I have a date with the cup

Putting a Mark Cup next to my computer, this is a cup I used to drink water. The ordinary Mark Cup is basically porcelain. My cup is different. It is made of bamboo. If you don’t see the handle on it from a certain angle, you may think it is a pen holder.

My water cup is indeed not ordinary cups, including laptops, backpacks, keychains, fans, etc. Almost everything around me is not ordinary things, because they have established a unique relationship with me. The unprecedented fetters, the words of the little fox in “Little Prince” are “domesticated”.

Besides my cup, she went to the ancient town of Zhujiajiao when I was in the sophomore year and bought it with a master. Notice, I used the pronoun “she” when I said the cup? From now on, my cup has made great significance.

The old master’s stall is specially selling bamboo cups, 15 yuan each, free engraving, many people in front of them, it looks good. I think, the price is not expensive, and it can still be engraved for free, then one? one comes.

The old master held the cup in one hand, holding a small electric drill in one hand, and carving each word carefully. He wrote about Lishu. Seeing the skilled gesture, he knew that he was a trainer. I guess his brushes must be written well.

After a while, there were four poems on the cup, “The quiet woman is his daughter, I am in the city, I love it, but I don’t see it.” After the teacher carved the words, put away the electric drill, wiped the powder on the cup with a rag, looked at the verse above, and then looked up to me, “Lady, you won! . “After speaking, I handed me the cup to me.

I was a little confused for a while. I don’t know what the master said. I would like to ask what award he was in me and what an ordinary cup would happen. However, the old master buried his head and continued to sculpt the next client’s cup, and no longer ignored me.

After returning to school, follow the steps of life, class, get out of class, play games, fall in love, and do part -time jobs. The previous porcelain mugs were used as usual, and the bamboo cup I bought was thrown in the storage box. I have forgotten the old master’s words.

It wasn’t until the graduation season that I packed things to move away from the dormitory that I saw the original bamboo cup again in the storage box. When she bought it, she was still green. It smelled a faint green bamboo smell. Over time, she was now “old -fashioned”, and she even smelled a moldy smell. Suddenly I remembered the words of the old master, and then carefully washed the water cups and inside and outside with the wade, wire ball, and clean sponge. Seeing the new bamboo cup, I decided to use her to drink water often in the future.

I also gave her a nice name “D cup”, inspired by the cup body and handle, forming the capital “D”. Gradually I like to drink water with a D cup. I used the porcelain cups to be used as a dental tank. After a few weeks of use, I found that the bamboo cup is indeed better than the porcelain cup. The advantage is relatively light, and she is not as heavy as porcelain; the advantage two is not afraid of falling. If you accidentally fall to the ground, you don’t have to worry about her It is as fragile as the porcelain cup; the three advantages are good thermal insulation performance. Pour a cup of hot water. I can directly stroke the D cup in my hand. If it is a porcelain cup, I dare not, afraid of being hot.

When I wanted to drink water in the room, I used D cups, and it took about a year. One night, I felt a little itchy when I woke up. I know this is a symptom before a cold, because according to past experience, as long as I drink less water, it will easily cause inflammation of the throat and cause a cold.

Turn on the table lamp, the D cup is placed on the bedside table. There are half a glass of water inside. I took a lot of sip, and my throat was more comfortable. When I put the cup on the cabinet, the lamp flashed, and the D cup suddenly disappeared, and then a beauty wearing costume appeared in front of my bed.

I was stunned. The beauty and temperament of the beauty seemed to be Miss Qianjin of the ancient households. Is it my D cup changed? In other words, she is a cup? God, this scene reminds me of Xiangu and poor scholar in “Liao Zhai Zhi Yi”. What should I say to her at this moment?

When I was ashamed, she said anxiously, “It’s too late, hurry up!” After that, she would undress.

I panicked and hurriedly said, “Wait for a while, what’s too late? Who are you? Why do you undress?” She didn’t listen to me at all, and continued to undress, “Hey, isn’t it a hooligan?”

“What is it? I am your D cup, right? Only ten minutes, after the time, I will change back to the cup again. Can you understand it?” It was called a sharpness, and it was already naked after finishing the body. Then she lifted my quilt.

Three minutes later.

“You fucking …” She was angry and came out of me angrily, “I have waited for you for three years, and you gave me three minutes!”

“I …” I was speechless, helpless, and tolerate.

Maybe it’s too tired to go to work recently, and usually lack exercise. Although it is sitting in the office, there is no physical labor, but nine nights and nine every day, squeeze the subway for two hours, plus various bad things at work, no comrades who move bricks on the construction site on the current line. How much is easy. In short, physical fitness is indeed not as good as before.

Seeing that I bowed my head and didn’t speak, she also realized that something just hurt my self -esteem, so I comforted: “I’m sorry, I don’t mean that. Maybe I am too anxious. It’s only ten minutes to meet, so I … just go straight to the theme … Do you know why I appeared now? This is because of you. “

“What do you mean?” I asked puzzledly.

While wearing clothes, the beauty talked: “I was originally a common bamboo, and was later made into many bamboo cups by the craftsmen. You can let him engrave these poems to give me aura. ‘Quiet girls, I am in the city, love without seeing, scratching my head, how beautiful … “I interrupted her I was surprised to ask: “You … are you a quiet girl in the poem?”

She asked with a wide eyes and asked, “What is the ground?”

It seemed like to eat me. I hurriedly answered: “It’s like, it’s so similar.”

She continued to explain: “However, only the aura is not enough. To become an adult shape, it takes 100,000 kisses.”

“In other words, the water I drank tonight is the tens of thousands of kisses to you?” I finally understood the old master’s instructions.

“That’s right, the first incarnation of the body of the body requires 100,000 kisses for ten minutes. The second transition of the body of the body needs 200,000 kisses for 20 minutes. The third incarnation of the body of the body requires 300,000 kisses for thirty minutes. ….. and so on. “At this time, she had already dressed.

“Then, in order to see you again, can I kiss the cup all the time?” Thinking of the appearance of holding the water cup and kissing, it was full of perverts.

“No, you have to drink water. Drink plenty of water, so you can become healthier and lasting!” After speaking, she disappeared and turned back to the cup on the bedside table.

I picked up the cup again, looked at the verse on the cup, thought about it, and then drank the remaining water.

*This story is pure fiction

Author: ArticleManager