Recommended book list for children to fall in love with sports

Our parents know that there are many benefits to letting children do exercise:


1. Let the children’s physical functions be exercised and promote physical growth and development.


2. Exercise lung capacity, accelerate carbon dioxide exclusion, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

3. Reduce diseases, such as various respiratory diseases, low immunity, etc.

4. Exercise your coordination, hands, eyes and legs.

5. Stimulate neurological development and enhance intelligence.


In addition, under the current double reduction policy, cooperating with double -increase policies, children’s physical exercise is valued, and it is also an important factor in the child’s entry and assessment. Therefore, it is necessary to let children fall in love with sports and develop exercise habits.

Let’s take a look at the books related to sports related to children.

Panda gymnastics


This is a set of interactive picture books in the development of a low -aged baby movement, black and white stick figure style, cute and humorous panda image, emphasizing training stations, walking, running, jumping, and transferring actions. The body imitate interaction with parent -child, exercise children’s physical strength, and improve physical coordination.

Come on dinosaur

This set of books contains 6 major international popular campaigns: swimming, slam dunk, racing, ice hockey, dancing, football, which is interpreted by 20 kinds of dinosaurs, nervous, funny, and interspersed with various sports knowledge. The sports spirit that the team cooperates, at the same time, is also the favorite of dinosaur children. Every scene and details are intuitive and appropriate. They are really full of sense of scene. It is really a very good double theme picture book.

Go to exercise


This set of books has exhausted the knowledge of sports encyclopedia, not only the stories of sports origin, but also the comparison of different sports events. Feel teamwork, face challenges, and respect the spirit of sports such as opponents.

Exercise is so beautiful

This set of books is a number of international awards winners, a well -known best -selling writer of Germany, Ole Kennek. She is characterized by anthropomorphic animals. Through funny illustrations and short refined texts, 50 kinds of sports are introduced to children. Essence Open the book, you will encounter a basketball elephant, a long jumping penguin, an octopus octopus with a javelin, a turtle that participates in a 100 -meter race, the firebird of the performance of the gymnastics of the performance of the art …

Let children actively understand dozens of sports such as basketball, football, tennis, swimming, skiing. This can better stimulate children’s sports interest and find their favorite sports from so many sports.

Bone baby love sports


Our children will have such behavior more or less every day: raising their legs, watching mobile phones and watching TV, lying on their stomachs … These will cause children with spine bending. Two directions, let children understand their bones, learn to sit up, ensure outdoor sports, and protect their bone development.

Sports Superman

For children who do not like sports, parents have to do to understand the cause of children who do not like sports, grasp the child’s psychology, and gradually guide the children to move. Like the little protagonist of this book, a fat boy, he wants to become as powerful as Superman. Dad told him that sports can make him strong and strong. When he tried different exercise, he slowly liked exercise, slowly understood the importance of exercise, happy exercise, and developed a good habit of insisting on exercise.

World Sports Dictionary

“World Sports Dictionary” is a sports enlightenment toy book designed for children. It shows 34 sports such as basketball, football, track and field, water sports, shooting, and volleyball, and 10 ice and snow sports points, covering more than 300 At the same time, with interesting illustrations and small knowledge, let children understand various competitive projects in sports events, experience the spirit of competitive competitions, and also encourage children to exercise more and maintain a strong physique.


Salt in the shoes

Michael Jordan, a legend in the history of basketball! Jordan loves basketball. Every Saturday, he goes to the park with his brothers to play in the park. As long as people are not enough, he will have the opportunity to play. But he was not tall enough, and the pass was always intercepted. He was frustrated, but his mother had a magical recipe! “Sprinkle some salt in your shoes every night, and then pray. Soon, you will grow taller!” Jordan will be suspicious, but he still does it in the words of your mother …

Two months later, he wore the same pair of shoes every day and continued to practice on the court. However, his height has not changed. He is a bit sad, but his father has different ideas … “” Tall maybe the ball can play better, but practice, determination, and go all out to make you a real winner ! “”

Children’s basketball


The introduction of this book from Europe is an encyclopedia for children’s basketball illustrations, which aims to lead children to take a comprehensive understanding of this wonderful movement. The content covers the history of basketball, telling the origin and development of basketball. The core part introduces the basic competition rules, personal skills, team training, and special practice guidance for small readers.

At the end of the chapter, the NBA and various World Basketball League left in history in history, the backbone of the world basketball divided by the continent, and the club team, as well as super stars such as Michael Jordan and James LeBron.


Josh’s Stadium

The 12 -year -old Josh and twin brother Jordan are basketball stars in the school. Their dad is the “great god” of the pre -stadium of retired due to injury, and lightning steps are his most famous stunts. Under the influence of the dad who regards basketball as life, the brothers can shoot at the age of 3, and Josh can slam dunk at the age of 12. However, in the critical period of growth, Josh gradually realized that in addition to the ball skills, there are still many things in life that need him to adapt and learn, especially at the beginning of the most critical ball game, his father was sent to be sent to him. Go to the hospital. Is it going to the game or the hospital? The young life is about to face important tests and transformation …


Hello, football

Football is a sport that is popular all over the world. This football encyclopedia picture book jumps out of the stadium in a modern and attractive information chart. The international events and all aspects of football games are vividly presented in front of readers: what are the most attractive football games in the world, which scene is the most enthusiastic scene, the style of Brazil and German teams is available What are the different, who is the world’s most salary player … This attractive visual picture book will help young football fans to quickly understand this sport and perfectly satisfy their love for this sport.

My first set of sports skills picture books

“My First Sports Skills Picture Book” is a 20 -year accumulation of Japanese children’s physical education experts, which is suitable for pre -school and primary school low -grade children. This set of books includes four sport four sport four sporty sport, running, playing, and swimming. It explains 81 core techniques in interesting stories. Master the sports skills and comprehensively improve the ability of exercise.


Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team: The teacher of the king who never gives up

With such a group of girls, under the extremely difficult training conditions, they created the “five consecutive championships” of the world’s volleyball team with a tenacious will and indomitable spirit.

At the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, they rushed out of the “death group” with tenacious perseverance, defeated the strong enemy Serbia, and won the championship after twelve years.

They made the “women’s volleyball spirit” a immortal banner and inspired generations of Chinese. They are the teachers of the king who will never give up.


How did they create such a brilliant record with flesh and blood? Behind the success, how much failure and painful tears they swallowed? Lang Ping, Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi … What kind of moving story behind these familiar names?

Please walk into the mysterious world of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and explore their secrets!

Unveiled sports meeting

What are the interesting projects in the Games? What does the track and field competition include? What are the water competitions? What does a large stadium look like? … This book will bring children to understand their interesting sports meetings and sports events.

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