Li Xuan’s wife is informal, wearing a “pajamas style” couple with her husband, fashionable and personality

“Couples” is not only a noun, but also a tacit form of a tacit form of couples or couples of different ages. It also has a certain amount of room for emotional temperature.

However, with the changes of the trend, the appearance of the “couple outfit” is more diverse. Some couples like to use

The same style is different colors

Clothing to match the clothing, or

Different styles are unified in color

, They are relatively novel and have a sense of avant -garde.

In addition to a more novel way, more classic ones

How to wear the “same model”

In terms of visual effects, there will be more intuitive feelings. Two people are more like a whole, unified and harmonious, and they look more matching.

Therefore, the “couple wearing” of the classic method is often slightly monotonous. If you want to wear different models, you need to create a kind of one.

Personalized charm

, Can look more attractive.

The couple outfits worn by Li Xuan and his wife’s black -tailed sauce are not a few. Li Xuan and his wife’s black -tailed sauce are worn with sex couples to create “contrast cuteness”. Pajamas “couple costume, fashionable and personality.


I have to say that Li Xuan and Blacktail Sauce, who are wearing a couple, are more and more husband and wife. In this regard, their couples may wish to learn from and refer to it!

“Same” couple wear

Wearing the same way to create a sense of vision of a couple dress, presumably the most common and most classic form of expression.


The same way can be divided into two different types of the same color and the same color. So how can the same style wear a sense of fashion?


Choosing an exactly the same clothing for the appearance of the couple’s dressing, presumably it must be very particular. The same style of clothing has a certain balance in terms of visual effects. It seems to be very harmonious, and it is also conducive to the rapid heating up in the relationship between the two.

However, if you want to use the same models of the same model


Special style presentation

It is essential.

along with

The fire of pajamas can also be applied to couples. If you see a person wearing pajamas on the street, you may feel a bit strange. When you are wearing, you will be accompanied. Although the return rate It is very high, but it will not have a sense of disobedience.

A sense of comfort

The biggest charm of pajamas style clothing is that there is no restraint on the body, the upper body experience is very comfortable, and it looks very



Simple and generous and fashionable charm


For young people, it is most suitable for daily wear.

Style and match

Common pajamas style wearing styles are mainly based on the neckline of the shirt.

Neat and capable form

It does not seem to have a procrastination, even a loose version design, it will appear very regular.

The single -color pajamas and wind clothing will appear very casual when wear out, and at the same time lack the characteristics of personalized charm and fashion, so


Choose a pattern or a pattern on the chest or behind it to present

, Show a personalized charm, it must be very eye -catching.

In the form of matching, if it is a pajamas of the same color, it will look more like a home pajamas, which is not suitable for going out.


Therefore, you may wish to choose a different design sense of clothing to match, for example

Striped -style pants and pure -colored pattern pajamas are matched

It can not only enrich the sense of styling, but also exert the fashionable charm and personalized characteristics.

“Couples” with different colors of the same model

Choose a different color of the same color to presented the couple’s dress. As long as the color matching looks eye -catching, it can reach a perfect state in terms of visual effects. It can be said to be very pleasing.

Light -colored

The presence of different colors in the same paragraph mainly pays attention to a collision effect of color

In terms of color presentation, using two colors of the same color or two colors with a relatively long distance can be used to match the clothing, you can achieve a good effect.

In the summer season, it is the most suitable way to match the couple of the same color. The main style of summer is half -sleeved, and the color of the half -sleeve is also light -colored, white, blue, pink, etc.

Color and blue color color

Form is one of the indispensable colors for couples.




Compared with the clean and fresh effect of light -colored, the calm and mature charm of the dark color color is conducive to the appearance of the color matching, for example,

Olive green and advanced gray

The two colors are presented in clothing. Whether it is a dark semi -sleeve or a sweater, it can give full play to the fashionable charm, simple and generous.

At the same time, use the dark color color to create the matching of couples, and in daily life



The presence of dressing is very suitable, young couples may wish to act!


Couples matching, can be said to be the most attractive form in the shape. The matching of men and women in the opposite sex to show the tacit understanding of clothing. Then, if the black -tailed sauce and Li Xuan’s couple dress, everyone may wish to learn it quickly!


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