5 men’s wallet recommended, the first two 90% of people can buy


The hip-hip portion of the fiber density is uniform, and the Marco animals will drive mosquitoes with tail to avoid bitbies, so the skin is delicate and complete, and it is very thick and suitable for making wallets.

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The wallet is used as a common thing, and the practicality is given to the usual situation.

In addition to the brand, the style of wallet design, material, work quality, or the number of card troughs, internal compartments, etc., can be considered as considerations, while meeting functionality while also taking care of beauty.

Today, I recommend several men’s wallets. What is the price, everyone is entitled.

Special statement


Otherwise, a wallet is stolen.



Bellroy Note Sleeve Men’s Short Wallet

Bellroy mainly designed concept, so the main body of the wallet is generally relatively thin, will not be too thick, and in recent years, many people who like minimalism will have been favored.

This slim Note Sleeve is a Bellroy home most popular.


The body thickness of the entire wallet is about 2.5mm, standardizes 4 card slots and a central banknote, which can easily store banknotes, coins, bills and up to 11 cards, even if it is not bloated.



Bellroy Travel Wallet Leather Wallet

This is a wallet is Bellroy designed for travel design, very practical, can put 4-10 cards, passports, bills, banknotes, with a sleeve travel pen, 4 fast extraction card slots, and alternate business card storage area and mobile phone SIM The card slot is very convenient to travel out.

However, in terms of cortical materials and workmanship, Bellroy is naturally a lot, and the suture is not uniform. The strand is not rich enough, but the price is affordable, the price is good.



Butterfly’s cowhide knitted short paragraph pair


Unlike most brands with logo as marking, Yan Die’s goal is “no logo” route, but its intreciato leather woven design is the most brand identified logo element.

This leather is woven into the folder, with a soft calf material, which is woven with a iconic intreciato, woven texture and beautiful, compared to a three-fold wallet, it is not easy to be bloated.

It should be noted that because the Die’s wallet is basically knitting stripes, if it is contaminated with dust, it should be cleaned up in time.



Ettinger is mainly known for manual luxury leather, and it has been manufacturing leather products for royal members for many years, and received royal certification granted by Prince Wales in 1996.


In 2005, ETTINGER became a designated supplier of leather accessories and leather goods for brand-name luxury cars.

This STERLING series is made of smooth calfs, and the texture looks very natural and the texture is very delicate. The inner lining is made of soft calf skin, the color is relatively bright, and the stabilized dark color formation is stark contrast, and the leather is dyed after the drum is treated, the touch is soft and it is not easy to wear.


Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Canvas Pocket Wallet

LV men’s money package materials are divided into two categories, which are canvas and leather, and the style and short paragraph have.

In view of the originality of process and design, the LV canvas wallet is more popular than leather, and the identification is higher.

The recommended this is a Damier chessboard pattern, which is made of a canvas with a PVC coating, which is a representative classic pattern of LV, which is very suitable for daily leisure dress.

In the five men’s wallets recommended today, the top two is a high price / price, the price is about 500 yuan, most people can buy, the last three price are high, but the wallet is used as a durability, buy a good It can be used for several years, it is not worth it.

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