More than 3300 companies appeared! What are the highlights of overclocking three, rock sheep lighting, Xu Cheng lighting and other companies?

On October 22, the 27th China International Lighting Expo (Zhongshan Ancient Town) opened grandly at the Convention and Exhibition Center of the Ancient Town. With the theme of “China Lantern, Light the World”, this Lantern Expo is held at the Guodu Convention and Exhibition Center and 7 major branch venues in ancient towns.

More than 3300 exhibitors rushed to make their appearances, with the direction of “aggregation, aggregation, and gathering momentum” to build a large industry event.

What wonderful marks did they leave? Xiaogu takes you to hit the 27th Lantern Expo scene!



After entering the field of lighting for more than ten years, overclocking three continuous innovation technology, upgrading and changing products, with high attention to product quality and technology research and development, increasingly built the core competitiveness of the brand. At this exhibition, the overclocking three new products made a shock, with its brand potential energy and new product power to add color to the Golden Autumn Festival.

according to

Shen Yong, Special Assistant, Special Assistant and General Manager of Optoelectronics Division of overclocking

Introduction, from the perspective of the first day of people, there are more actual exhibition flow than expected.

In addition to showing the previous circulation channel products, this overclocking three,

It also appeared with ultra -bright stars professional solar street lights, super -star lamps, super -starry mines, and newly designed plant growth lights.


These four new products have worked hard in terms of product appearance, material selection, optical technology, etc., and perfectly continue the excellent quality of overclocking three consistent adherences. Since listing, it has gained a good market reputation.

According to President Shen, Zhongshan City is an important window for the Chinese lighting industry to output internal and external output.

On this way, the purpose of overclocking three exhibitions is also very clear,


The first is to focus on developing domestic channels; the other is to find a suitable foreign trade company in -depth cooperation.

In the future, overclocking will continue to optimize the polishing products, enrich the product line, and empower the new situation of high -quality development with hard core reality.

Rock sheep lighting

This year’s ancient town lantern expo attracted a number of companies with innovative development with intelligent leadership and original behavior.

Du Yaolei, general manager of Rock Sheep Lighting Marketing Center

Analysis to the author that although smart lighting has developed in the domestic market for some time, from the perspective of market share and brand technology, there is no leading enterprise in the industry.

However, the field of intelligent lighting is definitely an industry style, and it is also the “standard” in the future product promotion process.

According to reports, Rock Sheep Lighting has been planning intelligent related fields since the second half of 2020.

In early 2021, the intelligent lighting product was fully deployed.

Circulation product photos products, main lamp series products, linear products

These three major sections realize the application of rock sheep lighting in the field of intelligent lighting.

Related systems have been independently developed,


In terms of channel layout, in November, Rock Sheep Lighting will also screen the first batch of smart product applications in 4-5 provinces across the country to vigorously promote the promotion of smart monopoly image stores.

For the industry event, Du Yaolei said,

As the global lighting industry distribution center, Guzhen Town is gradually expanding.

The Guzhen Lantern Expo is not only aimed at the surrounding areas of ancient towns, but it also leads the entire nationwide lighting lighting industry. From the perspective of the companies participating in the ancient town Lantern Expo in recent years, most of the past companies in ancient town are used.

But today’s other regions of the country will participate in the exhibition.

At present, rock and sheep lighting is ushered in an important period of the transformation and development of business photos and linear lighting in circulation and linear lighting.


Although this time the rock sheep lighting is the first time to participate in the ancient town Lantern Expo,

However, during the exhibition, 22 staff members at the scene kept busy from opening the museum and received a group of customers. It can be said that the platform of the Lantern Expo did fully show the company’s image and brand strength. Essence

Xu Cheng (China) Lighting


In response to the national development goals of the country’s “carbon peak, carbon neutralization”, Xucheng (China) Lighting is carried at the current ancient town Lantern Expo

Solar street light

As well as


When the product debuts, it provides customers with high -quality energy -saving and environmentally friendly lighting products. The products all have national invention patents. The scene attracted a lot of viewers to stop and understand.

Liu Lei, the person in charge of the lighting of Xu Cheng (China), said that from the perspective of this Lantern Festival, even if people flow is not as much as in previous years, it is much better than expected. This year is the eighth year of Xucheng (China) Lighting to participate in the ancient town Lantern Expo.

From the initial exhibition area of ​​90 square meters to the exhibition area of ​​90 square meters, the development of Xucheng (China) Lighting and the Ancient Town Lantern Expo has also gained a lot of customer resources.

At the same time, the company, while expanding the booth area, has also invested more energy to further upgrade the image and brand image, and highlight the brand’s professionalism at the exhibition.

The overall sales situation this year increased by 30%-40%year-on-year,

Mainly the launch of new technology products, such as factory special lights, garden -specific series lamps and solar energy -saving series, etc.

It has obtained better word -of -mouth and response in the market, and the company’s products are mainly private model products. They pay more attention to increasing the brightness, exposure area and radiation distance of the entire product on the basis of optical principles.

At present, Xucheng (China) Lighting has more than 200 channels in the country’s market. Next, it will continue to cultivate channels to increase the layout and services of the market, and assist customers to develop more distributed customers.

Dongjun Lighting

Guangdong Dongjun Lighting Co., Ltd. has two sets of mature systems and products with centralized power concentrated control and its own power supply concentrated control. Since 2017, the products have been favored by the majority of engineering users.

Among them, fire emergency lamps and fire emergency power supply are the main products since the establishment of the company.

Dongjun’s core products are involved in the three major products: conventional emergency lighting, induction lamps, and intelligent centralized control. In addition to the original three types of core products, explosion -proof products, engineering supporting products, and switching electrical incorporation are used as construction engineering lighting in 2021 System supplier.


Yi Lei said that since the development of Dongjun Lighting in 2006, as a head brand of domestic smart fire emergency emergency, it has participated in the spring exhibition and autumn exhibition of the ancient town lantern expo each year. He also said,

The purpose of participating in the exhibition is not only to find customers with the platform of the exhibition, but also to use the platform of the exhibition to promote the company’s brand.

Judging from the overall traffic of this year’s Lantern Expo, compared with the autumn exhibitions of previous years, this year’s autumn exhibition traffic has significantly declined. In this autumn exhibition, Dongjun Lighting adjusted the position of the exhibition hall, and adjusted from the main roads of Hall C to the main road of Hall A in previous years. It has little effect on Dongjun Lighting.

Manager Yi revealed that in the early days, the company used a number of domestic brand foundry for many domestic pan -lighting. He also pointed out that the company optimizes the four original brands into a brand,

The current core of the company is based on construction engineering lighting, patent, private models, and intelligence.

At present, the fire emergency industry is developing in the direction of intelligence. “Manager Yi said so.

Manager Yi said that in the environment of the post -epidemic era, it has little impact on the company.


Because for companies such as fire emergency lights, suppliers are the company’s core stealth assets.

The raw material supplier of the upstream accessories gives the company strong support. Dongjun Lighting has a gene to sell channels. Therefore, channel customers are very benign, and the company’s management marketing system, product brands, platforms, channels, teams, etc. are very systematic and professional.

Hongrong Lighting

Hongrong Lighting, a local lighting company in Zhongshan, has participated in the ancient town lantern expo for the fifth time. In addition, Hongrong Lighting will also participate in industry exhibitions such as Guangya Exhibition and Milan Exhibition, thereby increasing the brand’s own popularity and influence. This company that has precipitated for more than ten years in the industry has ushered in new development opportunities with the platform of the ancient town Lantern Expo.

Therefore, Hongrong Lighting attaches great importance to the platform of the ancient town Lantern Festival, and strengthens communication with old customers through exhibitions.

Zhou Huiwen, general manager of Zhongshan Hongrong Lighting, said,

In this ancient town Lantern Expo, Hongrong Corporal Popularity and the company’s fist products -profile track products appeared,


Such as magnetic suction second -line orbit strips, non -containing accessories to enhance T -orbital strips, bright -fitting magnetic rail bars, etc.;

In addition, it also brings a new full -category product.


Based on the increasingly fierce competition environment and the impact of many uncertain factors,

Hongrong Lighting has been clearly proposed since 2020

Path of brand development

Strategic planning,

And stabilize the market in the market to launch a full -category product without the main lights, focusing on first and second -tier cities, and positioning the mid -to -high -end market. So far, Hongrong Lighting has deployed nearly 30 specialty stores nationwide. Therefore, the company’s future development of this segment market Full of confidence.

At present, all products from Hongrong Lighting from accessories to finished products are independently completed. Based on this,

The company has also set up a main lamp design and research and development department to continuously optimize and upgrade the main lamp products for market demand.


Next, Hongrong Lighting will also increase the support of dealers and help dealers to make a bigger market.

Lantern Cup Wang Zhaoming

Lantern Cup Wang Zhaoming focuses on the production and processing LED light bulbs, light cups, lamp beads, lamp bands, T8T5 lamps, which enjoy a high status among consumers. At the same time Cooperation relationship.

Emphasis on credit, keeping contracts, and ensuring product quality, with the principles of multi -variety operating characteristics and small profits, letting the lamp cup Wang Zhaoming win the trust of the majority of customers.

Fan Linfeng, General Manager of Lantern Cup, introduced the author,

The purpose of this exhibition is to do a good job of brand promotion and marketing.

In the future, the company will cooperate with the ancient town lighting media, and use channels such as network promotion to enhance the brand awareness.

President Fan said that there is a lot of people in this Lantern Expo,

Throughout this exhibition, the products are roughly biased towards commercial lighting, education lights, intelligent lighting, home lighting and main lamps.

The product is mainly aimed at post -90s and post -00s,

A younger consumer group.

In the environment of the post -epidemic era, President Fan said that the epidemic has little impact on the company.

Because companies focus on online sales models, e -commerce sales account for about 80%. Offline sales account for about 20%.

The channels for offline sales are mainly from customers and dealers.

According to its disclosure, compared with previous years, the sales of Lantern Cup this year have increased by about one -third.

In the end, Mr. Fan made valuable suggestions on the Lantern Expo. He hopes that the next Lantern Expo will be able to excel and pay attention to details. At the same time, he also calls on the majority of lighting lighting companies to actively participate in the Lantern Expo to achieve a good wish for win -win cooperation.


At present, the Austrian AVIC business outlets have covered 32 municipalities in 32 provinces across the country, and the office is located in major first-, secondary, and third -tier cities to strive to provide customers with high -quality and efficient services.

The company has a series of high -precision production inspection equipment such as advanced optical tester, multi -temperature high temperature temperature tester, digital electrical parameter comprehensive tester, fully automatic patch machine, full -automatic peak burial, in order to Ensure the technology and quality of the product. The product is suitable for shopping malls, office buildings, airports, high -speed rail, subway, railway stations, hospitals, schools and other public places, as well as residential houses and other fields.

Zhuo Xiao’s General Manager Yu Xiaoliang

To the author, the company chose to set up exhibitions on the main road this year. Compared with previous years, the exhibition area has expanded. The purpose of the exhibition is mainly to use the platform of the Lantern Expo to better promote the company’s brand and new products.

Yu President revealed that the traffic of this Lantern Expo has decreased compared to previous years. The main reason is the influence of the epidemic.

In addition, the exhibitors participating in the Lantern Expo need 48 hours of nucleic acid testing to enter the field, resulting in the manufacturer of visiting.

Mr. Yu believes that the crowd facing fire emergency lights is narrower. In the past, fire emergency and lighting facilities, but due to the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Construction in 2019, fire emergency emergency shifting in the direction of firefighting facilities. In addition, the sales channels have also changed, and the past circulation channels have gradually transformed into engineering channels. In recent years, looking at the field of fire emergency systems, everyone is constantly innovating and looking for breakthroughs. The competition is larger than before.

The biggest highlight of this year’s Lantern Expo is that there are more fire emergency light manufacturers, indicating that more and more people are optimistic about the field of fire emergency lights. Every family has its own products. Whether in the design of the product or the upgrade of product functions, our company will continue to meet the needs of the market, make adjustments in time, and continue to develop new products.

In the environment of the post -epidemic era, Mr. Yu said that the epidemic not only had a certain impact on the company, but also had an impact on all industries. In the future, the company will develop engineering channels, such as installation companies, fire engineering companies and other channel resources to supplement, and will also cooperate with the media and participate in professional fire exhibitions to improve publicity. In the general expectations, the Lantern Expo can strengthen investment efforts and do more publicity. In the future, manufacturers in the field of engineering and fire protection can be introduced to participate in the exhibition.

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