The super detailed baby clothes size comparison table, mothers no longer need to worry

Moms or relatives who often buy clothes at home must not know how to choose the size of the baby’s clothes? Intersection At first I also felt very puzzled to give the size of clothes on the Internet, especially now that there are more and more foreign trade clothing, and more and more styles. It is often a headache to choose. The idea. After taking a whole day, I went through the webpage to search for some comparison tables about children’s clothing and baby clothes for reference for mothers and friends.

Buy children’s clothing size reference (only reference)

Under normal circumstances, children’s head accounts for 20%of the total height and 80%of the total height. When choosing clothing for children, it usually takes the height as the standard.

Children’s shorts are about 30%of the height; children’s shirts are about 50%of the height: children’s trousers are about 75%of the height; children’s eggplant shirts are about 49%of the height; children’s suit length is about 53%of the height; Children’s long jackets are about 70%of the height; girl dresses are about 78%of the height.

For example, a girl with a height of 100 cm has an 80%body height of 100 cm and about 80 cm. If you buy a dress, the skirt is 70%of 80 cm, which is 56 cm long. If you buy a shirt, 50%with a length of 80 cm, or 40 cm, if you choose the children’s clothing for children at home, you may wish to calculate this formula to choose a satisfactory costume for your child.

May wish to calculate the child to choose a satisfactory dress for the child.

★ Reference table of clothing and trousers ★

Nb (newborn) (56)


0-3m (62)

3-6m (6

6M-12M (68-74) Clothing 30cm pants 41cm

12-18m (74-82) clothing length 33cm pants 45cm

18-24m (81-87) clothing length 36cm pants 47cm

2-3T (86-96) clothing length 38cm pants 50cm long

3-4T (95-105) clothing length 40cm pants 53cm

4-5T (104-112) clothing length 42cm pants 56cm

5-6t (110-118) clothing length 43cm pants 60cm

★ Children’s clothing size comparison table ★

1. National standard children’s clothing size control table size


4# 90/48/47

5# 100/52/50

6# 110/56/53

7# 120/60/56

8# 130/64/59

2. Corresponding size of children’s clothing size in various countries

50# Height 50 cm Weight 3 kg of newborns

60# Height 60 cm Weight 6 kg 3 months

70# Height 70 cm Weight 9 kg and a half -year -old

80# Height 80 cm Weight 11 kg Around the age of one year, one year old

90# Height 90 cm Weight 13 kg Around the age of two years of age

95# Height 95 cm Weight 14 kg Around the age of three years old

100# Height 100 cm Weight 16 kg Around the age of the four -year -old

Chinese size see

Age section Height busty waist circumference

Newborn 52 40 ± 4 41 ± 3

3 months 59 44 ± 444 ± 3

6 66 48 ± 4 47 ± 3

12 months 73 48 ± 4 47 ± 3

2/(2-3) age 90 48 ± 4 47 ± 3

3/(3-4) age 100 52 ± 4 50 ± 3

4/(4-5) age 110 56 ± 4 53 ± 3

6/(6-7) age 120 60 ± 4 56 ± 3

Japan’s size see

The size of the label is height

When you buy it, you can directly refer to the size on the trademark with the child height comparison

The labeling size on the clothes refers to the baby’s height corresponding to the age of the baby


50-70cm 0-6 months

70cm 6-12 months

80cm 12-18 months

90cm 18-24 months

95cm 2 and a half years old

100cm 3 years old

110cm 4-5 years old

120cm 6-7 years old

130cm 8-9 years old

140cm is a child with 140 cm according to the height of the child

150cm is 150 cm child according to the height of the child

160cm is a child with 160 cm according to the height of the child

European size see

The size of the label is age/height

Age/height CM


Size-Age/Height CM


Height CM


3M/ 62CM Newborn/ 4.5kg

6m /68cm 0-3m /62cm

9m /74cm 3-6m /68cm

12m /80cm 6-9m /74cm

18m /86cm 9-12m /80cm

23m/90cm 1,1/2-2Y/86-98cm 86cm

2A /92cm 2-3y /92-98cm 92cm

3A /98cm 3-4y /98-104cm 98cm

4A /108cm 4-5y /104-110cm 104cm

5A /110cm 5-6y /110-116cm 110cm

6A/116cm 6-7y/116-122cm 116cm

7A/122CM 7-8y/122-128cm 122cm

8A/128cm 8-9y/128-134cm 128cm

The size of the United States, Canada, see

The size of the labeled size is 0000,000 00, 0,1,2 —————– 0-2 years old SIZE

The size of the labeled size is 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m ————– to see the SIZE in Europe


Mark the size Weight Height Age

00000 2kg 50cm newborn

0000 3kg 56cm 3 months

000 6kg 62cm 6 months

00 8kg 68cm 9 months

0 10kg 76cm 12 months

1 12kg 84cm 18 months

2 14kg 92cm 2 years old

Age (height/chest/wait)

3T (100/58/55) CM

4T (108/60/56) CM

5T (115/62/57) CM

6T (120/64/58) CM

7T (125/66/59) CM

8T (130/68/60) CM

How about it? Is it enough? Is it fine enough? Hurry up, use it in the morning and evening!

When you buy it, you can directly refer to the size on the trademark with the child height comparison

When you buy it, you can directly refer to the size on the trademark with the child height comparison

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