xianxian)

88 Langfang Kang’anquan Annan Financial Logistics Project (Anji District)

89 Zhongye Nameda Real Estate Development Minmetals Namida Center Project (Puzhou City)

90 Zhongye Namida Real Estate Development Five Mine Famous Council Project (Lizhou City)

91 Chengde Fucheng Tourism Rapon International Circus Resort (Shuangqiao District)

92 Phase Phase Phase of Jinshan Ridge International Ski Travel Resort (Pingping County)

93 The PPP project of the Honghe Valley Scenic Area of ​​the County (Xixian)

(5) Infrastructure (2 items)

94 New Beijing to Tangshan Intercity Railway Project (cross -region)

95 Dedicated Iron and Steel New Real Estate Group Special Line Project (Pingshan County)

(6) Minsheng supplement shortcomings (1 item)

96 Hebei School of Foreign Languages ​​and Education Integration Demonstration Zone Project (Yuanshi County)

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