What gifts to give girlfriends on Christmas will look good. It looks practical and tasteful? Intersection

Every time an important festival (except for the holidays of the Qingming Festival, Ghost Festival, and Chongyang Festival, there will be countless male pot friends who want to think about it “


What gifts to send girlfriends to look uncomfortable, look practical and tasteful?


Of course, such important festivals such as Christmas have to give some unique gifts to impress your female ticket.

Do not give a bunch of plush dolls, cheap jewelry that does not know the material, or Taobao creative gifts, or a bunch of boys seem to be very interesting but actually strange gifts …

Haha ~ even a gift of a treasure style

Please please refer

“Summary of XX Section Wonderful Gifts”

As long as the gift mentioned in it, please

thousand! Ten thousand! Do not! want! deliver!


Today I will let Xiaoxian benefit the majority of fairy, rescue the men of men, and push the first issue for everyone

“List of Girl Girls Girls for Christmas”

Because everyone’s budget is different, Xiaoxian is intimately recommended for each budget price “guarantee that it is absolutely lethal for women’s tickets”.


Believe Xiaoxian! That’s right!


Budget is about 100 yuan

If you want to give a gift with intention and quality at this price, I recommend male tickets, you can dress yourself up, wash white and fragrant, and then prepare a bunch of lighter love points, send a handful of flowers and your own body. sincere……


Hmm … I think as long as you are sincere enough, I believe your female ticket will be very moved … Well … that will be moved … (๑ • ̀ ̀ و✧ • ́) 男 ㅂ ㅂ ㅂ ㅂ!

The budget is about 200 ~ 300 yuan


Congratulations, not only can there be a sincere gift, but also some small gifts that make your women’s ticket heart.

For example … lipstick!

Is there any problem in this world that a lipstick cannot be solved? Intersection There are two one without one! Intersection No matter what gifts are given, it will never be wrong to send redness!

Dear men, please do not send some domestic big names → _ →, after all, it is applied to your mouth (maybe you will also eat a few mouthfuls of Dongdong), for women’s tickets and your health Please choose a little better!

There are already a lot of choices about 200 lipsticks in international big names.

PS: Because there are Haitao now, the price is high or low. I will say here a range price! Men’s tickets you want to buy can be found in Jingdong Dog, a certain treasure Tmall e -commerce, or you can go to the store in the mall to buy it.


Dior’s lipstick comes first ~

Dior Charm Lipstick 740


Dior Lieyan Blue Gold 520#Water Red

Dior Lieyan Blue Gold 888#

Dior 999#

Dior’s 999#classic red, if you don’t know what color women like, send a 999 comparison insurance (⊙v⊙)

Dior charm fooled lip gloss

If your female ticket is rarely reddish, it can be sent to Dior’s discoloration lipstick, which is also good. Male tickets are recommended to buy orange or pink, and the two colors are more suitable for most girls.

In addition to Dior’s lipstick, Grandma Xiangner’s lipstick is also good.


Chanel/Chanel dazzling charm lipstick velvet


MAC Charm Family Bullet


Popular color number: Chili#, See Sheer#, Cockney#

Many of the lipsticks of MCA have been exposed on Weibo, very hot! It can be done within 200 yuan for a single price, which is absolutely easy to use and affordable!


Givenchy’s lambskin 306#

The tube is wrapped in sheepskin, and the touch is very high! Big! superior!


Estee Lauder 420#

The big cousin color of the circle of friends, the female ticket has a white look!


YSL Saint Laurent Black Tube 411#


YSL square tube 1#

The lipstick of the Yang Shulin’s family is also the love of many girls. The black tube is lip glaze, the square tube is lipstick, and both lipstick’s mouth is very good.

Paul & Joe cat lipstick

If your female ticket usually likes cute things, you can send Paul & Joe cat lipstick

Ah ~~~ Seeing this lipstick, the old man’s girl’s heart is cute

Anna Su 601#


Anna Su is also a Japanese lipstick with a value.

Tell you all the good news, every Christmas will have some brands come out

Christmas limited model

If you can buy a ticket for a female, believe me, your female ticket must be happy to fly!


Lipsticks are introduced first ~~~ If you feel more ordinary, you can also send some black technology stuff, such as Renren genes


“Beauty GM detection”

Female tickets can do genetic testing to know your skin’s genes and various state values ​​of the skin. You can choose skin care products for targeted rational rational rational rational rationality. currency……

There are some benefits to sending black technology. Beauty gene test can be used for life as long as it is detected once. Think about the test results of each female ticket to open your own test in the future. This is the gift you sent. The presence of the male tickets instantly burst!


Budget 500 yuan ~ 1,000 yuan

At this price budget, you choose to give a gift to a female ticket.

First of all, you can buy some better basic skin care products (muscle base, essence, moisturizing water), or perfume (small drip), or some small objects (high -quality headphones, electric toothbrushes), or lipstick Set (hahaha ~ Xiaoxian’s love, lipstick push all his life → _ →)


SK2 Christmas Limited Fairy Water

The official price is 1000+, but we have Haitao purchasing, and we can definitely win it within a thousand.


CPB Huayang Year Huaguang Luxury · Treasure Model

The key of CPB skin is a new Christmas limited product this year -glorious luxury experience set, which is inspired by Chinese style art decorations that prevail in Europe in the 18th century. The pattern integrates the classic bridge section in Wang Jiawei’s “Fantastic Year” … (The official forced is full)

Alas, things are easy to use, just looking at the packaging is full of artistic sense, it is used to give women tickets!

Kana Bao Angel Honey Powder

Angel’s heart burst of art honey flour!

Lancome Little Black Bottle

Estee Lauder Little Brown Bottle

The small black bottle and the small brown bottle are also good for women’s tickets. They belong to the basic skin care products, big brand, good reputation, gift gifts!

Perfume is not easy to choose for straight male tickets, so you must think twice when you buy male tickets. You can make a reference here.

Gucci Bloom Blooming Women’s Percerament

GUCCI’s new flower Yue blooms perfumes, mixed with floral fragrance, perfume bottle is pretty, simple, and the body is very temperamental pink, plus the cold -and -white color of the cold style.


MiUMIU Ladies of the same name

Sexy and sultry gucci gorgeous gardenia light perfume, think about your female ticket spray the perfume you sent to spend the holiday with you, is it quite romantic ~~~

GUCCI Gorgeous Gardenia Percerament

Attach the experience of a little fairy user, boys see girls’ perception of perfume → _ →

“Fruit fragrance mixed with flower fragrance ancient gorgeous gardenia fragrant women with pale perfume, let me spray every time, feel sweet and enjoy the fragrance. It comes, accompanied by a sullen sexy charm. There are butterfly love flowers … “

Zuma Long 2017 Christmas series perfume


Hermes in the perfume! The 2017 Christmas series of fragrance “Green almond & Red Vinegar” new fragrance, the pink bottle packaging is simply the girl’s heart exploded, there are wood!

If you do n’t like makeup and do n’t like perfume tickets, boys can choose some accessories, a beautiful pendant and bracelets are good.


Think about when you give a beautiful small box to a female ticket, she opens the expression of surprise, the picture you wear for her … Ah, cross the romantic love drama in a second (⊙v⊙)





The budget is about 1000 ~ 2,000 yuan

There are more choices at this price, skin care products can



Buy, you can send all kinds

Beauty Instrument

Perfume can be bought


Large bottle

You can choose a girl’s dreamy


Blue, light luxury can choose

Rectangular silk scarf.

There are really too many good things … I sigh → _ → It is good to have money!

You can go to Watsons and Sephora’s beauty shop to buy, or go to the beauty counters in the mall, the brand recommendation is mentioned above

SK2, Lancome, Estee Lauder


Yaman Yameng

Yaman Yameng’s beauty instrument style is different at different prices. The HRF-1 model is about 2,000 yuan.

Foreo Luna second -generation cleansing instrument

Luna’s face washing instrument is also a good reputation. It is distinguished from size and skin texture. When purchasing, you can consult a shopping guide.


Refacaat Beauty instrument


The Refacarat beauty instrument is mainly tiring and firming, and there are many models.


Hitachi CM-N4800 Beauty instrument

A beauty instrument with the same reputation, which is also desperate and practical for girls!


BURBERRY color striped filament scarf

Many girls like silk scarves. They can be worn not only to wear accessories, but also a very practical gift.

Gucci gg blocks card clip

Gucci GG Blooms card clip is also one of the first choices for gifts. In addition to Gucci, you can also choose some other brands of card bags. This price can still buy good quality bags.


Tiffany series chain

Tiffany blue, needless to say, how many fairies’ dreamy colors, say nothing, buy it!


The budget is about 3,000 yuan

This price can be HOLD many niche light luxury brands and some big -name wallets, as well as most of the accessories. The choice is very wide. Xiaoxian recommends a few models here.


Gucci card bag, wallet


Xiaoxian taught you a male ticket to send a wallet killer:

Get your wallet must be filled with money, this effect is absolutely super lethal!


MK’s bag

As long as everyone searches in the “light luxury” of major TVs, a large number of stuff of this price will come out, you can choose gifts for women’s tickets!

Budget 5000+ yuan


Buy a bag! Buy a bag! Buy a bag! Buy a bag! Buy a bag!

Regardless of whether the messenger bag shoulder bag or handbag,


Creating all diseases!


Please buy a variety of bags for your women’s tickets! Coach, Pinko, Gucci, Furla, LV ……


Unlimited budget


Please forgive me, because poverty has limited my imagination, I really can’t think of it, so what gifts to be recommended in this budget!


I want to have the “unlimited” budget men who do not consider “what gifts to send girlfriends to look good, it looks practical and tasteful?” This kind of distress → _ → →

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