The first pair of shoes in early summer, I recommend you to buy these 15 models

I know that sisters usually wear more sports shoes, after all

Comfortable and easy to go and are versatile

, Don’t be too suitable, but it is undeniable, the summer skirt is followed

Small leather shoes match

It is definitely another different feeling!

Today I found a lot of suitable spring and summer

Little beautiful shoes

, Ensure that each model is comfortable and beautiful, and

Bringing and without heel

There are all, everyone hurry up and see if there is any favorite!

Not to bring

I really push the small leather shoes

These pair of Maryzhen shoes

It ’s not to mention wild comfort. The key is that thieves are small, and the design of the small incense wind can be available with any small skirt.

Fusion super good

It belongs to the universal model in the shoe cabinet!

The pearl chain shoe buckle is simply

Exquisite little woman

Must -have, square shoes will not look long, and these shoes can

Expose the feet

, Look longer, very good! Intersection

Miss who likes to wear cheongsam or Hanfu usually, you can see these pairs of balls,

It’s really terrible

, Dark lines plus small butterflies,

There are wooden fried,

It’s a fairy shoes!

Miss who likes to wear skirts, this simple

Head shoes

Absolutely appropriate, the shoe buckle is made into a bow design,

Sweet and soft girl


, The key price is cheap, worth it! Intersection

How can a girl have no pairs

Black leather shoes


And this pair of heel yarn skirts are really good, patent leather

Gloss upper

It is also very good, more advanced! Intersection



Round -headed leather shoes

Does it look delicate? The decoration of the toe can be more modified, the feet are small, and

Black and white


Not outdated!


Because of his height, my usual small leather shoes are still


More, after all, this pair of small black leather shoes is

my favorite

, Passion of the mid -bin -laute stockings, don’t look too beautiful!

How can I not have a pair of Mary’s leather shoes? As ordinary

Small white leather shoes

The difference is that these pairs are silver noodles.


The little skirt is so terrible! Intersection

There are so many colorful skirts in summer. How can only small black and white leather shoes satisfy me? Bean green is very good,


Color is not open


Yang, but it is fresh and beautiful enough, and it is not tiring to walk thickly!

Some sisters will feel that thick heels are not dexterous enough, and they like thin heel shoes

But afraid of going unsteady

, You can choose this kind of kitten and heel, put it on complete


Being able to walk like flying

Don’t worry at all!

Sisters with thin ankles,

Strap high heels

It can be arranged, elegant little woman is really sexy, but if the calf is thick,

Still want to avoid thunder ~

This pair of shoes is a retro style, at first glance

I can’t control

, But occasionally changing retro -style clothes with it is really suitable,

Very delicious!


Who doesn’t like the shiny small shoes, when going out when you go out


It’s the most beautiful cub

, I have a link to wear them together and have been asked by friends

Take it as a wedding shoes!

Thousands of bird grids are also a good choice,


Playful color

The design of the pointed high -heeled shoes is designed, making the whole shoes more small, and occasionally wearing a small playful skirt

It is very suitable with it! Intersection

It is best to choose this pair with a gauze skirt, above


Saisa Bow

Being able to better echo the gauze skirt, the decoration of pearls is more delicate and small, and the toe is not so sharp.


Nude color is also more legs!

The above is the little beautiful shoes that I recommend to you for spring and summer



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