National Day House House, TCL 98 -inch giant screen twin stars create exclusive private theater for you

Near National Day, I believe that many friends have begun to start to wait. However, affected by the epidemic, there is still a certain risk of going out of the house. Compared with the mask of the whole process, the “bear child” will be invaded in order to watch a movie in the cinema, or the home viewing is safe and comfortable. At this time, you need the TCL 98 -inch giant screen twins to help you create a “home theater”.

国庆宅家,TCL 98 英寸巨幕双子星为你打造专属私人影院

TCL 98X9C and TCL 98Q6E are two giant screen wisdom screens launched by TCL in the new product conference this fall. They use excellent picture effects and shocking sound quality and sound effects to bring the audiovisual enjoyment of immersive private theaters, as if in the cinema.


国庆宅家,TCL 98 英寸巨幕双子星为你打造专属私人影院

The TCL 98x9C has obtained the certification of IMAX Enhanced, and has met the harsh requirements of IMAX Enhanced in terms of picture quality and sound effects. It is a giant screen wisdom screen that can give you “real home theater”.

The TCL 98x9C supports 4K resolution and uses QLED quantum point Pro technology. Compared with OLED, it has the advantages of high brightness and long life. The peak brightness reaches 800NIT, covering 157%color gamut, and the color performance is excellent. At the same time, 192 backlight partitions also make it better contrast to reach the highest display level of HDR -Dolby Vision standards.

In order to bring users a better movie viewing experience, the TCL 98X9C adopts the industry’s first -frameless design, which makes the entire giant screen appear as if it is out of thin air, bringing an immersive giant screen experience.

国庆宅家,TCL 98 英寸巨幕双子星为你打造专属私人影院

In addition to high -quality pictures, the shocking sound quality is also essential. The TCL 98X9C is equipped with the 50W HIFI speaker of the Independent Anqiao. The sound quality performance in the living room is quite shocking. Even if it is a professional Bluetooth audio, it will not be inferior.

TCL 98q6e

国庆宅家,TCL 98 英寸巨幕双子星为你打造专属私人影院

TCL 98Q6E also has a 98 -inch large screen that can bring users to surpass the theater -level image quality and open vision. The TCL 98Q6E is equipped with a 98 -inch 120Hz high refresh rate large screen. With MEMC exercise image stabilization technology, there will be no stuttering, laugcover and other high -speed sports pictures. The giant screen smart screen is particularly suitable. Coupled with this smart screen with 130%of the high color gamut, the color reduction is very good, which can bring a more realistic immersive experience.

In terms of sound quality, the TCL 98Q6E is also equipped with Anqiao audio. The large -power integrated audio of 50W 50W can bring very strong sound performance. Under the blessing of Dolby panorama, it can create an immersive sound effect close to the three -dimensional surround sound. Let you enjoy the happiness of watching the movie at home.

In addition to the immersive and sound effects brought by the National Day home experience, in addition to the quality and sound effects, the intelligent and stable operating system brings smart ecological solutions, which is an ideal choice for living room entertainment. With the in -depth cooperation with Tencent, the TCL Gemini Giant Screen Wisdom Screen has rich movies, TV series, games, animation and sports online resources. Whether you like TV series or anime, whether you are an elderly or a child, you can be in TCL, you can be in TCL Find the type of video you want on the Gemini Giant Screen, and more exclusive resources, let you see it quickly!

Now the TCL 98 -inch giant screen twins have been launched in Jingdong Mall. Thanks to the continuous development and innovation of TCL technology, compared with the giant screens of the giant screens in previous years, the TCL 98 -inch giant screen twin stars are The price is more affordable, only 21999 yuan (TCL 98Q6E), you can take a private theater home!

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