Which brand of cooking machine is good? 2020 cooking machine brand sales rankings

Which brand of cooking machine is good? 2020 cooking machine brand sales rankings

This article is a series of articles of the “2020 Home Appliance Hot Brand Product Products Rankings”.

The data is derived from Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Suning Tesco, and Gome Online. The background sales data of the 2020 mixer/cooking machine category.

This may be the most comprehensive, objective, and most authentic mixer/cooking machine ranking brand explosion list on the entire network! Without any private goods, the internal data of the 5 major e -commerce factories are truthfully confused.


2020 mixer/cooking machine top ten brand rankings TOP10 list, 2020 mixer/cooking machine hot -selling product TOP50 model, one by one will be announced!



The difference between various types of food processing machines


Regarding the differences between juicers, juice machines, cooking machines, and wall breaking machines, many netizens are more circled and are often confused.

Indeed, because these categories broke out online, and in order to obtain more opportunities, merchants often listed all the product names in the product title, further deepening misunderstandings.

Below, I made a chart. I believe you can simply distinguish it after reading it.


In short, the juicer is a machine that can extract pure fruit juice. The essence of the juice machine is a low -speed juicer; the cooking machine is a mixer fusion of juice, the wall breaking machine is a high -speed mixer, some have heating function Essence

As for who is better for nutrition preservation, whether it is less nutritious loss of low -speed cold squeezing or more nutritional preservation of high -speed wall breaking. At present, there are no authoritative scientific data assertions. They are all the concepts of different camp merchants. You don’t have to be too entangled.

In fact, what should be really concerned is core factors such as quality, material, price, noise, and cleaning.


For the taste, due to the different needs of different people, if you pursue the original pure fruit juice, the juice machine/fruit juice machine is the first choice; if you pursue different patterns and flavors, the past Swipe … I want to do it, the wall breaking machine/cooking machine is the best choice.

Because the source data uses the cooking machine as a large category, it contains two sub -categories of cooking machines and wall breaking machines. The data description of the following texts in this article follows this division standard.

In the full year of 2020, the sales of 5.9 billion yuan and sales of 46.6 million units on the 5 -line platform were 42.95%and 32.94%year -on -year; the average unit price was 171 yuan, a year -on -year increase of 12 yuan.

According to product composition, the development trend of cooking machines to higher -end wall breaking machines is very obvious. In 2020, the sales proportion of online wall breaking machines increased from 51.25%last year to 62.22%, while the proportion of mixers decreased from 48.75%last year to 37.78%. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

From the perspective of the price range, below 179 yuan, 200-399 yuan, and 400-599 yuan are the three best-selling price sections of cooking machines, with sales of 31.92%, 29.09%, and 10.74%, respectively. Among them, the price section of 200-399 yuan has increased the largest, and this year has increased by 15 percentage points. In the future, it will become an absolute mainstream price segment.

In 2020, the brand market performance of the cooking machine machine, Jiuyang led a significant lead, ranked first with 32.88%of sales share, Supor, Midea, Oaks, Bear, Mo Fei, Zhigao, West House, Geng Gao, and modern, respectively for sales, respectively. List 2-10.

In 2020, the number of hot -selling models of cooking machines is the number of hot -selling models. There are 21 models of Jiuyang, 6 in Supor, and 6 in the United States. The remaining 12 models have been obtained by other brands.

Read the tips:


1. The data chart of this article is taken from “AVC Ovi Home Appliance Palm Pass Pass”.

2. In the list of hot -selling products, Huangdi products are newly shortlisted models in this statistical cycle.

3. Enter the brand name+model code to find the product on the e -commerce platform.


Written at the end:

Regarding the cooking guide for cooking machines, there are many such as the mixing cooking machine on the Internet for discussions:


How to choose a cooking machine?


What brand is good?

Which cooking machine brands are worth buying?


The most worthy of the blender recommendation!

Vitamix, Philips, Huiren, Jiuyang, Supor, Midea, which brand of cooking machine is good?

However, most of the brands or products recommended by these articles are soft essays for marketing and cargo, not brand products that are truly sold in the current market or are really recommended.

Below, I will make up for the blind spot of this information and make the background data of the mainstream platform on the home wires, so that everyone can buy more objectively, more comprehensive and wise.

After all, sales data is a powerful evidence of brand strength and high product competitiveness, which also reflects the actual purchase behavior of most people. It is more valuable than simply referring to with goods. It is worthy of reference!

At the same time, these sales data are also information windows for home appliance practitioners to solve online channels and even domestic markets. The market conditions of the home appliance industry and brand competition pattern.

It is my original intention to make the “2020 Home Appliance Hot Brand Product Product Ranking List” a series of articles of “shop prevention and the data of home appliances”. I hope it will help you a little.

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