Use 7 “Starlight” to expel the dark fear of chaos late at night

Fear of darkness,

It is human inbring instinct.

There is an inexplicable fear of darkness, and it is an emotion that humans cannot avoid from ancient times.

In the past, the ancestors of human beings were difficult to prevent the threat from the beasts in the dark. After all, in the ideological world view of the three -dimensional space, the unknown of the eyes invisible was often afraid.

Later, humans discovered fire and learned to use fire from nature. The fire brought light to people and even became a certain belief. The emergence of electric lights is undoubtedly the iconic milestone of humans against darkness and exploring the Guangming Road.

Primitive humans use fire


Civilization has gradually evolved so far, and we have also completed no matter where, as long as we have certain tools and conditions, the human world will not become dark.


Nevertheless, whether it is a newborn or an adult who has been adapted to the era of science and technology for a long time, it is still more or less careless about the “black space”.

The space “to have light” is a passive condition that we hope to get satisfaction when we are pursuing the peace of mind. Compared with ordinary lamps, the lighting function of the night lamp requires more “privacy” and humanization. The “starlight” that can be lit at the night of the next seven will naturally become the warm design that can soothe people’s hearts.



“Vague thunder, haze sky”:

Folding philosophy folds

Sanzhai Life × Reality Lab & Artemide:

Yinyu in-EI issey Miyake

The essay collection of Japanese writer Tanaki Kunichiro mentioned: “Beauty is not in the object itself, but in the staggered and bright and dark between the shadows between the object and the object.” A creative night light shows the national concept, customs and values ​​rooted in Japan.

Three houses and IN-EI

The name of the night lamp is IN-EI, which is an expression of Roman characters in Japanese, which means “shadow”. Using a stronger regenerative fiber material than paper transmission, layered folds make people easily think of the clothing series of three houses in life.

The shape of the lamp is composed of precision mathematical algorithms and computer computing, which also makes people remember the fine tailoring of the three houses in life. IN-EI is definitely an excellent precedent that combines clothing design and furniture design. The process, materials and design styles have formed a perfect unity.

There are nine night lamps in this series, which interprets the design concept of “Sustainable Design and Development, Foldable Lannel”. The work is designed as a folding textile piece of light bulb, and the creation of light, through the play of layered shadows, allows the lights to spill naturally.


This lighting lamps published in 2012 also won the German Reddot Red Dot Award. Its exquisite design and the use of environmental materials, as well as the concept of aesthetic thoughts, and today, it is still outdated.



The child’s child’s child’s return:

Make the seesaw as a light


Nicholas baker:

Prism (Prism)


Designer Nicholas Baker from the United States likes to create “smart, beautiful and unique products to solve problems”, and is good at keeping products vitality at all times in a dynamic environment. The prism (PRISM) night light is a typical representative in its works.


This night light looks exactly like a seesaw. The middle part is a box made of plastic board with LED lights and batteries. The two ends of the lamp are made of solid wood, one of which has a depression dot. Press one end with a dot to turn on the light, and press the other end to extinguish the light.

The childishness deep in his heart is reflected in the design concept of Nicholas Baker, letting his products comes with a simple little rebellion: everything in the world today is organized by technical elements, everything is digitized, smooth and stereotyped. However, he chose to “return” and escaped from the state -oriented state.

Of course, this rebellion is not going to go against the sky, but it is dedicated to liberating from a cold, simple, and abstract feeling.

Nicholas Baker calls this way of liberation as “popular”, that is, “take a very simple object and give it a popular element. This element may be some kind of natural material, or it may be a common kind of common In short, it is a well -known thing. Such a popularization will make this object more likely to be understood by users and even give them a romantic feeling. “


Nicholas Baker is full of childlike and natural product conceptual manuscripts

Nicholas Baker often solves the communication problem between users and design works through “popularization”. Communication is abstract in design, but it also exists.


In the process of making prisms, he encountered a big trouble -how to make prisms communicate with its users. If you just see it with your eyes, it is difficult for you to directly judge that it is a night light.

After many failures, he found a solution: Add a turf at the end. This design will allow users to put their hands on that turf, and then discover the charm of prism. The garries here are “well -known natural materials”, which makes the entire design more likely to be understood by users.



Cats, hedgehogs, owls?

Soft night lights that can hold asleep


Leeluu Studio:

Doll night lamp

Unlike Nicholas Baker’s “seesaw” to pay tribute to childhood, the doll night lamp of Leeluu studio is completely designed for children.

The team is composed of 4 beauty designers from Finland, Sweden, and Germany. They took their childhood memories as an opportunity: when they were young, after good night with their families, there were actually many nights who did not dare to fall asleep because they were afraid of the dark room. In the darkness, children’s imagination will always be inspired by infinitely, fearing that the devil and monsters will attack at night.

Therefore, the designers created this soft and cute night light to provide children with a sense of embarrassment.


The night light is selected with conductive fabrics, and the built -in sensor can measure changes in the electric field by conducting the fabric. After feeling a large number of signal input such as touch and pressing, the light will light up.

In addition, the surface materials of the night light are washing machines, which can be charged with ordinary USB cables. After each full charging, it can continue to use for up to 20 hours. The built -in LED electric light has a very low heat in heat, which is completely safe to use.


Interestingly, the design of this night light is not determined by Leeluu Labs, but chosen by more than 100 children and families in Herbalus in Finland. companion.


Pinching, patting, and holding a hug, you can give the child a warm night that seems to be in the arms of his mother.


Light and shadow between virtual reality

Feng Zhe:

Oblique shadow night lamp Oblique Shadow Night Light Light


Design is a kind of real relationship, and Feng Zhe has fix this false and real relationship. “Shadow is the follower of light”, what will happen to the “shadow” where there is light, what will it look like?

A ball -shaped night light with an ellipse tray at the bottom. The shape of the tray is like the “shadow” of the ball -shaped night light oblique. At the same time, some small objects can be placed at hand.

Before we fall asleep at night, we often “delay” for a period of time, we need to use night lights in dim situations. In addition, night lights are usually placed on the bedside table and table. Before going to bed, we also have some watches, jewelry, hair circles, or scattered objects in their pockets to be placed, so the designer Feng Zhe will “night light” “Night Lights”. Combined with the function of “setting disc”.

“I think the relationship between the lamp and the plate in use is closely used, so I make the tray under the round lamp and stretch it, so that the plate looks like a” shadow ‘with a ball -shaped night light oblique. “

The symbol of the shadow also allows people to contact the inherent behavior of placing items in the hidden place. With the connection formed by this form, the placement provides a psychological sense of security on the tray. Its “shadow” can also constitute an interesting thinking.

The use of oblique shadow night lights is also very simple. When we need to turn on the lights, we only need to press the white light ball to touch the bottom switch at the bottom to light up, and then click it to turn off. The product of this Chinese designer Feng Zhe also won the 2020 Red Dot Concept Award for its special creativity.



A “egg” that can glow





Make the night light more like a “night lamp”, and it is easy and safe at any time.

The Easzzz designed by Luke looks exactly like a white and smooth goose egg. The rounded shape makes people vigorously be vigilant and feel the softness and beauty of the night.

The product is made of silicon material, and it feels like the touch of human skin. The smooth buttons design, so that the entire “egg” can be balanced at the top and bottom like a tumbler toy. The size of the product has also been tested many times, which is perfect for human feel.

It is also very convenient to use. The lampshade faces up, and the light source can be turned on. Long -pressing can also adjust the brightness, from the warm yellow light of the eyes to the bright and cold white light. It is suitable for reading, working, dining, relaxation and other scenarios, especially suitable for use when taking care of the baby. Turn over the lampshade down, or you can close it three times.


EASZZZ has a built -in 1000 mAh battery, and the USB charging port is charged for 2 hours to use more than 100 hours in warm light mode. The battery life can be said to be excellent. If there is no operation within 5 hours, it also sets up the automatic turnover power program to avoid energy consumption.


Wearable portable night lights,

The gospel of night sports enthusiasts

Jonas Ceppa & zhang Jianpeng:


In 2020, the participating works of the Red Dot Design Concept Award were finally selected after the international professional jury assessment. The Red Dot Design Concept Award leads the global design trend. The announcement of the Red Dot Concept Award every year has attracted widespread attention in various industries and various fields. Loop Light is a lamp work that won one of the 2020 Red Dot Design Concept Awards.

In addition to being applied indoors, night lights also have to have more functions. Loop Light is a wearable portable light that aims to maximize use.

The flexibility of the inherent flexibility of silicon resin forms a simplified hinge that enables the light to be attached to a variety of compatible surfaces. The magnets in the shell help the light to capture clothes or arbitrarily attachments. The hollow ring design of the LED shell and the matching of the battery shell to ensure that it is correctly closed correctly without additional adjustment.

This magnetic closure creates a powerful, multifunctional combination, and even in more active activities, ringing will still be illuminated on the user.

The two main components of the ring lamp are battery and LED modules, which provide a thinner outline and balanced subject. This is essential for a good product, and it is also convenient for it to move with the user’s body. Whether it is running or a wild camping, this light allows users to relieve their hands, which is very convenient.



Where is it too dark?

Universal versatile practical school

Yeelight, Xiaomi:

Xiaomi dynamic night light 2

As one of the representatives of domestic goods, Xiaomi has always been known for its low -cost smart products. Compared with the 1st generation of the 2nd -generation night lights of the 2020 German IF design award, the innovative magnetic structure design is connected. Down.


The lamp body is small, can be sticked or standing, suitable for various scenarios. The trapezoidal base can be easily placed on the desktop; the customized gels set by the base can also be firmly fixed on the stairway, the corridor porch, the bedroom bed corner, the bathroom wall surface, the side of the children’s bed, the wardrobe, etc. place.

The hemispherical lamp body and the magnetic structure bring a three -dimensional light of 360 ° freely adjusted. There are also low -end and high -end dual -gear adjustments to facilitate scene switching. The non -plug -in design does not take up the wall socket while getting rid of the cable restraint.

Built -in light -sensitive+human dual sensor, 120 ° large -scale induction, wake up lighting when capturing human activity in darkness. When you ca n’t capture the human activity, 15 seconds will be extinguished automatically. When the light is sufficient, it will not light up, convenient and energy saving.


Compared with lamps in functional areas such as living room, kitchen, study, night lights, the night lamp seems to look trivial, not even “necessities”. But the soft and light opening of the eyes in the darkness can become a small embellishment that improves people’s life quality.


Mu Zhi, Crane




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