Gong Jun wore a white lace shirt very “stunning”. There is a kind of gentleness of a man, so handsome

Men or women under each age have a certain unique charm

Essence For young men and older men, the biggest difference is to show the contrast of the image temperament by dressing.

Young men have a certain degree of keenness in fashion, so they can complete the wear in targetedly, create fashionable wear with the current fashion elements, and show the handsome side of sunshine. Well, among the many male clothing, they can’t escape the “light color” law.


The freshness of lightwear clothing often gives a very beautiful feeling, so that it can achieve the role of reducing the sense of age


Men’s light -colored clothing is also particularly eye -catching, looking at the sunny and charming.

I really like the boys’ sunshine and handsomeness. They are in light -colored clothing, and they are fashionable. Boys can also wear lace clothing? Gong Jun wearing a light -colored lace shirt is so gentle, and the charm of men is still decreasing. For men, the choice of light -colored style is also very varied.

From basic minimalist sportswear, sweater, casual suit, etc. to fashionable personalities

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Shirts such as shirts such as gas quality types can easily shape the beauty of fashion

It is for men to choose in different occasions to create a rich and diverse dress.

Fashion highlights in this issue: Light -colored clothing selection, special styles of lightwear clothing, and stylish matching of light color clothing!

Light -colored clothing selection on the occasion


No matter what type and style costume, you need to divide according to the occasion

Selecting simple atmospheric, casual sportswear and other casual clothing items to create a casual sexy dress can also easily create a handsome way.

Perhaps in formal occasions, men will have more different charm and characteristics

For example, the light -colored suit of the gentleman model, the regular and slim version, uses milk tea colors, apricot, ivory white and other light colors as the main color. The texture of the tulle shows a unique image charm and is very exciting.

Special style of light color clothing


White lace shirt

There is no doubtful classic shirt and a regular suit suit. It is the standard clothing of men on a certain occasion.

Essence Among them, in the choice of color dressing, compared with the deep and stable of the dark color, the light color system is more gentle, and it reflects the handsomeness of men in a way to reduce age.

So among the many physical categories,

Choose a unique clothing style, and use the effect of adding lace elements to show the effect of the tulle, showing a sense of refinement to present a personalized charm

Essence Taking a white shirt in lace as an example, it is a good choice. At the same time, in the process of matching, the same color matching method shows a clean image temperament, and the shape of the whole person will look more attractive.

Fashion match for light color clothing

Printed white shirt+creamy trousers

The color base and single -style shirt single product is often used as an inside to show fashion beauty

Essence If you choose a stylish style, it is also recommended that you show the charm of styling and play a role in matching. For example,

A printed white shirt is a good choice


The white shirt is based on a clean and pure tone


At the same time, the champagne -colored printing pattern is embellished and modified, and the attractiveness is to show the luxurious and fashionable sense of exquisite design, and it can easily show an elegant and elegant side.

In match,

No matter what style of shirt items you choose, the best way to match is to choose trousers to improve wear

Essence For a champagne -colored shirt single product, with a creamy suit, a light -colored color matching effect is more attractive, stylish and physically.

White sports jacket


In daily life, if you choose light -colored clothing to match, it is more inclined to leisure clothing

, Such as sports style jackets, sweaters and other simple clothing items, are all good choices. Among them, combined with the loose and lazy sense of the version and the soft waxy texture on the fabric, it can multiply the comfort and simultaneously synchronize the fashion and comfort.


Light -colored printed suit

With the change of the times, suit clothing is no longer just a dull and serious style

There are also some relatively unique suits, which can show their unique personality based on the addition of fashion elements. Taking colorful printing elements as an example, adding a stylish design to a stain With a certain sense of youth and vitality, it is very characteristic.

In some event occasions, young men can also choose a colorful printed suit suit with a gentleman to match it to match it

Regardless of the uniqueness of the design, or the regular characteristics of the dressing version, it is enough to show the stylish and atmospheric shape, and the charm is strong.


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