Re -positioning Mecity, Meetsbonway entered the new luxury fashion circle

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Meitsbonwei (hereinafter referred to as the United States) entered the new luxury fashion circle. Recently, Meibang updated the new brand logo of the sub -brand MECITY and re -positioned the brand. After 13 years, the high -end fashion brand MECITY turned to focus on new luxury fashion. This is a market that can impact 10 billion yuan in annual revenue.

MECITY is advanced, emphasizing interaction with urban people

On July 8th, the new luxury fashion brand MECITY 2021 autumn limited time pop -up store appeared in Shanghai Xingye Taikoohui. This store is obviously different from the traditional MECITY store. The “&” in the logo disappears. At the same time, it uses the brand’s original font, which grows from the elegant classical style.

In this pop -up store, the MECITY 2021 autumn women’s color jumping and diverse styles, combined with funny and romantic and modern tones, men’s clothing advocates functional, sports and wild design Metropolitan lifestyle.


“The newly upgraded MECITY, from creative concepts, design to fabrics and crafts, all refresh people’s new awareness of Chinese fashion brands.” The MECITY creative team explained that the original “&” symbol was reduced, representing the brand’s brand The streamlined focus on vision and style also symbolizes the further integration and coexistence of ME (I) and CITY. MECITY’s new visual presentation expresses the new self -interaction and interaction between people and cities.


Mecity has been upgraded simultaneously in the image of retail channels and online and offline stores. The MECITY Tmall flagship store and WeChat Mini Program Mall will be newly reinstalled in July. It is reported that starting in July, the first 30 new image stores in MECity will successively appear in the core business districts and trendy landmarks of major first -tier and core second -tier cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Tianjin, etc.).

In fact, as early as 2020, it was reported that MECITY and Metersbonwe, the brand of the US -owned clothing, entered the upgrade stage. The release of the new MECITY image indicates that the brand upgrade has initially achieved results.

Data -driven, reconstruct flexible supply chain


Mebon founder Zhou Chengjian positioned the fully upgraded MECITY as the “new luxury” brand. In his opinion, this position just made up the market gap between Volkswagen Fashion and the international first -line big names. In an interview, he said, “For the Chinese local (such positioning) companies, the annual turnover should be 5 billion to 10 billion yuan, and it is still in a relative window period.”

The Secretary of the Meibang also revealed that this year is the critical period of the company’s transformation. Brand innovation is the top priority. Telling brand stories, making products well, and serving consumers is the initiative of Meibang.

The first step in the transformation of Meibang is to take the initiative to close many stores, most of which are inefficient stores with losses, and replaced them in the high -end business district. In recent years, the construction of China’s cities has developed rapidly, the population changes have accelerated, and the traditional business districts of core cities have gradually shifted to high -end emerging business districts. The size of the store is also radical, of which the area of ​​the flagship store is even more than 10,000 square meters. However, while quickly occupying the market, this expansion also reduces the corporate anti -risk capabilities, which has continuously improved the transformation cycle and operating costs.

In addition to changes in the image, the supply chain supported behind it needs to be quickly adapted. In April 2021, Meibang held a full brand supplier conference. The relevant person in charge mentioned at the meeting that in the past few years, the high inventory and high backlog of Meibang’s high inventory and high backlogs were mainly caused by batches of pre -production models. It is lagging for market trend forecasts. Now to support sales with data, use “fast order” instead of the traditional “large amount of paving” model, through the rapid changes in sales data, according to online, offline, region and other sales volume Quick reaction mode.

In the past, the fabric providers and auxiliary materials providers on the supply chain acted separately, and the efficiency was low. From the procurement, weaving, printing and dyeing of fabrics to the production of clothing, there were many “efficient depressions” in the middle. There are certain differences. Therefore, for the integration capabilities of the supply chain, the Meetsbonwei Group re -request for the supply chain team, to meet all needs of product development internally, maintain interconnection to the outside world, and be more efficient. The major suppliers in the supply chain system promise to provide a green channel for fast reactions and fast replenishment orders, thereby improving the flexibility of the supply chain.

In terms of warehousing management, Meibang plans to shorten the pre -order period of order, while improving the standardized distribution network information system. Generally speaking, consumers will distribute the products that have been entered into the warehouse after online orders. Optimization, setting up floating virtual inventory, the time from entering the warehouse to the outbound warehouse can be greatly shortened, and even seamlessly connects to the warehouse.

Close the bad stores, shake off the burden of losses, and gradually adjust the effect of the asset structure. On April 29 this year, Meibang Clothing announced the first quarter of the 2021 financial report. Thanks to effective control costs and selling some assets, Meibang Clothing successfully turned losses in the first quarter. The financial report shows that during the reporting period, the company’s operating income was 797 million yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 13.4%; however, the net profit of returning mother successfully turned to profit and profit, and net profit was 121 million yuan. On the same day, the stock price of Meibang clothing rose 10%to 3.29 yuan, with a market value of about 8.3 billion yuan.

In this regard, there are second -tier investors believe that the fundamentals of the US -like clothing have changed significantly, and the results of the performance in 2021 will occur. It is expected that the possibility of great profitability of US clothing in 2021 is very likely.

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