Conscience of conscience of conscience within 50 yuan: Moisturizing of Ting Ting, whitening, cheap but easy to use

As a slum girl, the monthly living expenses are also around a thousand oceans. The money is already a bit tight to eating, and it is precious to take care of a face to take care of themselves. I believe that many little fairies are looking at big -name toner with their eyes. They think of the lady’s eye cream, but they use cheap essences with cheap essence. This is also the true portrayal of the skin care of many girls. In fact, there are good products cheap, such as our domestic skin care products, and they are not lost at all.


Bai Cheng a light pianza 光

If the most famous skin care products are now the most famous in domestic goods, then a few pieces are not allowed. In simple terms, this is a pearl paste. We all understand the role of pearls that it has a whitening effect. Compared to the calm essence of some other big names, a bottle is hundreds or even a thousand, but the domestic goods are more conscience. While ensuring the effect, it also benefits the people at low prices.

This pearl cream is important to repair anti -inflammatory effects. There is a small forehead of the editor, and there will be little red acne on the cheeks, which is under the pressure of the exam. Apply a bit of pearl paste every day, and the water is saved. The rare thing is that the acne is gone, so its main effect is anti -inflammatory and calm. However, it is slightly sticky when used, because it is creamy, so the little fairy who may be oily skin cannot accept it.



In the recent period of time, a bidding style has been scratched on the Internet. Bid Ting’s Vitamin E milk has been raised by many people, especially on the small red book. Know, the authentic old domestic goods are. It is famous for being rich in vitamin essence and preventing skin allergies.

Although it is a little greasy in summer, it is effective as a hydrating emulsion. For example, the little fairy with dry skin can be used as a physical milk, and it is very effective for skin maintenance. It can be said that civilian levels Big card.

Dilvert the bag of the bag

The official introduces the fine -grained eye bags, but after use, it will be circled because of the more obvious hydrating and moisturizing effect. Although cheap, vitamin E is added inside, and the skin skin is firm. Compared to your women’s eye cream, it is really too cheap.

The texture is very moisturized and painted around the eyes. It seems to turn into water when massage, and it is refreshing after use. In the process of using it, I couldn’t think of this eye cream of dozens of dollars. Of course, there are also disadvantages, because I have no eye bags, so I do n’t feel it, but it has a good moisturizing effect on the eyes.


Silk water with a good water replenishment


If you think about the skin, you need to replenish more. Moisturizing has always been the most important step of skin care. The brand of skin beauty is always used when I was in college. Compared with other loofah water, this large capacity is high cost -effective. a lot of.

A large bottle of water is completely OK for daily use, and the texture is not tingling. There is no alcohol than other domestic water. You can use a packed bottle to bring it on your body. You can spray it directly on the face when you need to replenish it. Moisturize a lot.

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