HIFI mobile phone recommended “fungus” can also hear different

“HiFi Mobile” -Exical, some friends can immediately think of several mobile phone models that are selling hot on the market. Specifically, the so -called HIFI mobile phone is an audio decoding inside the mobile phone or enlarged most of the HIFI chip or enlarged. Circuit design to achieve a better sense of listening than conventional design. HIFI used to be a definition. Now Baidu’s entry is also defined as high -quality audio. However, it has gradually become a “system” that has gradually become a “system” to meet high -quality music. The sound release device refers to the headset/audio. The mobile phone wants to really HIFI, at least including sound source, decoding, and amplifying.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

Vivo is such a mobile phone manufacturer that has been adhering to the HIFI road. Starting from vivo X1, HIFI’s gene has been retained. When the vivo X1 is launched, the independent HiFi chip is added. The gene, currently vivo’s latest vivo X9S Plus, adopts a custom ES9318 solution to more pleasing users’ ears.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

Today I recommend a few real HIFI mobile phones for music lovers

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

vivo X9s Plus

Not long ago, vivo officially launched the Vivo X9 series upgraded version of Vivo X9s. Vivo X9S Plus still focuses on “soft light selfie” and upgrades the front. It adopts a new generation of front dual -camera solution. The blur effect is better and the portrait is more natural. At the same time, the vivo X9s also added the function of the breath of the screen, real -time display time, information, etc., and more power saving. Of course, the addition of the HIFI function is indispensable. The X9S Plus uses a custom ES9318 solution. The electronic scheme and sound debug are perfectly connected. The high level of sound is clean, the thrust is huge, the details are rich, and the knot is clearly comparable to the professional HI-Fi player.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

The vivo X9S uses a 5.85 -inch 1080P resolution screen. The all -metal body, excessively arc on the back, and the side folding side treatment, making the Vivo X9s slim appearance and have outstanding feel. At the same time, the positive Home button on the front of the vivo X9S Plus uses a non -compressed design. This time, the vivo X9S Plus increased the screen clock function, and also added the vivo game engine function to support the game -free function. The game screen will not be blocked by the information notification. The phone notification is just a small pop -up window.

Vivo X9S Plus is equipped with a Snapdragon 653 processor, 4GB+64GB storage, and does not support extension. In terms of cameras, the vivo X9S Plus is equipped with a front 20 million soft light dual camera, with the new soft light and beauty algorithm, making selfies more outstanding. This time, vivo X9S Plus added portrait selfies in front of the port, which can better highlight the subject’s subject when taking selfies. The rear 16 million camera supports the PDAF phase to focus.

Vivo X9S Plus has a built -in 4015mAh battery, which supports 18W dual -caused flash charging. Vivo X9S Plus is priced at 2998 yuan. It is currently being reserved and officially launched on July 20. There are still exclusive offers now. You can make exclusive customization on the back of the mobile phone; at the same time, there are 435 heads of prestigious gift packages; before July 30th, buy new mobile phones and evaluate the sun order and have the opportunity to win the JBL wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Buy link: https://shop.vivo.com.cn/product/10040? CID = GW_X_X9S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 was widely praised in the first half of this year. The proportion of ultra -high screens brought by full -view curved screens was indeed very shocking and very eye -catching. In terms of taking pictures, Samsung Galaxy S8 has only made some small upgrades compared to last year’s S7. If the U Pinyuan sound and Adapt Sound comes with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the audition experience is definitely above 80 points.

The most attractive part of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the screen. When you open your phone when you open the phone in the breath screen, it will definitely be shocked by the high screen ratio. Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a 5.8 -inch 2K AMOLED screen with a screen ratio of 83%. With the dual -curved screen, it has an excellent grip. At the same time, the edge touch function brings more convenient operations. In addition, the screen display ratio of Samsung Galaxy S8 is 18.5: 9, which can display richer content. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S8 canceled the front entity Home button and changed to a virtual button, but increased the tactile feedback.

Due to the cancellation of the front HOME key, the Samsung Galaxy S8 puts the fingerprint recognition in the back of the back camera. In addition to fingerprint recognition, the Samsung Galaxy S8 also has iris recognition and facial recognition. Samsung Galaxy S8 supports IP68 level dustproof and waterproof, and can steal the phone on the display through the accessories DEX, and change the computer in one second.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 processors, 4GB/6GB+64GB/128GB storage, supporting 256GB expansion. In terms of taking pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S8 main camera is equipped with a 12 -megapixel camera with a full pixel dual -core, and the front camera is 8 million pixels. Samsung Galaxy S8 has a built -in 3000mAh battery to support wireless charging. Has the mysterious night black, smoke crystal ash, Wuyu blue and Qimengjin.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

Buy link: https://item.jd.com/4120319.html

nubia Z17

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

Nubia Z17 is the flagship model of Nubia this year. It adopts borderless design. This is already the third -generation borderless mobile phone of Nubia. Relatively speaking, technology has been basically mature, and comparison of anti -error touch and edge touch. good. At the same time, the Nubia Z17 also added dual cameras, 23 million+12 million dual -color cameras, plus a series of interesting features, making the Nubia Z17 camera playable very high. At the same time, Nubia Z17 also innovates on the audio unit, making the audio playback and the audiovisual experience of the mobile phone.

The Nubia Z17 uses a 5.5 -inch full HD screen. The Nubia Z17’s borderless technology has been upgraded to ARC 3.0. At the same time, the Nubia Z17 also supports waterproof. There are four colors: sunrise gold, black gold, flame red, and ocean black. Nubia Z17 has a built -in 3200mAh battery with a charger for 18W.

In terms of configuration, the Nubia Z17 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 10nm process, 6GB+64GB/128GB storage, and does not support expansion. In terms of cameras, the Nubia Z17 uses a 23 -megapixel+12 -megapixel dual -colored camera, which is equipped with the exclusive custom IMX318 and IMX362 equipped with the Sony exclusively, which can achieve 2x dual -camera zoom and 10 times dynamic zoom. Large pixels support Dual Pixel full pixel dual -core focus, and because of the maximum support of 23 million pixel resolution. The front camera is 16 million pixels, F2.0 aperture, supports screen filling.

Buy link: https://item.jd.com/4220709.html

Meizu PRO 6S

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

Friends who know Meizu history know that Meizu was originally produced by MP3. Therefore, the sound quality of Meizu mobile phones has always been quite good. On the Pro 6s, Meizu is equipped with the third -generation Smart PA system of NXP. If you just listen to music without making some large 3D games or multi -tasks, this phone will be a good choice.

Meizu PRO 6S is equipped with the third -generation Smart PA system of NXP. The chip can intelligently control the vibration of the horn through real-time perception of the horn, thereby fully squeezing the performance of the speaker, so that the external placement reaches the level HI-Fi level. Improve the loudness of the sound and the quality of the low frequency, the outside is clear, the effect of the three -dimensional sound is obvious, bright and clear, and the sound quality is full.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

In terms of photography, the PRO 6S uses Sony IMX386 CMOS that has been used on Meizu MX6, with 12 million effective pixels, a single pixel area of ​​1.25 microns. OIS optical image stabilization function, internal high -precision sensors can intelligently adjust and offset multi -level vibration.

In terms of configuration, Meizu PRO 6S has a built -in MediaTek Helio X25 core processor, which is equipped with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM; the front is equipped with fingerprint recognition waist bonds, which has functions such as full Netcom and fast charging. Meizu PRO 6S.

Buy link: https://item.jd.com/3888276.html

ZTE Tianji 7

ZTE 7 is a flagship phone released by ZTE in May last year. It did not enter the Snapdragon 820 processor and 2K display. It also worked hard in terms of sound quality and used the flagship HI-Fi chip. Although it has been listed for a year, the price advantage and good hardware configuration can make it continue to fight.

ZTE Tianji 7 is equipped with a top Hi-Fi chip (AK4961 Codec+AK4490 DAC). Chip, and ZTE Tianji 7’s AK4961 CODEC is used for recording, while AK4490 DAC is used for HIFI playback, which is considered to be the director.

ZTE AXON Tianji 7 uses the Snapdragon 820 SOC, a 5.5 -inch 2K AMOLED screen, the camera is 20 million pixel F/1.8 and is equipped with optical image stabilization, the back fingerprint recognition, the battery capacity is 3170mAh, equipped with back fingerprint recognition, support Double card dual -standby+full Netcom and QC3.0 fast charge. In terms of audio, ZTE AXON Sky Machine 7 uses AK4961 Codec+AK4490 DAC dual HIFI design and double -dimensional sound release.

Buy link: https://item.jd.com/3014422.html

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

Hammer M1

For a person with feelings, especially the literary youth, the mobile phone is not equipped with HIFI. So the HiFi chip has become one of the standard of the hammer mobile phone, and the latest flagship phone Hammer M1/M1L still inherits this advantage.

HiFi手机推荐 “木耳”也能听出不一样

In the HIFI section, the Hammer M1 has used the Texas Instrument OPA1622 op amp because of the use of the Texas Instrument OPA1612 op amp for the Hammer T2. The user is used to replace a player. But if you are a user who has higher requirements for sound quality, you can choose to add a Smartisan M1L that customizes DAC alone.

In terms of appearance, the hammer mobile phone cancels the three long physical buttons that the first two generations have always insisted on, and change to the same circular home key as the iPhone, and integrate the fingerprint recognition module. The back is 2.5D curved glass, the lens is moved to the lower position, and the location of the feeling of feelings becomes closer to the bottom.

In terms of configuration, the Hammer M1 uses a full blood version of the Snapdragon 821, with 4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination. M1 uses a 5.15 -inch 1080P JDI screen, the camera, the rear: 23 million pixel IMX318, optical image stabilization, laser+phase focus, F2.0. Pre -front: 4 million pixels (2 μm), F2.0. In other aspects, the capacity of the Hammer M1 has a capacity of 3050mAh and supports Qualcomm QC3.0 standard to quickly charge it.

Buy link: https://item.jd.hk/1975080244.html

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