The classic white shirt is out! This year’s shirt is a bit “different”, more delicate and special

This year’s shirt is a bit “different”, exquisite and special, quite fashionable!

It is appropriate to say that there are any items all year round. You must have a shirt. Not only are you diversified on the occasion, you can also wear it alone, stacked, and wear out. It is practical and temperamental.


In the past, for the convenience of maps, everyone prefers the basic cotton white shirt, it is a well -deserved versatile sacred product! but

The styles of classic white shirts are similar, and they have a little visual fatigue after watching it for a long time. “Different” shirts in spring and summer this year

It is exquisite and special, bringing a different sense of fashion!


When you go out, you can wear “jeans+shirts” when you go out. And even if it is also a jeans with a shirt, as long as the accessories and shoes are changed slightly, it can become different styles.

Casual occasions can be matched with canvas shoes, sneakers, and daddy shoes, which looks more casual. If you want to enhance your sense of fashion daily shopping, you can also add a sense of casual feeling with a shawl, which is more fashionable.


If you want to look more feminine, you can match the pointed high heels and fine heel sandals, which can weaken the feeling of neutral and handsome. In addition, the loose -shoulder shirt is becoming more and more popular than the fit design. It can bring a more lazy and casual feeling, and it can also tolerate the worship of the meat under the arm. However, as soon as the clothes are loose, it is easy to look unhappy. Don’t forget the corner of the clothes, make the proportion look longer.

There are many types of shirts in spring, in addition to cotton shirts, there are

Real silk, chiffon, lace

, Lighter and romantic and feminine. Of course, there are some fabrics



Together, this shirt is more fashionable.

When the sky is hot, this chiffon and European gauze stitching shirts are very popular. It will not be too transparent. There is a hazy beauty at the arm. It is sweet and sexy in the sweetness. Rate.

White shirts with black suit pants are easy to tend to be mediocre, but if you carefully observe those beautiful fashion magazines and bloggers to wear, you will find that their black and white matching is not as simple as the basic model.

Round neck shirt


The lines are more rounded, so they are more affinity. Use it to match the sharp suit pants, soft and rigid, more gentle and elegant! Remember to add some details, such as the folds on the chest and the irregular collar cutting, which can increase a different sense of exquisiteness.

As the weather becomes hotter and hot, light -colored to wear more popular. Compared with black and white, the combination of white and khaki is lighter, and it is also suitable for spring and summer. And when the color of the shirt and trousers is lighter, there is no dull and dull black and white, which becomes more elegant and affinity. In order to create more slender legs, we can choose wide -leg suit pants with a stronger sense of space. For example, this wide -leg suit with obvious mid -suture design can reduce the horizontal area and have a better lean effect.

Shirts are a very versatile item. As the weather warms, it is best to use it to match various skirts, which can increase a sense of romance. Have a neckline

Ribbon design


The chiffon shirt itself is a ladylike style, which is very suitable for feminine skirts, such as long high -waisted A -line skirts, pleated skirts, or design -full fishtail skirts.

The skirt above the knee will be younger and playful. It is sweeter and cute with a ribbon shirt with it. It is very suitable for young girls full of vitality. The classic white shirt is out! This year’s popular “different” style, exquisite and special!

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