Multi-Gig USB network card chip AqTion AQC111U won the first push

On the first day of the Taipei Computer Show, Aquantia, a leading manufacturer of Multi-Gig, officially released

Multi-Gig USB网卡芯片AQtion AQC111U获首推

Two Multi-Gig USB network card chips AQTION AQC111U and AQTION AQC112U.

AQTION AQC111U and AQTION AQC112U are two models that can convert the USB interface into Multi-Gig Ethernet controller IC for third-party USB V3.1 adapter and extension docks.

The network card based on these two chips no longer requires additional USB-to-PCIE conversion chips, and it does not need to install a third-party control chip after making USB 3.1 Lightning 3 extension. The chip can be completely separated from the switch, the huge and electrical traditional TB3-TO-10G adapter, and directly accesss the normal Internet access of 100M, Gigabit and even 5Gbps and 2.5Gbps networks.

New type

AQTION AQC111U and AQC112U can provide connection capabilities of up to 5Gbps and 2.5Gbps, respectively, supporting AQrate PHY technology that has been gradually accepted by the industry.

They are the first external Ethernet solutions that can provide a real Multi-Gig connection speed for the standard CAT 5E wiring more than 100 meters.

In addition, these two devices meet the IEEE 802.3BZ standards approved in September 2016 and NBase-T Alliance PHY specifications. In order to obtain the greatest flexibility, these two devices are also compatible with the traditional 1000Base-T (gigabit) and 100Base-TX (fast) Ethernet.

It is reported that Aquantia has not planned to put these two chips to the entire machine manufacturer for the time being. Instead, they choose to cooperate with the accessories manufacturers. These adapters will be supplied in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The docking accessories equipped with the Multi-Gig chip can provide the performance of the laptop desktop office office. In 2017, the global laptop shipment was 116.6 million. For the laptop market, Multi-Gig technology is a one Great opportunities.

In terms of price, according to industry estimates, the price of the finished product equipped with the above two chips is expected to be between 25-40 US dollars. Compared with the existing 1G USB network card that is generally generally lower than $ 10, it is much more expensive.

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