The performance and use of the frequency band of the wireless microphone

Wireless microphone is divided into three frequency bands, FM sections, VHF sections and UHF sections. Let me briefly introduce the performance of each band, use occasions, etc.

1. FM paragraph:

Everyone knows the FM radio. The frequency of the FM radio is 88-108MHz. The wireless microphone wind frequency in the FM frequency band is higher than 108MHz. Generally, between 110-120MHz, the signal of the FM radio station will not interfere with the wireless microphone in the FM section, but it will be disturbed by other miscellaneous waves;


The advantage of FM wireless microphone is: the circuit structure is simple, the cost is low, which is conducive to manufacturer production;

The disadvantage is that the sound quality is poor, and the frequency will change with the changes in time/ambient temperature. Often, poor reception and disconnection will occur. It will appear to the microphone loudly;

Use occasions: The requirements for use are very low, and there is not much request for sound quality. As long as you want to have a sound, you can choose FM Wireless Macro.

2. VHF paragraph

The VHF paragraph is used to Paragraph V, and the frequency is between 180-280MHz. Due to the high frequency, the general interference is very small. The crystal lock is used, and there will be no frequency frequency, and the receiving performance is relatively stable. V -frequently wireless microphone generally has two circuits:

The first circuit;

The high -frequency part is only an 2003 integrated IC. Including. Signal receiving, radio frequency amplification, mixing, frequency and so on. The sensitivity is not high, and the audio part uses the 31101 line. Compress the audio and extended processing, the sound quality is greatly improved than FM. The receiving performance has improved by one grade;

Advantages: Receive stability. There are rarely disconnects in short distances;


The disadvantage is that the high -frequency part is not very stable, the audio frequency sounds are not wide enough, and the effect of professional occasions is not satisfactory enough. Use: general household use, requires relatively stable performance, and the sound quality is still there. You can choose this type of wireless microphone.

The second circuit:

The high -frequency part is divided into separate processing, high frequency is large, and the mid -frequency is large. Mixing frequency, frequency. Step by step, the effect is better, the sensitivity is high, and the performance is relatively stable. The audio processing part uses 571 lines, the sound quality is better, and the audio is widened.

Advantages: stable performance and good sound quality;

Use occasions: KTV hall, home, small and medium -sized concerts, ideal effects.

3. UHF segment

UHF paragraphs are generally used to become into UHF. The frequency is generally 700-900MHz. Such a high frequency basically does not have other external frequencies that can be interfered. Most of the U -segment uses patch components. Performance is very stable, and U generally has three circuits. The rational circuit of the audio uses the latest 571 line, and the sound quality is better;

The first: single -frequency type;

Similar to the V -frequency frequency circuit, high frequency release, and the mid -frequency is large. Mixing frequency, frequency. Stepped processing, magnifying several episodes of high dividends, 571 line design in audio processing, clear sound quality.

Use occasions: In the VIII, the requirements for use are not very high. Or there are interference in the environment of the V -segment machine, you can use this type of model;

The second type: adjustable frequency;

Such machines are controlled by microcomputer program. High -frequency oscillation is controlled by locking loop (PLL). There are generally multiple channels that are adjusted, and thousands of adjustable frequency points are selected. Effectively avoid interference. You can use multiple machines at the same place and do not interfere with each other at the same place. If there is interference, the frequency point is adjusted to other frequency points to avoid interference and relax control. The audio processing is all new design with stable performance.

Use occasions: Such machines are used in high -end multiple KTV rooms. Small and medium -sized singers. Or require multi -person colleagues to use it, the effect is ideal;

Third type: Diversity type;

The so -called diversity is a diversity receiving, one is a single -frequency diversity. One is the frequency -adjustable division. In addition to the various functions of the U -segment machine, each channel uses two -way receiving circuit system. If there is a dead point for receiving the system all the way, there is also a signal that can be received along the way, which effectively avoids the signal dead area, which greatly improves the technical level of the entire machine, ensures the stability of the receiving signal, and receive continuously. Such machines are more advanced. wireless microphone. The farthest use distance can reach more than 200 meters.

Use occasions: various large and medium -sized concerts. The environmental requirements are very high and the environmental environment is more complicated. This type of machine is the best choice.

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