Also play labels, but ving is an emoji in the label

Tags have become a way for modern people to express emotions. There is no need to repeat text, and now it has become the standard of many pictures of pictures. Traditional labels are relatively simple. This picture sharing application also focuses on labels, but the definition of labels is not the same -it divides the labels in other categories, which makes the form “image” and sprout, and then realize the existing scenes creation.

In many cases, the label is a summary and summary of the content. The separate text may not be particularly accurate, and even some feelings cannot be expressed in words, but the image -here is very similar to EMOJI, but the ability to label the imageryization ability is the ability to label the imageryization ability. It can make users express some content that “can only be said”.

Ving’s founder Xu Chang said that Ving is an application that highlights life. Tagging on Ving is not for the label brand, but the labeling life. Xu Chang emphasized the emotional color of the label. The label of Ving is pleasant and happy. In addition to travel labels, food labels, sports labels, and baby labels are all hot labels.

In Ving, there are also conventional functions such as adding filters, adding stickers, and replacing fonts. You can add text to the label, click the tag, it will trigger the corresponding actions, for example: click the cat’s label, it will send you a bowl of cat food.

The cute and image label made Ving gather a group of designer and photographer users. Ving tries to attract a group of designer users to allow them to guide users how to add tags to make TAG more design and artistic.

Because the label is too specific -this may be a barrier that eliminates the content that does not match the theme of the label. Ving is currently exploring and digging more interesting label gameplay. In the current version, Ving has no corresponding content recommendation mechanism. Xu Chang said that the next update will be added to this feature. People, or popular users. Due to the graphics and concreteness of the tags, Ving can cleverly avoid the semantic analysis of the tag text in the matching link, and push the relevant content more accurately.

Ving emphasizes the design sense and aesthetics, trying to create an application with a label -themed and high -quality picture sharing application. Ving pays great attention to the designer’s experience. It provides a variety of stickers and fonts in the market center for download. Xu Chang said that it will add more interesting elements to the market center for download and provide a designer version of the TAG center. Let the designer share the tag he designed.

也玩标签,但 Ving 是标签中的 emoji

Ving will launch a new version in the near future. The new version focuses on improving the current complex interactive methods, simplifying the logic of use, and adopting a new interactive interface.

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