MacBook Pro storage space is not enough? Moving SSD on a large capacity high -speed can help you solve

Recently, Apple has a new semester discount event. Buying MAC or iPad not only has cash discounts, but also send a sub -AirPods wireless headset. It can save more than a thousand yuan. This is also the most powerful discount of Apple’s official every year. New students of university, or college students who want to change new machines, should feel very exciting, the first computer of young people choose it! As we all know, after MacBook Pro/Air switched to Apple’s self -developed M1 chip last year, it can cope with the mild mild work including document processing to video editing. It will indeed be the main computer choice of many students and workers today.

MacBook Pro’s original storage is not enough, and the upgrade price is not cost -effective

However, the biggest problem of the current 13 -inch MacBook Pro/Air is that their starting standard is only 256GB storage space. This is generally not enough during the campus period of many students’ four -year university. As the personal documents are more accumulated The more, the more you may not be able to graduate. The storage space of the notebook is full, so the larger capacity storage is still necessary, but Apple provides a capacity of 512GB, but adds 1350 yuan. This price is considered to be in SSD. It’s very expensive, it’s not cost -effective.

MacBook Pro存储空间不够用?大容量高速移动SSD能帮你解决

Moreover, the price of Apple notebooks is not cheap. The most basic MacBook Air starts to start at 7,000 yuan. Most of the money for students to buy computers comes from their parents, so everyone is not easy to buy high -volume version configuration. After all Mom and dad’s money is not shaped by the wind. Students and friends should not ask for excessive demands. You should first thank your parents for buying such a expensive notebook for you.

MacBook Pro存储空间不够用?大容量高速移动SSD能帮你解决

So what else can I solve the problem of insufficient capacity on the MacBook itself? A large -capacity high -speed moving SSD is a very good solution.

MacBook Pro存储空间不够用?大容量高速移动SSD能帮你解决

Mobile SSD is the best choice for expanding MacBook Pro storage

MacBook Pro存储空间不够用?大容量高速移动SSD能帮你解决

On the current 13-inch MacBook Pro/Air body, both USB-C interfaces are equipped with two USB-C interfaces, supporting Thunderbolt and USB 4 technology. The maximum transmission bandwidth can reach 40Gbps. It can have a very fast transmission speed for external storage equipment. It is not much slower than the inner storage, so as long as you connect a USB-C mobile store, you can expand the MacBook Pro/Air to expand the large-capacity storage.

At present, the external large -capacity storage mainly includes mobile hard disks and mobile SSDs. Because the HDD used inside the mobile hard disk, although the price of 1TB capacity is cheaper, the transmission speed is too slow, generally only 100MB/s continuously read and write Speed, the force does not follow when the reading and writing of large files, especially many students think about editing videos on the external hard disk, the performance of HDD is even more incomparable, so the mobile SSD is obviously everyone used on the MacBook Pro/Air. A more suitable external storage.

Take the Titanium Star 10 Move SSD of the Zhizhi Titanium series of the Yangtze River as an example. This performance is used to edit 4K resolution RAW format videos, which can also be satisfied. You can directly put the material in the mobile disk to edit without having to take up the valuable built -in storage of the MacBook Pro. Game files are the easiest to work for mobile SSDs.

Crystaldiskmark peak performance

Titanic Jupiter 10 512GB of ASSSD test performance

Large -capacity high -speed mobile SSD is the best partner of MacBook Pro

Some students may think that the MacBook Pro dragged a mobile SSD to cause trouble for portability and durability. In fact, the products such as Titanium Titanium 10 have made the volume very small, and the built -in 1TB large -capacity SSD In the case, it is just a small box size. It can be easily put in the shirt bag, and the portability of storage is very good, and it uses the material protection of the zinc alloy frame+aluminum alloy nameboard. Strict durability tests including impact testing and bending tests, so it can protect everyone’s data well.

In addition, the external storage is actually a great benefit, that is, it can make you more convenient to share files with other students. As long as the mobile SSD file disk is formatted to Exfat, you can read and write smoothly under the Mac and Windows systems. In addition, mobile SSD can also be used as a backup disk for the MacBook Pro. For example, if you have iPhone, you can use iTunes to use the whole machine data backup, put the file on the SSD, and do it as a Time Machine. Important data.

And the appearance of the Titanium series Jupiter 10 mobile SSD uses silver gray color, which is also compared with the aluminum body of MacBook Pro/Air, and the most important thing is that its current price is not expensive. The 512GB version is 519 yuan. , The 1TB version is 799 yuan, which is much more cost -effective than Apple’s official options and storage, so everyone wants to expand the storage space for MacBook, it is recommended to consider starting a large capacity of Jupiter 10 in Titanium. It’s right.

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