The heater is too ugly? These decoration methods make the home more beautiful

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Near the end of the year, the recent temperature is also lower than the day. It is easy to take a hot bath when I go home at night, and then get into the quilt. It is so cold that the bed has not been covered with heat, and my feet are cold again …

The northern people have begun to warm the heating, while the people in the south rely on electric heaters and air -conditioned winter. Although there is a large difference in the way of heating in the north and south, the facts are cruel: we can only rely on the days when various heaters are renewed in winter.


Is it the day when the air conditioner hijacch is set off? Thinking of the air conditioner at home, this is like this:

Either this is the story of rural love:


In other words, the fuselage, tube and wire of various heater are so ugly. Is there any way to avoid it?

1. The air conditioner covering ugly method:

If the home is equipped with a central air conditioner, it will be uniform. However, if you have a wall -mounted air conditioner in order to save budgets, is there any way to rescue the value? Of course.

First, you can do air -conditioned shutters.

The wall -mounted air conditioner itself is not beautiful enough. Instead, it feels like a fabric cover. Of course, the blocking air conditioner is not all for good or not, and more importantly to prevent the air conditioner from falling ashes. So you may use the cabinet to design the return of the wall -mounted air conditioner


For example, make a cabinet with a shutter on the upper part of the cabinet.

Secondly, the air -conditioning pipeline and wire can be blocked, leaving only the white body of the air conditioner, becoming a quiet place in the home.


This is actually a pipeless processing method. When determining the model of the air conditioner you want to buy and its size data, the hydropower pipes of the air conditioner in the later period are all carried on or hidden behind the hook.

It should be noted that if you want to operate this way, you can only implement such a routine on the wall of the mouth or the windows near the exterior wall, and you must sacrifice the position of the curtains.


It is worth noting that this approach can only be implemented on the wall of the mouth or the windows near the exterior wall, and it is necessary to sacrifice the position of the curtains.

Another method is to make a row of cabinets at the position of the air conditioner, and store the air -conditioning body like a piece of item. In this way, the air conditioner has become a decoration of the living room.

Of course, you can also learn this family and use some ceilings to hide the pipeline, which can also achieve simple effects.

2. The heating cover is ugly

The northern radiator is generally long:


The shape is rude and has a strong sense of existence. Don’t worry, now there is a heating cover on the market, and the appearance is still very simple.


The heating film that was originally hindered and hindered, it suddenly turned into a small cabinet that could be placed.

The price of heating hoods like this is not expensive, and the problem can be solved by one or two hundred yuan. Of course, there are more design heating pieces:

If you don’t know, you think it is a small side cabinet with a simple shape and very suitable for the decoration style of the home.

Or like this, small round holes are full of geometric fun.

3. Color on the radiator

Have you ever thought about coloring the radiator? Combined with home design, it can also become a soft -furnishing element in the home.


The red radiator brings the hot winter and hot winter, and it feels warm at a glance, which can also help create a retro atmosphere.


Of course, you can also buy colored radiators directly, which is to move greatly.


The pink radiator does not land on the ground, and there will be no sanitary dead ends. With hanging paintings, it seems to be a landscape. The pink color also makes the bedroom a warm atmosphere.

4. Choose a simple and small heater


Or you can also choose a small shape, simple heater, does not take up space in your home, and it will not become a hindered place.

Like the very popular skirting heater in the past two years, the height is slightly higher than the skirting line, the occupied area is much smaller than the air conditioner, and it can quickly heat up. You can use it in the living room, bedroom, and even bathroom.

If you live in a person, you can also choose this kind of heater. The retro shape has a high value. The key is that it is convenient! Just put it on the bedside table and desk.

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