Mao Xiaotong is also serious in winter, white cotton clothes with sweaters, this is the correct way to open the winter

I believe every beautiful eyebrows feel

Changes in temperature

Whether it is proactive or passive, we put on cotton clothes. After all, when pursuing fashion, you must not forget to keep warm. But many cotton clothes have a strong one


It is easy to cause bloated and fat, which is really difficult to cross.

However, in the face of cold air, we still have to go


Reality bowed

, Cotton clothing has become an indispensable item for everyone. There are still many beautiful eyebrows that do not give up. While keeping warm, pondering how to wear a sense of fashion, there are more and more styles and styles of cotton clothing, which can better meet the eyebrows

Beauty pursuit


There are already a lot of cotton clothes with a strong sense of fashion. After a simple combination, it can show a sense of fashion and high -level sense, so that the eyebrows can also show a sense of fashion in the cold winter day. How to wear cotton clothes

High -level sense

, Learn to wear skills with Mao Xiaotong, gentle and high -level, super dazzling.


Mao Xiaotong is also serious winter,

White cotton

With sweaters, this is the correct way to open the winter. Winter should keep warm without losing fashion, and the two are indispensable. There may be a lot of beautiful eyebrows about the fashion matching method of cotton clothes.


For the theme, talk about how to wear cotton out of fashion.

The fashionable method of cotton clothing

● The gentleness in cotton clothing

There are many different styles of cotton clothes. There are many cotton clothes that can be said to have a sense of fashion. It is worth choosing beautiful eyebrows. For example,

It can bring a clean and gentle feeling to the whole person. Both mature women and young girls can wear a sense of advanced.

However, choosing a pure white cotton alone still feels missing, you can choose

Print or embroidery

The designed white cotton jacket adds color printing or embroidery to the cotton jacket, which looks more fashionable. At the same time, the color pattern can also bring a sense of vitality to the overall and break the dullness of winter.

● Design in cotton clothing

Although winter is a silent season, when matching, it is not necessary to fit the atmosphere of the season, but it can also form a sense of contrast, just like choosing to have


Sense of vitality

Breaking the silence of winter, it is like a star suddenly rising in the night sky, which is naturally very eye -catching.

When matching, don’t be too affected by the season, you can choose

Calm match

You can also try some personality and vitality.

● Fashion in matching

If you want to show a sense of fashion in winter, you still need the power of the overall matching. Cotton clothing is very strong



Feeling, it also needs to be matched. For example, match

Dark color irregular horizontal knit sweater

It looks very fashionable to form a color contrast with white cotton clothes.

Light blue


Slim flared pants

Coordinate to ensure the clear sense of the overall matching, and at the same time, it can also form a sense of contrast with white cotton jackets, showing its own sense of slenderness, and avoiding it


Essence There are many details in the overall matching, such as bright and dark colors, combination of elasticity, etc., can enhance the overall sense of fashion.

If you want to show a sense of high -level in wearing, the overall combination is the most should


Focus on

In the place, even if the cotton clothing is fashionable, the cooperation of other items will only become mediocre.

Mao Xiaotong appeared in cotton clothes and tight pants! “”

Thicked down and thin

“The method of wearing is very fashionable, high -level is also dazzling. Using color and cotton’s sense of fashion to create a high -level sense of winter, it looks very fashionable, and even has the effect of age reduction.

Different cotton clothing demonstrations

● White embroidered cotton clothes stacking sweater


Fashionable cotton clothing can create a variety of styles. For example, white embroidery cotton clothing can also create sexy. Piece white cotton clothes with black brown

knitted sweater

Coupled with white fungus shirts to create a stacked effect, it looks very fashionable and advanced.

Coupled with the embellishment of silver earrings and rings

Black beret

, Increasing the overall temperament, it looks more attractive.

● Light purple long cotton clothing+double -sided vest

Light purple long cotton clothes are refreshing and clean, and they are also light -colored cotton clothes. Light purple cotton clothes have more girly. The inside is paired with brown -green double -sided vest and white

Plush sweater

, Create the effect of stacking. Use brown -green vest as the highlight of the overall matching to divide two light colors, which looks very layered.

The lower body is paired with white straight trousers and

Small white shoes

The gentle color color matching with light purple cotton clothing can show lazy atmosphere.

● Pink velvet sensor cotton clothing+jeans

Pink slim cotton clothing uses velvet fabrics, it looks

Sweet and noble

Essence With a light pink sweater, the same color is used to create a sense of layering, which can also enhance the overall sweet atmosphere.

The lower body is matched with dark blue tight -fitting jeans, for pink

Color reduction

, Create a clear sense of contrast, which is more fashionable. Plus

, Let the overall casual sweet atmosphere, create a mixed effect, will look more fashionable.

White cotton

Small white shoes

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