Hui Life | 10 smart women and 9 homes will have this board at home, do not believe you!

Hui Life | 10 smart women and 9 homes will have this board at home, do not believe you!

Want to create a high -force home


In fact, a cork can be done

Can be decorated and stored

The veritable universal treasure

Xiaobian was idle at home, and when he saw the cork on the red wine bottle, he suddenly camel lightly and thought of a life wisdom: Don’t stiffly come in the event of an incident.


The combination of white painting board plus cork board

Enough for you to record all office matters in time

Work thinking sort

A large cork board nails photos and paintings

Instantly became the fresh decoration of the desk at home

Study at work and look up at the album on the wooden board


Pleasing to the eye, the mood becomes beautiful ~


The minutes of the calendar meeting, what needs to be handled


You can write it down at any time


No need to go to the messy drawer again to find the schedule!


Small frame decoration


Except hanging in front of the desk

You can still stick or nail on the wall


It’s beautiful to place casually

Don’t want to nail the wall

It can be placed on the table directly on the wall

Or hang it with a rope


Large background wall


Compared with cold walls of cold ice

A whole cork board wall instantly improves the quality

Whether it is classical or modern at home

The color of the log can be well matched

Whether it is a collection of picture book photos

Still the sketch you draw


Nailing up to decorate the big background wall is also very delicious

Write the text, don’t throw the illustration

The living room is beautiful immediately on the nail


Friends come to the house to be a guest to fall in love with you for a second ~

Don’t like too much decoration

A blank piece can also be beautiful

Set up with a few pots of green plants next to it

Want to lay a large area

You need to use professional tools to assist

Add a layer of wooden board between the wall and the cork board


Can better protect the walls from being destroyed

The wooden board is fixed on the wall

Paste the cork board on the wooden board

If you want to remove one day, you can remove the wooden board directly

Bedroom wall


Cork plate has a temperament that can not be replaced by wallpaper

The softness of itself makes people feel very comfortable visually

It is more warm to use it in the bedroom

Fun design

You can DIY your love shape yourself


Does not affect the overall decoration pattern


Can add fun to the wall


A cloud or a world map hanging on the wall

Let special letters and geometric figures stitch randomly

If you don’t love such a cold wood color

Then add a little color to go up


Different colors of stickers on the package


DIY has a variety of cork boards of different flavors


Sister Le can’t help but try to try it

You can also DIY exclusive coasters yourself

Use colorful pigments on the cut cork board


Watermelon, kiwi, orange …

Let the daily drinking water also taste taste

If the rigid rubber mouse pads sold by the store

The curator teaches you to do one by yourself

Choose a book leather paper that likes pattern


Cut the same shape with the cork board

Apply glue on the cork board for later use


Paste the previously cut paper

A mouse pad that is exclusive to you is completed


Storage artifact

If you have a lot of beautiful earrings necklace

It is better to hang up in the jewelry box

Of course, the most beautiful will show off


The display and storage of the cork board is their best destination

The jewelry strips are hung separately

It’s easy to find and no longer afraid of chaos

Earrings are nailed up one by one, neatly neat


Cabinet door plus cork storage board

Kitchenware and small utensils can also hang up


Using vertical space, the cabinet is no longer too small


Add the fabric to make a pocket and hang it with the roots


Homemade literary style storage bag is completed

It’s too convenient to put some daily small tools



Red wine with soft wood is also a good hand of storage

Big head needle is not afraid to throw up and find it, you can’t find it, you can’t find it


Plug in the hook can also be used to store the necklace head jewelry


The headset cable can be obedient and obedient

Family gathering and drinking red wine


Don’t waste red wine bottle plugs


You can also become a coaster without moving flat lying down

Or a bundle of a bundle of the pad


Cut it into two pieces

It becomes a protective pad for tables and chair feet


The amount is a little more, it is a small photo wall


Cut a knife in the middle, the red wine is stuffed into a small clip

I ca n’t finish the snacks and hold the opening at the opening. I ’m not afraid of the tide

If the knife mouth is shallow, it becomes a stool -signing or photo clip

Who said that red wine can only be used on the wine bottle

Make a vase by yourself, and you are full of literature and art


The principle of vases and pen holders is the same

The vase that does not want to be a pen holder is not a good red wine plug

Can be used to plant flowers!


It’s really cute, right?


This article is produced by the good life of the public account of the Kawa Micro Card;

Plug in the screws to become a small pendant, and the keychain is also good

There are so many uses of cork board and cork plugs,

Create a high -force home to rely on it!

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Finally, I said a word quietly,

If you want to try the above DIY,


You can get a “cork board” on a certain treasure, as well as the red wine bottle plug,

Don’t be stupid one bottle a bottle!

The above is the introduction and description of cork mouse pad, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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