CCTV Survey: Flooding “pinhole camera”

In recent years, criminals use “pinhole camera”, “peep”, “voyeur” personal privacy, frequently occurring, seriously threatening the personal privacy of citizens. In this regard, the relevant departments continue to hit the behavior of sneak shots and illegal sales related equipment. From May to August 2021, the Central News Network Office will consider the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Market Supervision Bureau. It has carried out a voyeurization of black production in the national scope, clean up more than 40,000 harmful information, and dispose of more than 4,000 accounts. The public security organs arrested 59 suspects, and more than 1,500 sets of stealing equipment were collected, but it was still more difficult to discontinue the tamping chaos related to the needle camera.

Crazy sneak shot and voyeur stealing personal privacy

The news that “Hunan One Hotel Multi-room Tibetan Tibetan” is a network hot search. On October 7 this year, Ms. Tang, Hunan, came to Zhangzhou, and stayed at the local international hotel 1711 room, just she prepared to rest. At that time, it was suddenly discovered that there were some stars in the socket of the bed.


Ms. Tang: For curiosity, then I start looking for it in the hotel, just like it, see if there is a piece of table below the TV, I suspect that this should be a camera, then I will call the front desk immediately, they also Contrast, it should be that it is okay after comparison. I immediately called 110 alarm, and the police were determined to be a camera.


After the alarm, the hotel was transferred to Miss Tang to the 1311 room, however, she did not think that in this random replacement room, there was also a hidden “eyes” in the same position.


Ms. Tang: After they opened the door, I would go in, in front of the hotel, in the face of their waiters, the same position found the camera.

On October 15, Hunan Zhangzhou Linwu police issued a “police informed” said that after receiving the alarm, the first time intervened, at present, the investigation work is in accordance with the law.

The reporter survey found that in recent years, the incident of unscrupulous people will be exposed by the micro camera, and in addition to the hotel, the hotel has become a “sneak shot”, the seminars, hospitals, beauty salons and other places have also become “sneak shots”. The goal of the person, not only selling the personal privacy video taken, even using the networked camera lives on the Internet, and it is profitable.

In June this year, Jiangsu Changzhou police found in the social group, some people installed the webcam in the hotel, and the privacy video of the smuggling of the masses was sold online. On August 18, Changzhou police arrested 37 suspects.


Jiangsu Changzhou Public Security Bureau Jingkai District Branch Net Auntie police Chen Siyu: Through Wei, he has a WeChat friend called Agheng, according to him, all of his hotel camera account password is from Azheng here, then He is selling, probably one sold to 100 to 200 yuan, and he earned a middle price.


According to these suspects, this criminal gang has been installed in the hotel ceiling, air conditioning, etc. The lens is aligned with the bed, and the video captured video is sold, and the illegal profit will be more than 200,000 yuan. The current case is still in further investigation.

Some merchants secretly sell on the e-commerce platform

The “non-hole” of the pinhole camera is worried, and it is helpless that repeatedly sneak shots. The reporter finds that although the relevant authorities have continuously increased the fight against such illegal acts, there are still people who sell “pinhole camera” equipment on multiple large-scale e-commerce platforms, and the shape is also a variety of, order People can’t fight.

E-commerce platform business: This is very convenient, the lens is in this, you are doing light, you can’t see it, turn off the lights, open the lights. It is like this, it is very simple.


This is a businer who saw a reporter in an e-commerce platform is broadcasting the goods. The product is a ceiling lamp with the camera function. It is recommended by 1160 yuan, and it also has a Wi-Fi mobile phone remote monitoring.

The reporter found that this store named “Black Technology Security”, actually selling things and security without any relationship, in addition to two ceiling lights in all 8 products, there are routers, power plug, table lamp, and they There is no exception to have a sneak shot function. When the reporter consults a power insertion, the store introduces that its imaging can reach HD picture quality, with a high price of night vision, not only support Wi-Fi remote monitoring, but also sharing through specific software. , Download the video shot.

The reporter found that there is a large number of merchants selling such equipment on this e-commerce platform. On this name “Weiwei Mobile Shop” business page, the discount price of a box of fragrance is 580 yuan, it seems ordinary Why is the fragrant agent price so high? When the reporter contacts the store, the other party introduces that this fragrance has built-in monitoring equipment, including Wi-Fi remote monitoring, full of electricity can be used for 2 hours.


In order to find out which of the pinhole cameras, the reporter spent 580 yuan to buy the “pinhole camera” of this fragrance profile, and then contacted the network security experts to identify.

Wan Ren State: Now we open this aromatherapy box. First of all this black hole is a camera module. This is a highly integrated circuit board. It is on the appearance, it can’t see any special place, but We carefully look at this equipment, we can see below this barcode, this piece has a small round hole, in fact this small circular hole is this camera. First of all, the general camera looks black, so he will choose a black background to put it into this, so that others will not easily find this device.

According to the instruction manual, the reporter downloaded an app-specified application software. It can be seen through the product introduction that it also has the function of the device sharing. This means that a hidden lens can make multiple different people at the same time, Users only need to connect “pinhole cameras” to this software and connect to the network, soon you can clearly see the “pinhole camera” screen. The reporter found that the pinhole camera is easy to buy in a number of e-commerce platforms, in some social platforms are also selling, and the shape style is dazzling.

Camouflage renovation daily necessities transformed sneak shot equipment


In addition to selling “pinhole cameras” that has been pretended, there are some merchants in the e-commerce platform to avoid strikes, selling “pinhole camera” separately, and purchases can assemble themselves as needed. Some lawless elements are using these hidden “pinhole cameras” to sneak shots, voyeur.

In this store called “personal custom product”, the reporter found that in addition to selling the needle cameras of the items such as routers, it can also be customized according to customer needs.


In addition to already camouflage good finished products, some merchants can also provide accessories for self-assembling pinhole cameras, including miniature cameras, motherboards, power converters, etc., and even screws, buttons. In the sales, the merchant will also use functions such as remote monitoring, silent, and other functions as the selling point of the product.

According to the network security expert, the threshold for assembling a “pinhole camera” is not high. As long as people who have some electronic circuit knowledge can complete assembly, the relevant electronic components are sold outside the e-commerce platform, in some lines The next electronic market can also be bought.

Network Security Expert Confidence: This (pinhole camera) The element of the lens will generally use this photographing lens, such as mobile phone, this toy camera’s lens, and some driving recorders, the motherboard used by the pinhole camera is also General home cameras, or some of the motherboards produced by some normal security monitoring companies, are some material that is easier to obtain.

The reporter discovered that the router, power socket, air cleaner, even shoes, buttons, etc. These original ordinary daily necessities have been transformed after a camouflage, turned into a pinhole to smuggling equipment worth hundreds of yuan or even thousands of dollars.

Wan Ren State: So after the sneak shot, this video is put on the Internet, he is to sell this video, the second is that he can join some ads in the video. For example, if the gaming class is advertising, the advertiser will also give them a benefit. Under the premise of these two income, they have enough motivation to do such a thing.

How to let “pinhole camera” nowhere


The criminal modification of the sneak shot equipment, sells cracking software, teaching the sneak shot technology, and makes it out, has formed a black production chain, which has seriously violated citizens’ personal privacy. So what is legal responsibility to sell and use the “pinhole camera”? What are the responsibility of the e-commerce platform involved, the hotel and other relevant parties?

According to legal experts, my country’s criminal law clearly proposes that sales and use of “pinhole camera” belong to illegal acts, of which Article 283 stipulates that illegal production, special spy equipment or stealing, stealing special equipment, three In prison, criminal detention or control, or penalty or one penalty; 284 provisions

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the China Institute of Communication, Many people may not understand, feel that sales and production may be the scope of criminal law, but actually use the consequences, it is also the scope of criminal law. For example, after the sneak shot, then after the privacy of others, you have already caused the consequences, and you (if) will be sold, this may involve a number of crimes.

Experts introduction, currently in addition to the legal provisions of the “pinhole camera” in addition to the application of the criminal law, the law and other laws and other laws have corresponding punishment measures. In addition, experts recommend that the e-commerce platform should strengthen supervision, but also to strengthen the cracking of illegal micro camera equipment in production and sales links, high limit penalties within the legal scope. In addition, it is necessary to compare the responsibility of the operators such as the hotel, the guests, regular inspection related equipment, and let the “pinhole camera” nowhere.

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law Communication Research Center: Like the hotel’s hotel where we live, they are to fulfill a responsibility is a security obligation, and must be completely cleaned by the house after a person must check out, clean Simply refers to the sanitation of the ground, and more is something that is illegal and violation. If someone else has a problem when others stay in, whoever is safe, the hotel should not fulfill the security obligation, it is responsible.

How to prevent being “sneak shots” in life


Legal experts suggest that if you encounter a sneak shot, you must keep evidence through taking pictures, recording videos, etc., to pursue sneak shots and operators.

Network security experts, if there is a place to stay at the hotel or the homestay, in addition to the need to focus on the various items of the bed, the sofa location, the roof of all kinds of smoke, air conditioners, etc., and toilet, the clothes room is also Check if there is no professional detection device in your hand, you can download some dedicated security software.

Wan Ren State: Now there are some safety software on the market, it can detect the existence of the camera with this camera camera, more than such a test, for this needle The hole is not familiar with the pore, is also an auxiliary testing means.

In addition, experts introduced that in addition to the hotel and the B & B, in the mall fitting room, public toilet, electric escalator, bus, subway is also a high-risk area, and the people should pay more attention to.

Source: CCTV News

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