Guan Xiaotong participated in the event to wear “nine -point tights”? No, her leg is too long



Guide: Two styles of 3 days, Guan Xiaotong, who is perfectly swapped between cute and mature, is showing his legs again


May I ask, which girl does not want to have a pair of long and straight legs?


But the reality is that not all girls are called Guan Xiaotong.

On December 15th, Guan Xiaotong’s studio showed a group of photos of Guan Xiaotong recently participated in a commercial event with Zhang Jike.


From the photo, the two wearing sportswear are very capable. Zhang Jike’s handsome and refreshing as always, and Guan Xiaotong, known as the “national daughter”, combed his pair of twist braids, seemed very playful and cute. He laughed very infectious and full of affinity.


The two were still on the scene, but compared to Zhang Jike, a table tennis champion, Guan Xiaotong looked very skilled, but her nervous limbs and concentrated expressions still exposed her “slightly rustic” fact.


Guan Xiaotong, who focused on the ping -pong tennis, was shaking up and down the table tennis with his eyes, his expression seemed very cute and cute, especially the long legs that walked back and forth really made everyone “amazing” and particularly embarrassing.

If you want to say how much Guan Xiaotong’s body is, you can see it without a trace of fat after rushing to put on tight pants. Maybe the most enviable girls are Guan Xiaotong’s long legs.

Hardborn puts tight pants into “cropped pants”, exposing an ankle.


Earlier, when Guan Xiaotong participated in a variety show, the staff had measured her real legs. She was 173cm tall and her legs had 108cm. Essence

This can also explain why Guan Xiaotong’s resources will have so many resources. After all, the child star debuts, whether in acting or in terms of face value, it is enough to make the director and the program group sweep the couch.


This has to make people emotion, maybe this is the so -called God of God to enjoy meals!

Unlike other female stars, Guan Xiaotong is also rare to exist between cuteness and maturity. Pure and cute she recalls her first love. She is mature and charming. She is lingering.

On December 13, Guan Xiaotong’s studio had a group of Guan Xiaotong’s “mature style” from the get off work.

Black boots, black tight trench coats, and black fluffy and elegant long hair on the shawl, plus moving red lips and fair skin, exuding the “intellectual beauty” of mature women from the inside to the outside.

However, in the snowy weather, isn’t it cold in such a dress and even wearing a hole in pants?

I want to come to the following snow -capped photos of wearing long skirts to show their beautiful legs and tell us the answer.

Guan Xiaotong, who was successful in his career, did not fall into the wind.

Although their relationship with Luhan has caused some obstacles in their careers, and even rumors of breaking up during the relationship between the two, from the perspective of the two people over the past three years, real love is not that any rumors can hit the rumors that can hit them. Culvert.


In contrast, Wang Lixin, who suddenly announced the divorce on December 14, was really sorry. He always felt that he was “playing a marriage as a child.”

In the end, I wish Luhan and Guan Xiaotong, the “Golden Boy Girls and Girls’ Jade” early, and hoped that the two would have a better development in their careers.

Leave you a question: If you and your girlfriend (boyfriend) are public figures, can you guarantee that you can “not forget your original intention”?


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