“Foot” is warm enough! Ao Kang donated 2.4 million yuan shoes to help Hubei front line

Qianjiang Evening News · hour journalist Gao Jiachen

Recently, Hubei Province has gone through the first cold wave in 2020, and it will usher in the continuous rainstorm model in the province. A cooling of 8 ~ 10 ° C will also come with the strong weather. The continuous falling temperature brought great challenges to medical workers who struggled in the front line of the “epidemic”.

What is even more worrying is that due to the emergency deployment of medical support teams from all over the country, the equipment is very streamlined when they go to the front line of the “epidemic”, and the heating material reserves are insufficient. In this long -term low temperature, it has a great impact on the health of medical staff.

During the critical period of the “epidemic”, Wang Zhentao, chairman of Zhejiang Aokang Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., always paid close attention to the progress of the epidemic, and he was thinking about all medical staff who fought on the front line.


After learning about this news, immediately contacted the front line prevention and control work department, resolutely donated shoes worth 2.4 million yuan, and assisted the Hubei Wushan Fang Card Hospital, Wuhan Living Room Hospital and Wuhan Hanyang through the Hubei Provincial Charity Federation. Six key hospitals including the hospital are escorted to the first -line medical workers. As of now, it has all been delivered to more than 5,400 medical workers.

“In this blocked war without smoke, it is the selfless effort and weight of the front -line medical workers, to build a white city wall for us. Carry your own responsibilities and responsibilities to escort the health of their feet. “Mr. Wang Zhentao said.

As a private enterprise that has been deeply rooted in society, Aokang has always feeded social development with a heart of “good good”.


On February 1st, Wang Zhentao Charity Foundation resolutely decided to donate 10 million yuan of medical supplies to Wen Da’s second medicine, Yajiangkou Hospital, and worked hard to fight the epidemic with Wenzhou “Vulcan Mountain”. In response to the national call, the production workshop was urgently constructed and the two assembly lines were strictly produced in accordance with the health protection standards. On February 23, 100,000 masks were donated to grass -roots workers on the front line of Laoshan District.

Author: ArticleManager