Innovate and methods to promote rural revitalization

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Gao Guangyong, Gao Guangyong, planting grains–

Summary of high yield experience drawing

“It’s another year of harvest!” Gao Guangyong, a farmer Gao Guangyong, a farmer in Yingcang Village, Shahe Town, Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, stood at his own granaries, and Huang Chengcheng’s corn piled up a wall with two meters high, about 30 meters long, about 30 meters long. Essence This year, Gao Guangyong contracted 150 acres of land. According to his estimates, the real estate volume per mu can reach 800 kilograms.

In 2018, 35 -year -old Gao Guangyong returned to the countryside to farm, becoming the first batch of farmers in the village to try to protect the cultivation. Ke Yingcang Village belongs to the hill half mountainous area. There are many white pulp soil with gray and white, and the commonly used flat -broadcast cultivation methods are not fully adapted to local land. Lao Gao encountered difficulties.

In the first year, Gao Guangyong recorded the problem while planting the ground. By the time the winter was leisure, he modified the agricultural machine by himself. The digging hooks of the deep pine machine were originally thicker, and Lao Gao put a thin piece on it, “digging the ground is more powerful.” The soil of the plate is loose, and the roots of the crops are more developed. “Let the crops eat and eat in the ground, the vitality of the stalks is so strong, the corn kernels from it must be fuller.”

“Uncle, are you sinking, is the corn I planted sinking?” After the protective cultivation, the food output in the old highland was rising from 500 kg per mu to this year. I often “teach lessons” in my own place and share their experience with villagers.

In contact, Gao Guangyong found that some farmers did not accept the technique of protecting the protection, but “I don’t understand the specifics, and naturally I dare not do it.”

In order to make technology better understand, Gao Guangyong and his friend Zhao Xinkai imitated the thinking map of children’s schooling, and painted the main point map of the protective cultivation technology of black soil in the Mid -Mountains of Zhanghuo. Spring homework, weeding after seedlings, and diseases and insect pest response … In recent years, the problems summarized by Gao Guangyong have given answers on the map. After the first draft was completed, Gao Guangyong asked the experts to make the map word more standardized and rigorous.

Today, this map is passed to many farmers. “The book was full of words before, so we really can’t read it. Now it’s different. Spring plowing in the coming year will come!” Said Zhao Chunfa, a villager in Chunbao Village, Shahe Town.

“I want to let everyone get started under the premise of applicable to the local.” After lunch, Gao Guangyong came to turn around the agricultural machinery. Let everyone use it! “

Wheat seed expert Ru Zhengang-

Variety promotion excellence

As soon as there is work, Ru Zhengang, an expert in wheat breeding and director of the Wheat Institute of Henan University of Science and Technology, will drive to the wheat breeding ground in Langgongmiao Town, Xinxiang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Seeding, fertilization, disease prevention, harvesting, he participated in each key link. “This piece of wheat is like my child.” Ru Zhengang said.

66 -year -old Ru Zhengang bending his waist, scooping a leaf from the wheat seedlings, carefully looked at it in his hand, touched it with his fingers, showing a satisfactory smile: “This hundred farmers’ 4199 improved models are good! Can increase. “

In the previous inspection, he found that the wheat leaves near the cold band were thin and large, and the color was dark. It could also perform photosynthesis in dawn and afterglow to create starch; Sleep.

Different characteristics of wheat in various places have inspired Ru Zhengang. He selected 100 wheat near the North Pole and a wheat near the equator. After 3 years of theoretical research and 14 years of hybridization and field improvement, he finally cultivated 4199 Bennon 4199 that takes into account the advantages of two types of wheat.

“This kind of wheat leaves are thick and dark. It can use the dawn and afterglow of morning and evening for photosynthetic effects. It is not rest at noon. It can be said that it is morning work, late get off work, no lunch break, and the output is naturally high! Big. “Ru Zhengang said.

In a artificial climate room in the Wheat Institute, the seedling buckets with different wheat varieties are neatly placed, and the computer controls the light, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration in real time. “In such a laboratory, we can accelerate the growth of wheat. It is cooked in five years and can complete the breeding workload of the past eight years in two years.” When it comes to new technologies, Ru Zhengang is quite proud.

“Teacher Ke Ru has to cultivate a new variety for 8 or 10 years.” A staff member joked.

“The promotion of a new variety of wheat requires a lot of costs in the whole society. It is related to the sweat and fruit of farmers. We must not be able to refine it, even if the results are slower!” Ru Zhengang quickly explained.

Speaking of future research directions, Ru Zhengang’s reporter came to a smart greenhouse with dozens of wheat planted in it, and there were more “carefully selected” weeds.

“The vitality of weeds is tenacious, cold -resistant, drought -resistant, salt -tolerant, and disease resistance. We want to make wheat absorb the excellent characteristics of weeds, and it is best to form a hybridization.” It is to think that the wheat is better, the output is higher, and the quality is better.

Chen Guihua, the first secretary of the poverty alleviation village-

Cultural tourism integration to get rich

After winter, the temperature in the mountains is lower than the day. After breakfast, Chen Guihua, the first secretary of Gaoyao Village, Gaoyao Village, Longquan Town, Danzhai County, Guizhou, Guizhou Province, wrapped out the door with thick cotton clothes. Recently, the village was expanding the tea tree. When he came to the base, the fellows had busy opening. “If you return to a few years ago, everyone has already entered the rhythm of drinking small wine for a long time.

It is located in the Miao Lingshan District of the southeast of Guizhou. Gaoyao Village is a natural cottage of the Miao people. Due to the remote geographical location and was blocked by traffic, the label of poverty and backwardness was firmly printed. After poverty alleviation, the appearance of the village has changed dramatically. What’s even more gratifying is that the industries that have been developed before have gradually ushered in harvest, and the land has changed from a living to a way to make money.

In the past, tea leaves and blueberries were planted, vegetable bases were built under the foot of the mountain, and Chinese medicinal materials were planted under the forest. “The people can gain from land transfer fees, migrant fees and dividends, which is much stronger than that of scattered species.” Chen Guihua said. By the end of last year, the per capita disposable income of the village had exceeded 12,000 yuan, which was higher than the average level of rural areas in the province. Chen Guihua was not satisfied with this. He soberly realized that Gaoyao Village is a small village with a small number of mountains and few places. It is difficult to make breakthroughs in the industry scale. To drive the masses to continue to increase their income and become rich, they must explore new development.

The children of the Miao family in the generation of the Miao family breed in Gaoyao Village, forming a unique national style, and retaining a large number of distinctive traditional buildings. Two years ago, the village was included in the traditional Chinese village list. In addition, there are thousands of acres of terraces in the village. Whether it is winter and spring rapeseed or the rice of summer and autumn, the field crops are layered and extended from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, like a beautiful belt.

With the improvement of traffic conditions, more and more foreigners have entered the village. “There are scenery and style. Isn’t this a ready -made scenic spot?” To promote the effect of consolidating the results of poverty alleviation, the same rural revitalization and effective connection are just looking for methods for opening a new game. Inspiration.

If you say it is to do it, in Chen Guihua ’s active couple, the development team of the tourism company came to Gaoyao Village to prepare to build a rural tourist destination with natural scenery and folk culture. “A idle house can be used to develop farmhouses and homestays. The agricultural products produced can not only make good food, but also be sold for tourists …” Chen Guihua was full of confidence.

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