Create gardens in the rental house.

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May this year,

After the 70s, Zhenjiang’s mother took her daughter in a shaped shape

Move into the center of Shanghai

The bottom of an old -fashioned garden house.

The indoor area is only 30 square meters,

The mother and daughter must live, work, and study here,

Also take care of 2 dogs and 3 cats.

Zhang Xingjia


Divided into 18 square meters of public areas and 12 square meters of private areas.

It also made full use of outdoor gardens,

Live a close and independent life with her daughter.

Gradually, there are a few neighbors around you found that there are several neighbors around you

Like yourself and tenants,


Although the houses are old and small,


But everyone fully enjoy the outdoor space of the home:

Less than 1 square meters of small balcony, 5 square meters of patio,


80 square meters of gardens, 150 square meters of gardens …

Zhang Xing and her neighbors


Open up a special lifestyle:

In the noisy market,

Share outdoor space.


The living space has been extended,

Zhang -shaped daughter told her mother:

There is a feeling of “more and more live”.

In December, we are curious


Visit the tension and neighbors’ homes,

The renters in this group of cities


Talking about this novel lifestyle together.


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In 1970, Zhang Xing was born in an ordinary family in Zhenjiang. When she was a child, she often came to Shanghai to visit relatives with her parents. “At that time, my uncle lived on Fumin Road in Shanghai, not far from the place I lived now.”


Because of this experience, Zhang Xing has a deep understanding of the living conditions of the Shanghai people in the 1970s and 1980s.

The daughter started to learn the violin at the age of 5. At the age of 12, she had the opportunity to learn from the teachers of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She did not hesitate to start to return to Shanghai and Zhenjiang with her daughter without hesitation.


Since her daughter is 2 years old, Zhang Xing likes to travel around. Unconsciously, the mother and daughter are always curious and explored in the distance.


Since 2011, the mother and daughter get up at 5 am every Saturday, take the bus to catch the high -speed rail, and transfer to the subway to the violin classroom at Shanghai. After the class returned to Zhenjiang’s home, it was often late at night, so I insisted on it for more than 3 years.

“I didn’t feel tired at the time, and soon became a habit. I felt that Shanghai became more and more kind.”

At the age of 14, Zhang -shaped daughter came to Shanghai to study and perform to take a picture


In the process of her daughter’s growth, Zhang Xing chose to break up peacefully with her husband because of her character. She became a single mother with a baby and working on the other, and slowly worked as an indoor designer with a well -known local local. Whether it is to her daughter or a friend, she rarely mentions past and is used to focusing her attention.


In August 2014, her daughter came to Shanghai to study, she gave up everything, and moved her to Shanghai. Initially, she and her daughter rented one of the Airbnb villas in Qingpu, only 10 square meters. With the improvement of material conditions, the apartments in the urban area are slowly changed, a little closer to the street with a strong breath of old Shanghai.

“In the hall, there are vegetable farms, big cake fritters, coffee shops, and are very close to the subway entrance. After all, the budget is limited, and it doesn’t matter if the house is old.”

Zhang Xing wanted to sell his hometown and buy a small apartment in Shanghai for his daughter, but stopped because he was not qualified to buy a house. One day she suddenly figured out: even if she rented a house in Shanghai for 20 or 30 years, she could have a very comfortable and happy life. The important thing is to take a day to live a day.


In December last year, the landlord suddenly wanted to retract the apartment rented by her and her daughter, and Zhang Xing hurriedly began to find a new residence.

To live with her daughter, the two -bedroom houses are considered at the beginning. Occasionally, the intermediary told her that there was a good set of garden houses for rent. In a historic building, the cost performance was very good, but the room was only 30 square meters. I want to visit with a curious attitude.


Unexpectedly, after watching it, she immediately rented it. “Although the room is small, there are 80 square meters of gardens. The location is convenient and quiet in trouble.”

Zhang -shaped hand -painted design drawing, green is outdoor part

Zhang Xing itself is engaged in the interior design work. She remembered an old saying that the Shanghai people often said: do dojo in the screw case. Now that I live in the center of Shanghai, I also want to learn the optimism and wit and wit of the Chinese culture.


“People who used to live in Shanghai, several people shared the kitchen and bathroom, and now the conditions are much better.” She decided to challenge the transformation of very small units and create a comfortable and aesthetic home.


The indoor of 30 square meters was first divided into two spaces, about 18 square meters of public areas and 12 square meters of private areas.

The 18㎡ public district is a large living room with kitchen and island platform, a large workbench, a set of sofas, a fireplace, and a storage cabinet full of walls.


Zhang -shaped work, guests, daughters practice piano, read books, and dine together, can be achieved in this large living room.


The living room is connected to the inner balcony of 10 square meters, and it feels more open

Zhang Xing and your daughter work and study in the living room

When thinking about the interior style, I accidentally bought a favorite black fireplace, so I designed it with this fireplace as the core, incorporating the spelling tiles, black and white geometric elements, and decorated with ARTDECO style, which quickly changed the original shabby appearance Essence


Remote control natural gas fireplace stove

The furniture is old, and it has been followed for a long time. A 12 -year leather sofa is still comfortable, and the bamboo chair imported from Southeast Asia has a sense of vacation.

Soon after moving in, a house was relocated, many old furniture was thrown in the hall, and a very beautiful old Shanghai coffee table was found. After cleaning and repairing it, they were placed in front of the fireplace.

The other half of the 12㎡ private area was divided into two very small bedrooms with two doubles. There is also an open kitchen, a 1.5 square meter bathroom and a 1.5 square meter bathroom. Each area is like a mini compartment, which is simple, comfortable and privacy.

The 12 square meters of rooms include small bedrooms, kitchens, and wet and wet separation bathrooms

When I just rented the house, her daughter was emotional, saying “resolutely unwilling to live in”, worried that she had no privacy space. But in the end, the tension design made her daughter very satisfied: “I didn’t expect to live so cool!”

Although the transformation of 30 square meters is to the extreme, the small space will produce a sense of force, and it will feel depressed in the room for a long time. The tension wants to make good use of outdoor gardens to create a place that can be moved and relaxed, which is conducive to physical and mental health.


Some homeowners will find ways to pour cement land on the grass to get greater flat space, but it feels that it is not easy to have a “dirt” in the city. save.


My work and my daughter’s learning are very busy. I don’t have a lot of time to do “gardener”, so the direction of the garden must be a clean and easy -to -care mode.

The garden has a total of 80 square meters and is divided into two parts, all of which have their own dynamic lines, entrances and functions.


There is a small iron gate on the left hand of the entrance. There is a 10 square meters of space inside. It is divided into glass house cat nests and private courtyards. It is a place where it is alone and casual.


“Although I also like the open courtyard, sometimes I need a person to be surrounded by the wall. In addition, when my friends and I meet in the Garden Garden, my daughter can also enjoy the time alone.”


The remaining 70 square meters are a complete shared garden. The ground is covered with white washing stones, creating a “white beach” feeling, which can greatly reduce the trouble of muddy.

A corrosion -resistant outdoor table, a few casual chairs, beach chairs, simple furnishings can sit in the garden comfortably, drink tea, work, and chat.

On the side of the yard, a cement hollow wall is built with a lot of grids on it.


The tension hopes that the yard can be surrounded by green plants. It feels like a tropical garden. Considering the climate of Shanghai, a large number of fern, hydrangea, lily bamboo and other plants have been selected.

The door of the living room is full -floor glass. It is visually connected to the yard. There are phalaenopsis or lipsticks hanging on the roof, and large potted piano leaves are placed on the ground.


The transformation of the entire garden took 3 days, and I found 2 friends to help. After the change, everyone called “a good sense of accomplishment”, which agreed that this time will come together every year.

All the trees in the yard are retained, and a big tree of about 15 meters high just blocked the door, but the open shape likes it. In the first fall of the new home, Zhang Xing was drawing a design in the living room. Suddenly he heard a sound of “咚”, which turned out to be a huge grapefruit descending from the sky.

She looked up and looked at it, only to find that it was a grapefruit tree, which had a densely pair of big grapefruit. I was surprised and tasted after cutting, sweet and delicious.

For the sake of safety, I bought a scissors specializing in cutting branches. After I found that grapefruit matured, she took the initiative to cut off to prevent people from being hurt.


In this way, the free “grapefruit salad” became a fixed food when the neighbors met.

She likes animals very much. In addition to her dog she raised, she has always taken care of the stray cats nearby.

On one occasion, Zhang Xing remembered the kitten who hadn’t seen it for a few days. A neighbor’s house with a distance of 50 meters away, the door of the courtyard was half open. She walked in curiously, but she couldn’t help making a “wow” sound. In front of her, it turned out to be a small bridge flowing water garden.


Zhang Xing met the master of this family, Liu Jiafu.


Liu Jiafu’s hometown is in the northwest, but always likes the southern garden. After coming to Shanghai, he has worked in the advertising design industry for many years, and he loves traditional culture and architecture.


Post -80s designer Liu Jiafu


Six years ago, Liu Jiafu resigned from the advertising company. He rented the bottom 3 -bedroom apartment in this alley, and took a yard of about 150 square meters outside as an experimental field. In addition to practicing calligraphy every day, he is to study the transformation of small gardens.

There are some subtle changes in the garden every day, perhaps there are more plants and a few bricks. For neighbors, there are new surprises every time.


“I can feel his obsession with the garden. From the indoor to the outdoor, every detail is very delicate, and there are often new layouts. Every time I push away his door, I seem to cross from Shanghai to Suzhou.”

Cats are the most common guests here. They met 14 cats in Xiaopu’s garden and gave them names to feed and checked them. If you don’t see it for a few days, everyone will help find it together.

Every time I walk the dog, I will notice that there is an iron balcony on the second floor of a exquisite small foreign building on the side of the road. “Seeing it, it seems like glowing with a girl’s heart and feels very romantic.”

This small balcony is less than 1 square meters, which is a unique part of the old Shanghai architecture. There was a similar balcony on Wukang Road because the bow was pierced, causing the entire network to check in.


Zhang Xing has always wanted to experience it, and it feels like sitting on this small balcony. Until the owner of the balcony Jiang Lili invited her to go upstairs, “this overlooking the sycamore trees overlooking the entire road, quiet and comfortable.”

After the 70s, the soft outfit designer Jiang Lili


Jiang Lili is a native of Shanghai, and her bones inherit the aesthetic and lifestyle in her bones. “Even if it is a small space, keep the style and comfort.”


His father graduated from the Department of History of Fudan University. Perhaps he was influenced by family education. Jiang Lili has always had a soft spot for the house in the historical building. After graduating from college, she moved out of her house and kept renting a house in the city center.

Living in this community for many years, Jiang Lili has developed the habit of walking or cycling. In a narrow, she will also arrange her “one -person food” with care.

On the second -floor single -room apartment, the small balcony became Jiang Lili’s “breathing place”. She likes to stand on the beautiful scenery of Shanghai that changes in the four seasons.

“Although it is only 1 square meters, it can be exposed to the sun in winter. It can be cool in the summer night, which is very comfortable.”

Walking along Zhang Xingjia’s litter, walking for 1 minute after turning right, he went to another neighbor: Tu Jiaqi’s home.

Tu Jiaqi was from Hunan. In 2016, she rented a bottom -layer apartment with a patio with a patio 50 square meter because of her nearby.

Post -80s graphic designer Tu Jiaqi

“The climate in Shanghai is relatively humid, and it is an old house. I didn’t plan to rent the first floor. But I especially wanted an outdoor space.”


During the renovation and renovation, Tu Jiaqi spent most of his energy on the patio, designed it himself, and then found 3 friends to help. In 6 or 7 hours, the yard was renovated.

The four or four squares of the patio is unconventional. Tu Jiaqi made a simple design. 30%of the mud land planted Nan Tianzhu, camellia, golden incense willow, ferns, etc. 70%of the ground was paved with tiles, which is more convenient for daily use and care.

Because the usual working hours are relatively free, Tu Jiaqi will stay at home for a long time. Compared with the room, work in the patio is more decompressed and comfortable.


After getting up every day, she will spend 30 minutes to trim the plants for 30 minutes, and then eat breakfast, bask in the sun, and read books in the yard.


“From 7 am to noon, almost all spent in the yard.” In addition to enjoying alone, the courtyard also has an important function: social. Every time a friend comes to the house, everyone naturally chooses to gather in the yard.


Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as the neighbors gather together, they like to sit in the outdoor yard. Ice cubes and small charcoal stoves, they can always enjoy sunlight, breeze and seasonal food outdoors. Although in the hustle and bustle of the city center, it seemed to be in the mountains and forests.


Zhang Xing said: “In fact, when we were young, we often went to the patio and yard of the neighbor’s neighbor’s house to play. At that time, there was no concept of” sharing “.

After a epidemic, in addition to the preciousness of outdoor space, this group of neighbors also understand the importance of “community” and “mutual assistance”.


Living in the same area, they are willing to take out some space sharing, taste the fun of 1+1> 2: together to drink tea together, roast the fire in Tu Jiaqi’s patio, and hold a party in a tensor garden. This kind of happiness It is more warmer than enjoying it alone.

Jiang Lili uses her own studio along the street for free.

Surprisingly, this “sharing” occurred between the like -minded neighbors, but also occurred between with strangers.

When Jiang Lili was shopping around the community this year, she met Aunt Zou, who was stalling in the cold wind when she was shopping around the community. She was selling some wool socks, knitted cushions, and felt bags.


After the conversation, Jiang Lili learned that the aunt of the stall was a 4th mother. “She is amazing. She supports 4 children by stalls. The boss is already in college. The youngest is still in elementary school.”

In the afternoon, Jiang Lili and Zhang Xing gave a tea egg to Aunt Zou

The weather is getting colder, and the stall itself will no longer be allowed by the street. Aunt Zou is very confused. Jiang Lili immediately left her contact information for her, promising to help her find a way.

The final plan was that Jiang Lili used her 7㎡ studio near home for free. “The studio is along the street, and there are also business licenses, which is convenient for her to continue to do small businesses. At least one warm place.”

The Zhang -shaped dog and Aunt Zou’s goods have attracted a lot of fashionable young people passing by

During the shooting, Aunt Zou happily “moved” her goods into the eaves and set up a stall for many years. She finally had a foothold. Lily will temporarily work in the yard of Zhang Xing, Tu Jiaqi or Liu Jiafu. Sometimes she also goes to Aunt Zou’s shop to help. Many people are attracted by the goods selected by Aunt Zou.

After that, Jiang Lili and her neighbors also wanted to help Aunt Zou try the Internet or their sales channels.

Walking on the streets of the community, Jiang Lili often feels that everyone’s “micro -space” can have a chance to be shared. She once made a month -long supper in the studio: every night from 11pm to 1 am, it is supplied to the night returnees in the community, whether it is a neighbor, security guard, or cleaner.

“It turns out that this is true. When you give a warmth, you gain double happiness.”

After experiencing an epidemic, every time they gather together, everyone feels particularly content and happy. In the past year’s shooting, more and more homeowners hope to develop outdoor space at home and maintain a closer and in -depth interaction with the community.


For a long time, we are used to the disconnection of architecture from the surrounding environment, like a machine that exerts living functions. Now, more private homes have started to have new desires: establishing a continuous relationship with the natural environment.

Such living and lifestyles are good for energy conservation and ecological coordination, and make people’s emotions and emotions more stable.

Some pictures photography Jiang Lili and Chen Yunkai

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