Curtain wall maintenance: replace the curtain wall aging sealing

Curtain wall maintenance: replace the curtain wall aging sealing

The use time for building curtain walls reaches a certain period of time, curtain wall seals will crack, aging, and other phenomena. The adhesion performance will be reduced or even lost. When the curtain wall glass encounter severe weather, it will also be destroyed and destroyed, resulting in serious consequences.

To maintain beauty, it is necessary to pay the price. In the same way, the building curtain wall must continue to play the landscaping effect of the outer wall. With the test of time, it also needs to be regularly maintained on the curtain wall. The more common problems during the maintenance process of Guangzhou Ji’an curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd. are the curtain wall leakage, and the curtain wall glue and sealed glue fall off. Plastic aging is a common phenomenon. The maintenance measures that should be taken at this time are to change glue to the curtain wall.

In order to solve the curtain wall maintenance, the curtain wall maintenance of the glue glue ring, Guangzhou Ji’an curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd. will choose different glue according to different situations and parts:

1) For the structural and non -structural assembly adhesion for various curtain wall maintenance, the curtain wall structure glue must be selected. The curtain wall structure has a variety of properties: high strength, strong load tolerance, and aging resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance in the expected life expectancy, and adhesives suitable for being adhered to strong structural parts.

2) For waterproof sealing for seams, we must use weather -resistant sealing. The weather -resistant sealing can be said to be universal gum, which mainly has the effects of extreme weather such as anti -ultraviolet, sour rain, and snow.

Before carrying out sealing glue maintenance, the following small details must be paid:

1) Do a good job of compatible adhesion experiments on the outer wall sealant and curtain wall material.

2) When cleaning the exterior wall aging sealing, you must use a shovel and wallpaper knife to carefully remove, and avoid violent cleaning. After cleaning up halfway, check whether the window, accessories, etc. are loose. If so, report it in time and handle it. Clean the gaps and debris with hair brush and towels, and fill in foam glue rods; the aging sealing glue must be cleaned up, so as not to affect the later glue.

3) When betting and sealing, be careful not to bet on the injection. There must be no bubbles.


Through a series of glue -to -glue changes operation, Guangzhou Yixian curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd. makes the curtain wall more secure and firm, and also ensures that the curtain wall can play a series of sealing Effect.

The above is the introduction and description of Curtain Wall Sealant, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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