Guan Xi and Eason Chan love “wings shoes”! Adi God -level joint autumn return

Ghost designer Jeremy Scott’s unique fashion trend charm will always break through the limit of ordinary people. He and adidas Originals jointly challenged everyone’s aesthetics in 2003.

From wings shoes to animal series, all of them have attracted everyone’s attention. Many big -name stars in China are also the clusters of JS, including Eason Chan, Angelababy, Edison Chen, etc.

▼ adidas by Jeremy Scott Wings 3.0


Recently, the two parties will announce the reciprocity of this iconic cooperation again.

This time Adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott have joined forces again. Jeremy Scott still incorporates its unique design perspective into it, and reshapes adidas Originals’s clothing, shoes and accessories with a very personal characteristic aesthetic.


Jeremy Scott himself was also very excited: “I’m glad to be able to cooperate with Adidas again. This feeling is like going home.”


▼ Jeremy Scott himself


Adidas Originals also posted a video, with the most representative bears, wings and bones, which are the most tribute to the past and the future.

It is reported, a brand new

Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott will officially meet you in this fall


Interested friends can continue to pay attention, and we will also report for everyone as soon as possible.

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