The nine most worthy brand bags in history are not only good -looking, but also appreciation, appreciation, and appreciation

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Last month, I saw the news, an old couple in Ukraine. They used their ancestors to have a century -old luggage to load chicken feed.

It wasn’t until some relatives and friends came to the house that it might be a valuable LV antique luggage.


Later, the institutional identification was indeed an antique box with a history of more than 130 years. According to the value of at least 10,000 US dollars, some experts said that if it is auction, the price may be over ten times.


Because the LV antique boxes similar to the years and history have shot more than 100,000 US dollars.


And I went to the official website to take a look. Similar new suitcases were priced at around 30,000 US dollars, and immediately turned 3 times the value.


This reflects another heart that people buy luxury goods: I hope the bags they buy have investment value. Even after ten years, twenty years, or even hundreds of years, it will not lose money and auction.

But in fact, looking at the bags in the ancient stores, almost all sold in the classic or high -value preservation style.

So what is a classic model, or if you save money by yourself, you want to buy a bag that looks like preserved or has collection value. How to choose? These are worthy of spending a lot of time to do their homework.


Today, I will introduce the most classic TOP9 bags rated by the European second -hand website. See if there are these bags in your collection cabinet?

NO.9: Celine Trapeze


“Trapeze” in English means that the gymnastics or circus is used in high altitude autumn, so this bag also has another alias “Qiu Qianbao”.


But because the wings on both sides of the bag are like bats of bats, it is also called “bat bag”.


The Celine bag is actually not launching a long time. It was launched in the fall of 2011, and it is only 89 years old. However, because the style is relatively elegant, it has always been Celine’s classic hot -selling style.

And after two years after the launch, Quan Zhixian carried this bag in the classic scene of the fire’s TV series “You from the Stars”, which was very aura, making TRAPEZE’s reputation even higher.

Of course, its reputation is not just Quan Zhixian raised its fame, and Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio often appears on the street shooting.

It is very practical, and the cortex is not particularly stiff. The capacity is also very sufficient, and the iPad and magazines can be easily put in.

Because there are many colors, the models are also divided into large and medium, and they can match any type of clothing.

When the price of TRAPEZE was first launched, the price was 1,400 euros, and the RMB was in the early 10,000.

However, even if you buy it for many years, 1,000 euros can be sold on the second -hand website, which is a classic style that the public can accept.


NEVERFULL’s reputation does not need to say it. I have also introduced this type of bags many times. Classic, capable, capable, and versatile. These 4 advantages have it.


I took it to install shoes and vegetables, and I have installed it like a computer. It is almost 80 % new.

Maybe because young people in China are more popular, big bags have always been regarded as mothers by young people.

But this NEVERFULL’s very fashionable little girl’s back in Europe, especially in Europe, now the weather is cold, and there are many things to go out. All the girls in Europe are black clothes with NEVERFULL.

NEVERFULL’s launch time is relatively long. Since its launch in 2007, it has been launched for 12 years. It has only been selling at about 700 US dollars and about 5,000 yuan.

Nowadays, the domestic price has been turned over. Even if it is purchased abroad, it costs seven or eight thousand. The second -hand price is the same as selling the price. It is a very preserved bag.



CHANEL Le Boy can be regarded as one of the most stylish bags in China.

When you listen to the name, you know that it is a cool neutral style route. Domestic stars such as Zhou Xun, Liu Wen, and Yao Chen have memorized Chanel’s bags.

Le Boy began to launch in 2011, a pack type created by Karl Lagerfeld. He hoped that even if this bag was carried by a woman, he also had half of the boy’s rate and bravery.


Therefore, this handbag with a handsome neutrality is named “Le Boy”.


At the beginning of the Chanel Le Boy bag


In fact, Le Boy did not fire at the beginning, because the appearance of just launch was very bland, and did not join the classic checkered element and double C logo. Later, after continuous addition of elements and transformation, it became the classic chanel le boy today. Essence

When it was launched at the beginning, it was close to 40,000 yuan in Europe to buy about 20,000 yuan in Europe, but now it is close to 40,000 CHANEL BOY bags, which is very preserved.


And even the price of second -hand websites is the same as the original original price.


NO.6: Celine Luggage


If you take a look at Celine’s classic bags and there is no Luggage list, it must be a fake list.

Luggage, a big smiley smiley bag. When I wrote Li Jiaxin before, I saw the shape of this bag in the corner of her elevator.

When the “Smile Bag” was first launched, it belonged to the type of Totbag. It was particularly large, it was particularly capable, and it was a bit heavy, but now this oversized bag has been discontinued.


Later, because it was too popular, I continued to launch other models of smiley bags. The most popular one is definitely the minimum nano package. Kendall Jenner often brings goods for it.

As a bag launched in 2010, the prosperity has been in the past 9 years, and the value has also risen all the way. At the beginning, the minimum bag was only 8,000 yuan, and the largest number was only 15,000 yuan.


Today, the European price of NANO has risen to 15,000 yuan, and even the second -hand price exceeds 8,000 yuan.

NO.5: CHANEL 2.55


CHANEL 2.55, classic classics, launching a long time. The name 2.55 comes from its launch time, launched in February 1955, and has a history of more than 60 years.

It was very sensational when it was launched decades ago, but later stopped production due to sales strategy. Fifty years later, in 2005, the old Buddha Karl reappeared again to make it popular to this day.

Later, Chanel2.55 also experienced countless changes. The metal chain and double C buckle of intertwined leather …


However, the classic 2.55 is not a double C buckle, but a cross with a cross. The lock has an exclusive name. Mademoiselle Lock (Miss Lock), because Ms. Coco was unmarried throughout her life, so she built this name.

It is difficult for us to study the price geometry from the beginning of inflation, but the price of 13 and 18 years has almost half of the price, and even the price of 18 years has risen three times.


It can only be said that as one of the classic styles, buying early is the best investment.


NO.4: Hermès Kelly

If you make the most difficult bag in the world, then Hermès Kelly must be on the list.


Although it was a style that appeared in 1892, the real fire was because of the 1956 Monaco princess Kelly’s goods.


In Paris Lafayette, there are many people in LV. There are almost long teams, but when I look at Hermes, although there are a few people, it looks very deserted because it is extremely difficult to buy!

I won’t talk about the one -to -one delivery. Even if there are rich people, they have to wait in line to hold the number plate.

In terms of difficult buying, it is no longer considered to be considered or whether it can preserve it. If you want to keep it, you must first have a Hermes Kelly.

NO.3: Hermès Brikin


It is not surprising that Hermès Brikin appears in the third place. Women around the world are proud of having a brikin.


Everyone should be familiar with the birth of this bag. French female singers and President Hermes on the plane did not have love or encounter, but they produced a preciousness that women all over the world. Maternal -level bag.

Moreover, Brikin is also one of the criteria for measuring the rich wives. The wife of Hong Kong’s rich Liu Xiong, Gambi, is a unsightly brikin every time she goes out of the street.


However, the country treats all Brikin as a collection to care carefully, but Jane Brikin, who really understands its significance, treats it as a mother’s bag.


As for the level of value preservation, for example, Kelly, the entry level of the lady, has Brikin on the starting line.

NO.2: LV Speedy

LV’s Speedy surpassed Hermes’ Brikin and Kelly, and it was quite surprising.

But if you think about it carefully, you can understand that Kelly and Brikin want to own even women, but the price is too expensive, the style is too noble, not all women can carry it.

Even if you can carry it, you can’t bear to pretend too much. The practicality is not high enough to be popular enough, but Speedy is more popular.


Speedy was born for a travel bag. The original named Express was born in 1930. It looks very wide and can be installed.

The most classic Speedy25 we see now is inseparable from Hepburn.

At that time, the petite Audrey Hepburn commissioned LV’s founding artificial handbag that was suitable for her, so there was a small and light Speedy25.

As a bag of LV classic models, the appreciation rate of Speedy should not be underestimated. In 2008, I saw the price of this bag. At that time, it was about 4,000. Essence



Maybe everyone will be unfamiliar with the name Timeless, but after looking at, looking at the shape, it immediately recognizes that it is the most classic style of Chanel.


And the other name that everyone knows is called Chanel Classic Flap, which is the classic 2.55 style, and it is the details of Karl’s old Buddha.


The biggest difference between it and 2.55 is to change the leather design in the double C logo and chain.

This design directly makes 2.55, which was already classic.

After the improvement, Timeless is more suitable for people to have a classic and a little logo aesthetic. Once launched, it has been popular all over the world. Until now, many people’s first brand bags choose to start this one, classic and fashionable.


The bags and artworks are a bit different. The more expensive the artwork is, the more unique, and it will preserve the value. However, the more people want to have the bag, the higher the popularity, the more versatile, and the value of the value will be preserved.


Compared to Hermès lady, there is not enough aura to control, and Speedy25 tends to be practical. Timeless reflects its uniqueness in combination.


Especially the black classic checkered classic models, the costumes you want to get can be matched, and you can memorize all year round, and do not pick age, race and skin color.

Therefore, 2.55 can increase the price within a year, so as the most classic Chanel Classic Flap, the first dream bag in countless women’s hearts is not surprising to become the first place in the most valuable package.

There is a saying in the luxury industry: To choose a bag that preserves it, you must choose LV, Chanel and Hermes. Because they are all the bag brands that women want the most.

It can also be seen through the above classic value preservation list. These three brands account for more than half.

Of course, in the case of people’s living standards before, classics and preservation have become the first choice for people. Now everyone pays more attention to style and suitable for themselves.

I don’t know which readers feel the most classic bag in their minds? Welcome to leave a message to share with me ~

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