Do not wear a parent -child outfit to be exactly the same! During the May Day holiday, our family came up like this

Hello everyone, I am a poached egg mother.

Last fall, I shared a period of parent -child travel and wearing. Recently, many Baoma was urging me to change.

It really does not conceal, Changsha is raining almost every day during this time.

It’s been 40 days in a row!

Therefore, we have not been traveling outdoors for a long time, and the second phase of parent -child wear has been put on hold. But watching the May Day holiday, it is coming. Presumably, the mother -in -law, like me, wants to wear a parent -child out -of -the -way out -of -the -way out of the house, so even if the weather is not good, the parents will be packed to the parent -child arrangement. Come and see,

Make a blockbuster in minutes ~


Parent -child outfits are actually not the same as the mother and child/woman, otherwise they are either the baby is too mature or the mother is too naive. Just master a few simple rules, you can match warm, daily, and unprecedented parent -child Look.

The first rule is very simple,


It is a single product of the same style

, Mom and baby echo each other and easily get parent -child dressing.

Sister Egg and I at the same time wearing Oversized blue denim jackets. This seasonal season is just right. And denim elements do not pick gender,


Both male and female treasures can be worn!

In order to bring a baby convenience, I match the lower body

Same color jeans+small white shoes

Sister egg is

White denim skirt+small leather shoes.

Although the combination of the two is not exactly the same, there are still “CP sense”. Whoever looks at both lovely and loved parent -child wear.


I usually choose a comfortable item with a baby travel. If you do n’t deliberately dress up, you can look very good. In addition to the cool denim jacket, gentle sweater is definitely the first choice for spring! The most popular this year

Lavender purple


The hot moms must put it in the wardrobe.

This one was purchased by this discount season last year, and more than 100 yuan was completed. The knitted camisakus and the cardigan on the inside are a whole set. It feels like a sweet little woman and sexy.

This is a bright color that is considered to be difficult to control. It only needs to be paired with a fresh white pants, which plays a good balance. This little cardigan of the egg has just started recently,

The faint goose yellow is particularly matched with my lavender purple.

The lower body is also paired with white pants. She likes this set of herself, and she is reluctant to take off.


The same elements are better! Open your wardrobe with your baby, you can always find a few items of the same elements? You don’t need to spend money to buy new clothes, you can complete the good look. for example


Checked, floral, stripes, wave dots


, Can be used for parent -child installation.

My personal favorite is the combination of this set of grid elements, it is too eye -catching to go out with the baby!

The element of this set of parent -child outfits is

Classic British style pattern

, But Sister Egg was wearing a dress, and I used a pair of checkered pants to match her.

In addition to checkered elements on the whole body,


It’s pure white items

Essence White sweaters, small white shoes … the overall shape does not look cumbersome. Although the mother and daughter are not exactly the same, they are more advanced. The gentle and fresh “floral” element is also my heart love, it is more appropriate for parent -child to pretend.


Sister egg and I both wore small floral dresses. Is there any atmosphere of spring on the screen? Moms with daughters must try to see such a dress!


This little black skirt egg is a little long. Although online shopping is convenient, it is impossible to avoid such risks. I’m too lazy to return the goods, comfort myself for two years.

If you have a small princess like me, you can also wear the same small skirt together. If your family is a little prince, then you can’t expect to wear the same paragraph, right?

Here is a rule that both male and female treasures are applicable.

That’s right, it is the same color matching.

Mom and baby’s single products echo the same color in the same color, which is the least easy to make errors.

At first glance, I look at this suit with Sister Egg, but you will find that you will find that we do n’t have the same items from head to toe.

Sister egg is wearing light gray letters sweater,

Korean leisure sports style

Essence And I am a light gray knitted vest+white shirt dress, proper

Exquisite OL Wind



Let’s take a look at the accessories. Sister egg wears a pink baseball cap (I think this set is especially like a Korean model, super cute).


And I choose not to wear accessories, take a minimalist Chic route to further enhance my fashion texture. Although the style of the two is different, they are very harmonious as a whole.


The second choice of the same color


Blue with different shades


, Add a little change to wear.


Sister Egg was wearing a pale blue gauze princess skirt, fresh and cute. In addition, I have blue jeans with blue and white striped sweater, which is completely different, but it is also unexpectedly harmonious?


Yes, you do n’t have to set up too much for your parent -child outfit, and you do n’t even need to add additional clothes. Turn off your and baby wardrobes may not be able to put out several sets!


Today’s parent -child wear will be shared here. Which set of mothers like most? If you want the link of the single product, you can also leave a message in the comment area.

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