I spent an iPhone 12 money, just to buy these pair of Dunk ice and snow, joint shoes

Hello sisters ~

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

You can’t hold the joy of joy, you must share good news from everyone.

SC × Dunk joint table shoes

I have been done by me ~

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Looking forward to the stars and looking forward to the moon, it is finally here. I really live up to my “affection”!

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋


The joint shoes of Nike SB skateboarding lines always have unique culture and exquisite details. The new products created by hand -handed skateboard artists Sean Cliver are named

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Holiday Special

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

, To present the ice and snow experience during Christmas.

The overall velvet design and cute color matching have won unanimous praise from the market.

Because of the velvet material similar to “Valentine’s Day” Dunk SB, and also from the same designer, it is also called

“Valentine’s Day 2.0”

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋


Netizens named this pair of dunk as


我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Because its overall color matching is very similar to the appearance of female character Aisha, it is no wonder that it will be called “ice and snow”.

【Character Demonstration】

Dunk’s shoes seem to never lack the love of tide people. It is not so fancy and not picky at all. It is a random street tide.

Older people can easily control.

Relying on the promotion of Nike and the “invisible” recommendation of various stars, its popularity has even surpassed Air Jordan 1, sitting firmly this year

The head of the tide shoe industry

NBA star

The appearance was wearing the SEAN Cliver X Nike SB Dunk Low.

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Top -flow artist

Wang Yibo

Relief show, wearing a denim suit and SC × Dunk joint model, it is so handsome to fly up ~

I found that men love beans really have fashion potential,

Little Ghost King Linkai

It is one of them. With this powder hair, the airport is the most beautiful cub ~

Zhu Zhengting

I also caught up with this trend early, and used it to pair it with broken jeans. It is indeed my male god.

The lowest -key is not as good as

Wang Yuan

Wearing a black private server in a hurry, the most fresh and eye -catching thing in the whole body should be the yellow sweater and the “ice and snow” worn by his feet.

The crosstalk actor also has the heart of a tide man.

Yang Jiulang

Essence Wearing the hottest tide shoes, the deputy general manager Luan Yunping took a photo, starting in minutes ~

Not only male stars are really love fans, as is female celebrities! I accidentally discovered

Yang Chao

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

There are also wearing this shoe style, sweater+jeans+trendboard shoes, surpassing my sister’s youthful feeling!


Chen He’s eldest daughter An An

The first appearance is trying to penetrate these “ice and snow”. What does the sentence say: fashion should start with the doll!


我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Sean Cliver X Nike SB Dunk Low

The official website sale price is ¥ 969

Now, the price has been doubled several times, the price I wear 38 yards

Nearly 8K

Good guy, enough to buy a iPhone12 …

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

[Look at my shoes]

Don’t talk about how fierce its price is. After the box is dismantled, just look at the face value of this haze blue alone, that is also the constitution of its own explosion!

Depend on

Pure white and soul blue

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

As the main color, the details supplemented

Swoosh with metal texture

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

as well as

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋


BlingBling’s blue crystal soles will definitely give people a dreamy and romantic feeling ~

From the perspective of the details, the toe

Pole arrangement is shaped in the shape of snowflakes

, Eliminate the theme of Bingxue Qi.

All of the upper toe uses all adoption


The craftsmanship, hiding the leather tailor on the leather surface, looks very regular and delicate!

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

High -quality suede, high -level visible to the naked eye!

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

The velvet fabric inside the tongue

, Soft and smooth touch, who really loves to fall in love with who wearing it, it is not afraid of heat in summer!

Special talk, Ice and Snowfall

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋


The metal texture is very strong, because it adds the material of the metal foil on the shoelaces, and it will naturally show the sparkling under the light.

Shiny effect

The face value is very happy!

Shoes and rear

They all use silver embellishments, echoing the liquid gold Swoosh and the bottom stitching, and the overall matching is not contrary to it.

This shoe also has a hidden highlight ~ A insole has an creative pattern, depicting a group of elf that is making novel toys.

And the other is set up

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Sean’s handwritten signature

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

And it is intertwined with the snowflakes.

I also finally waited for this tide shoes that came to this heart. On the face value and comfort, it was all online. I really couldn’t think of any reason to refuse this shoe ~

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋


Sweaters, jeans

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

It is OK in one shape, simple and simple

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Girls’ sports style

我花掉一台iPhone 12的钱,只为买到这双Dunk冰雪奇缘联名板鞋

Although the original intention of the design was to present the ice and snow feelings of the Christmas Festival, the theme of “Frozen and Snow” is really beautiful and dreamy. Seeing that there are still a few days to come to Valentine’s Day. I will like it when I receive it ~

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