This winter has a colorful eye makeup style, good -looking and brightening temperament

This winter has a colorful eye makeup style, good -looking and brightening temperament

In winter, it is best to create a little warm color that can be created, which is more in line with our warm theme. Today, we will bring you three eye makeup sharing. They are smoky wine red eye makeup, golden maple eye makeup, and temperament rose eye makeup.


These three eye makeup can basically be matched with any styles, which are beautiful and brightened.

Not much to say, let’s take a look at how to draw together!

The first is the choice of eye shadow palette to draw these three eye shadows. We do not need to use a lot of disks. You only need to buy this kind of earth -colored basic disk. However, in this eye shadow palette, there must be red red with different chroma in order to better achieve the creation of three eye makeup.

The first: smoky wine red eye makeup

First of all, let’s take a look at how to build smoked red eye makeup. Step 1 is to give our eye sockets. Select the No. 1 color as shown in the figure to give us a basic base for our upper and lower eyelids, and then select the No. 2 color in the eye socket and the rear half of the lower eye. Color superposition.

Finally, select No. 3 color to deepen the position of 1/3 behind the end of the eye and 1/3 of the front of the eye, and then use No. 4 color to decide in the middle of the upper eyelid.

For creating this kind of eye makeup,

The step of the final brightening is actually very important


It can make your entire eyes shining and particularly agile. There is also when using red eye shadow to primer to prevent too strong colors. After taking a small amount of eye shadow, you can gently knock the brush on the eye shadow plate to drop the floating powder.

The second: temperament rose eye makeup

Temperament Rose Eye makeup looks softer than smoked red eye makeup. This time we use the No. 1 earth color to base the eye, and then use the second color to deepen the color of the eye socket. After that, the No. 3 color was simply superimposed at the position of the end of the eye and the lower eyelid. It was treated with eyeliner dipped in the color of No. 4. Finally, it was still highlighting highlights, but this time the lower eyelid also had a brightening embellishment.

Its color is much softer, and it will bring a gradient color effect, especially the final brightening embellishment, and even create a sense of makeup sense of Mermaid Ji.


Compared with the previous eye makeup, the last step is the last step. In addition to the middle position of the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid also needs to be brightened.


Third: Golden Maple Leaf Eye Makeup


The same as the previous eye makeup, the same uses the No. 1 color, but the difference is that this time the large area of ​​the base is made, and then select the No. 2 color as shown in the figure as shown in the figure. deepen. After that, the impotence was outlined with No. 3 color, and the last step was naturally brightening.

Compared with the two eye makeup above, the last one is much simpler whether it is color or method. But the sense of makeup is the same. The most important thing for golden maple leaf eye makeup is the last step. The bright area is as big as possible.

The sharing of eye makeup painting is over here. I hope everyone can truly learn and master such methods, because they are really simple, even novices can control it well. With them in autumn and winter, you have the beauty of the world!

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