These beautiful and creative dome design cases teach you how to build a “rising space” of business?

With the diverse innovation of commercial space scenes in recent years, the design of the dome has gradually become popular in major shopping malls.

The dome with different forms and a variety of attitudes, like a clear spring injects new energy and vitality into the shopping center.


The pioneering concept of the dome building was originally proposed by the great architect Fuller. The original intention is to control the indoor micro -climate by constructing the dome to create a comfortable indoor environment.


Today, Pai Xiaowo has compiled a creative dome design case for everyone, and provides some reference for future creative design.



With the innovation of commercial scenes,

Dome design has become extremely important!

In architectural design, the dome is a common structure. The richness of its shape and the diversity of materials make the space of “looking up” has considerable, uniqueness and aesthetics.


From a functional perspective


, “The wind and rain” is its primary functional attribute. It can construct a comfortable indoor micro -environment. It is very suitable for areas where outdoor climate is not very comfortable, similar to regions where the climate is changing and cold in winter.

For the box mall, the application is also very strong. In business space, the large -sized glass top can also be used to bring artificial lighting indoor space that is incredibly “natural” to indoor space.

Especially in recent years, in the design of continuous innovation scenes, the new official design of the outdoor environment “transplantation” indoor and innovative indoor blocks has attracted widespread attention, which is inseparable from the consideration of lighting.


Therefore, the design and test of the upward space of smallpox and the dome is particularly critical.


Those beautiful and creative dome of those brains,

How is the “rising space” of business?

The exquisite dome shape, through a fixed device as a whole, can resist climate invasion. The humanized design fully reflects and interprets the strong humanity of consumers. At the same time, combined with the innovative interior scenes, the design of the dome is also “diverse” and the creativity is unlimited.

Ruihong Tiandi Sun Palace: Large lotus leaf dome sky

On September 19th, the Ruihong Tiandi Sun Palace, which was stunning to the North Bund of Shanghai, claimed to have the largest dome of the Magic Mall.


The Ruihong Tiandi Sun Palace creates a 1500 -square -meter immersive green space “Urban Oasis” in the room, covering 13 large evergreen trees, 1300 shrubs and places, and 154 varieties.

At the same time, in the atrium space on the 5-7 floor of the mall, there is also a largest span of steel structure lighting dome in Shanghai shopping malls.

The dome is plane lotus leaf shape, which is assembled by the overall improvement of lifting. It spans 88 meters and 5500 square meters of coverage. It weighs 600 tons and 25 meters high. According to the size, length, and arc of each curve structure of each curve.

It also adopts a sunshade system that can be adapted according to the sunshine change. Under the sun, it is reflected with the interior scenes of the atrium space.

Luone in Shanghai

Luone Crystal Classic Plaza is located in Madang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. In addition to its unique geographical advantages, its “Dome Sky Window” is also a highlight.

The ring -shaped dome is designed as a funnel -shaped pillar, which is mainly composed of steel and glass to provide sufficient sunlight for indoor space. It can also be concentrated in rainwater to collect and reuse the rain in rainfall. Energy saving and environmental protection.

At night, you can also use its spiral shape and lighting to form a stunning sense of space and lighting effect.


Under this unique glass dome, it is a giant giant gallery in the triangle. The hollow triangle design creates the effect of the “double first floor”, so that the merchants who were originally willing to settle in the first floor also started to consider the location of the third floor.


The design of the main entrance, the light created by the indoor light transmission and the rams at night, also presents hazy beauty, attracting customers to enter the business as a visual focus.

Westfield White City


After the update is updated, Westfield White City is a huge, wavy glass dome supported by tree -shaped steel columns, wrapped the entire building space.


For consumers’ indoor strolling lines, they also feel the feeling of outdoor shopping through the dome of grid glass.


Parque toucho

Mexican Parque Toreo Mall also uses a combination of this tree column and glass dome to create a wide and bright “urban living room” for consumers.

Chadstone Shopping Center

Chadstone Shopping Center is one of Australia’s largest shopping mall. The unique glass structure squares hovering upward, transparent roofs with crystal suspension, combined into a unique commercial space effect.


However, the range of glass dome is too wide, and there is no special design for shading. Therefore, in sunny or hot weather, the light will be too dazzling and causes discomfort in consumers inside.


Hangzhou Dexin Airport City

The outside building of Hangzhou Dexin Airport City is a regular box business, but its internal design is “great.”


The entire space room and outdoor landscape connection are very close. In addition, double first -level stores are set up, creating a special streaming experience of a “indoor block”.


Its lighting glass top is transparent and bright. The row of ridgelous design is mirror stainless steel and the tape glass as the main material.

Outdoor street -style space uses environmental protection ceiling

For open commercial blocks, it is difficult to use conventional cooling methods such as air conditioners to bring customers a comfortable shopping environment.

Singapore Clarks Terminal has cleverly designed a shading and wind circulation system with visual effects and creating environmental benefits for the local humid and hot climate.

In terms of materials, the ETFE film that can be reused can be used to import the natural style by using the “Wenqi Li Effect”, and a fan device is installed in each ceiling, so that the wind accelerates naturally in the process of reaching the Clarks, thereby reducing the temperature to reduce the temperature Essence

When the ground fountain achieves cool summer, the cooling temperature of tourists decreased, which greatly improved the comfort of customers’ strolls.


Beijing Fangcao

Beijing Fangcao is also a typical case of domestic dome design. In addition to the art installations and artworks of the courtyard, the dome design here also adds a lot to the scene. The spatial scale here is large. After many space adjustments, the entire space looks like more than the depth, progressive visual, and full of scene.

On the other hand, although the Global Financial Center, although the name of the largest single building in Asia, its huge dome has also attracted much attention, but because of the designs of the scene of its indoor space, the visual effects seem to be empty and desolate in terms of visual effects. Essence

K11 MUSEA: Incorporate the skylight of art

In the design, K11 adheres to the concept of in -depth local culture and creating ecology, green, and art shopping malls. Each one is unique, and the design of creative sunroof is also talked about.

The design concept of the K11 atrium in Hong Kong comes from the Opera Theater, focusing on

Streamlined lines with light and shadow


Create a gorgeous sense of picture, emphasize


Spatial liquidity


The “Galaxy” sunroof allows people to feel a dramatic experience more when entering.

Guangzhou K11, combined with local characteristics, embedded in the design

“Banyan tree”

Elements, combined with the theme color of “golden”, create a unique sunroof that is thorough and luxurious and elegant.




At the end

With the evolution of the times, this dome design has also been innovative in more and more business industries. The dome design that “integrates beauty and functions” has also blossomed.

For the increasingly rich indoor space, the existence of the dome breaks the restrictions of indoor closedness, height, and column distance, and provides great possibilities for the extension of the shopping center and the extension of the space.

However, at the same time, the material selection, shape design, and scope settings of the dome must be considered from a humane perspective to avoid “light pollution” and unnecessary energy loss.

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